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Censored by Earth Command - [Volume 3 - Cavalry and Lasers]
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-405-7
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 333 Pages
Published: November 2006

Total Readers: 2

From inside the flap

The final book in the Censored by Earth Command Trilogy, Cavalry and Lasers is a must read!

[Warning: Contains Sexual Situations]

Censored by Earth Command - [Volume 3 - Cavalry and Lasers] (Excerpt)

Theo gazed out over the plain where three small pieces of Earth stood like islands. He focused his binoculars and checked carefully for Lizzars. Not that he feared them, but he knew his three cohorts could easily be overwhelmed by the numbers the Lizzars could put into combat. Three hundred to twenty or thirty thousand didnít enthuse him in the slightest. Carefully, he checked each of the island-like pieces of Earth before training his binoculars to their sides and towards the horizons.

Commander Haro came alongside and asked, "Any activity?"

"None that I can see. I think we should put out some scouts. Itís too quiet."

"I agree. Send out scouts. Have them circle around wide and return through the center," Haro said.


Isabelle mounted on Freaís back after checking her front leg. "Your wound healed nicely."

Frea said, "Yes, I was concerned that it might get infected, but the medics you brought along did a good job of preventing that. I noticed you were with Steve today."

"Yeah, I was, but I didnít have any orgasms. He was nice and willing to try, but I wasnít really in the mood to go again with him. Anyway, I mostly just wanted some practice since weíll have to keep the men from losing their morale. I guess the colonel got part of that idea from your society and our own ancient history."

"Did I hear right that he gets laid by Fawn today?" Frea asked.

"Thatís what I heard. In a way, Iím interested in seeing him get laid. Heís one of the oldest men and he might know something some of the younger men could learn by watching. I wish I knew just what Fawn has in mind for him. Itís supposed to be special."

"I think she intends to do him while riding on one of us. Thatís the rumor Iíve heard."

"Could be interesting, then," Isabelle said.


Isabelle shouted, "Platoon! Charge!" at the top of her lungs. Her centaur mount and those of the other women leaped forward and ran at near top speed while she and the other women clung on tightly with their legs, holding spears in one hand and crossbows in the other. The centaurs carried their own weapons as they ran towards the imaginary enemy formation marked by several poles. In one hand, they held their bows and a sword. The other hand handled their arrows.

"Fire!" Isabelle shouted before a hail of arrows flew out from the thirty women and thirty centaurs toward the imaginary enemy.

The centaurs loaded more arrows and fired again and again while the women braced themselves for the eventual impact of their spears connecting with the first rank of imaginary Lizzars. By the time they reached the line between the poles, the centaurs held only their swords in their right hands and were ready to start swinging.

Isabelle shouted, "Platoon! Halt!" just before they reached the line. "Recover your arrows!"

The women dismounted and ran about picking up arrows until they were all recovered.