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Censored by Earth Command - [Volume 2 - Arrows and Lasers]
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-358-1
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 308 Pages
Published: May 2006

From inside the flap

Aware now from enslaved humans that the Earth possesses incredible technology and weapons, the Lizzars use their teleporter to steal more pieces of Earth in an attempt to gain those. However, one of those pieces includes a military academy with real weapons and ammunition. Now the Lizzars are in for a real battle against a force of trained cadets while the Centaurs race to ally themselves with the new humans on their world.

[Warning: Contains Sexual Situations]

Censored by Earth Command - [Volume 2 - Arrows and Lasers] (Excerpt)

Chapter 1

"Work harder!" the guard shouted.

John tore away at the stone with the iron bar as if it was one of the Lizzars who held him captive as a slave. Forced to work during the day and have sex at night, he longed for freedom for reasons different from the others around him. Having five women to cater to him exclusively wasn?t his idea of paradise when he wanted much more. He pried away more rock and tossed it into the hopper. Once full, a captive centaur would haul it away. While he worked, he listened to the guards talk. They had no idea about maintaining security. Consequently, lots of rumors were spread among them. Most of them were more factual than not.

"We shall have the ore soon to complete another tractor beam site. Once itís in place, we?ll have more slaves, right sir?"

The Lizzar leader nodded. "Keep these slaves working. Another week should see the new site in action. Then we shall defeat the centaurs and their remaining human allies. They?ll be our slaves or dead. Tomorrow, we shall move these to another camp. The mines here are filling with poison."

John was concerned that another town like his might be ripped away from the Earth and brought to this world where its inhabitants would be quickly captured, stripped of everything they owned, and forced to work as naked slaves for the rest of their lives. Their slave work only interrupted by minimal sleep, food, water, and forced sex to produce more slaves.

His town had almost fought off the Lizzars, but ran out of ammunition. Only ten people were still free along with five carloads of books saved from the school library. He hoped they were busy educating the centaurs so they could not only catch up, but surpass the Lizzars in technology on a world that was definitely strange in more ways than he could have imagined.

The Lizzars had made the leap past swords and spears to electricity and lasers. The centaurs were still in the bronze age. Johnís efforts before being captured had stimulated them and given them hope of beating the Lizzars. Now their destiny was all up in the air again. If the Lizzars succeeded in bringing another piece of Earth to their world, they could easily negate any advances the centaurs made and surpass them with their existing industrial edge. If that happened, the Lizzar boast of enslaving them would come true.

Without any way to tell time, John worked by the electric light as he dug into the rock for precious ore while several armed guards watched him and others. Were he not chained by his ankles, he might have been able to fight back and escape.

"Leave your tools! Time to produce!" the guard hollered out.

John and the teenage boys captured with him dropped their tools and walked behind the hopper being drawn by a centaur. When they reached the mine entrance, the sun was almost completely down below the horizon. He and the boys accepted their meal, a fruit that provided both liquid and solid nourishment. They ate as they walked along behind one guard and flanked by others. When they reached the slave quarters, their work guards remained by the doorway while they went inside where other guards were stationed.