A Listing of Mainstream Titles

Bluesky And Sunshine
The 'Song of Life' is a tale about a one-legged Mockingbird named Bluesky. At its heart, it is a story of how love and friendship ultimately conquer hatred and prejudice - and how a hero is born.  ...[Read More]
Dreamtime Drift
Australia’s city of Brisbane is founded as a Convict Prison for Second Offenders  ...[Read More]
Impossible Gold
Blond hair flowing from a gorgeous girl’s head caught his eye. A red dress accented her sensuous curves, and her tanned legs flowed down to her baby doll shoes. With her hair swaying lazily behind her and her face partially hidden by sunglass, she slipped lithely past and stopped at the door of a   ...[Read More]
Lazaros Steel
In 1585 Spain the empire upon which the sun never sets is crumbling. Royal coffers are empty, and the Spanish Armada rests at the bottom of the sea. The Church is fracturing, and the Holy Office of the Inquisition labors to restore dominion to the Chair of Peter.  ...[Read More]
Selznick’s Folly
Once upon a time Margaret Mitchell wrote a book…and the rest was historic.  ...[Read More]
The Fourth Document
Boston businessman Lewis Lowellen just wanted to buy something for his wife, Georgia, something to help send them off on a long-awaited retirement aboard their million dollar sailboat: Destination, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Needing a professional to help sail the yacht, Lewis hires a charter   ...[Read More]
To Sleep With Aphrodite
The protagonist, a popular novelist, is preparing to travel to Athens to promote his new book, when he finds himself irresistibly drawn to his Greek Internet travel consultant, Cytherea. Despite her "faceless" identity, he falls deeply in love with her, and imagines that she may in fact be his life'  ...[Read More]
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