Simon Drake


Titles Available from Simon Drake

Love Data explores the clash of sex, love, cloning and indulgence.

Bill is an inventor with futuristic vices and ambitious experiments on his mind: To use technology to trial his version of creative artificial intelligence, and bring back a dead lover, Jessy. Bill can resurrect Jessy by implanting her data persona, a clone of her mind, into a female android.

But he really needs a breakthrough and he needs help. The only aid he can find is from Casper, a wholesaler of clone androids to the sex-industry. Casper wishes to help Bill and create history by donating two B-Women models, Betty and Jane, to be experimented with. Jessy the dead lover, now living as data, conspires with Bill to load herself into Jane. Bill’s audacious experiment will work but Jane, and more so Betty, are developing human habits. When Jessy erases Jane but inhabits her body, the android sister Betty sees this as a threat to her own existence. And their creator, B-Women, see this as a threat to their business. Bill’s experimentation and salvation from sorrow creates a catalyst for destruction: By making history he is making enemies with women, men and machines.

For humanity the transformation from savagery into civilisation can only be led by heroes and geniuses, but new inventions, like the concept of zero, the first books and the use of metals, come at a heavy price.

At the peak of the global economic crisis, a team of morally bankrupt bankers flying to a global emergency financial meeting are visited by alien bankers and asked if they require a bailout that could save earth’s economy, by selling a part of earth to an alien client from across the galaxy. It is a clash of greed, ego, over and under-valuation of earth, but can the bankers save earth without selling out earth, and get back their vision and earn their redemption?
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