Kassie Burns

As a Libra, Kassie Burns was born to write erotic romances. Romantic relationships have always fascinated her.

Born a small town girl, Kassie moved on to a big Midwestern city where she works as a writer and editor. There she found love and settled down with a husband, her adorable dogs and her ever-trusty computer. As an author of erotica, she dates her interest in bondage back to long nights spent chained to that computer.

When Kassie isn’t busy writing, she indulges in her favorite sport of golf -- all those handsome men striding up to the tee box! But her true fantasy is someday to hit a hole in one.

Kassie is the author of several other sensual SF romances. You can visit her online at www.kassieburns.com.

Titles Available from Kassie Burns

Disaster comes in threes, they say. When a terrorist plague strikes Chicago, followed by an earthquake, Mercy Johnson doesn’t wait around for the third tragedy. She takes her new lover, Noah McKnight, up on his offer to leave the dangerous city behind and find a safe refuge in a secluded cabin in the Kentucky woods.

Noah had almost given up hope for the human beings on planet Earth before he found Mercy. Kidnapped by aliens as a child and trained as a Sensitive, he returned to his home world on a mission. Mother Earth was about to blow her top over the humans’ abuse of her world, and only true and selfless love could cool her down.

Together, Mercy and Noah battle the raging elements on an erotic journey to save the Earth from ultimate disaster.
Rachel Herrington-Whyte is a young heiress who appears to have everything -- youth, beauty, fame, wealth, and a powerful husband. Only she hates her fame, her husband married her for her money and is having an affair, she’s about to divorce him, and her doctor has just told her she has an incurable brain tumor.

Rachel learns that Mastror si Lor Canto, an Evolved sexual healer, is coming to Earth. Although the Evolved are forbidden to share their advanced science with the primitive Earthlings, Rachel is determined to seduce Lor and receive sexual healing from him.

For Rachel, seducing Lor is a matter of life or death. Lor suspects Rachel may hold the key to the expanded power he's seeking. When the two of them come together for their own reasons, will their passion unleash the power of sexual healing?
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