John Wells

John Wells grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. He attended Marquette University, majoring in mechanical engineering. Having worked for a large engineering firm for a time, he decided that such a lifestyle wasn’t for him. He moved to Wyoming and formed a small construction company. Later he purchased a ranch: one small by Wyoming standards. He now lives there with his wife, Susan. His favorite activities are elk hunting, mountain camping, writing and visiting with his grandchildren.

Titles Available from John Wells

In the aftermath of the Second American Civil War, civilization collapses throughout the world. An all-powerful Planetary Government (known as the PLAG) reestablishes what the rulers call “civilization.” A young mathematician, Isaac “Crash” Tyson, presents proofs of his Reactive Mathematics Theory to the World Science Council (WSC), in the hope of obtaining funding for testing his theory. This esoteric theory predicts that a Spatial Exclusion Wave can be generated: a wave that would effectively exclude normal space from within the generated wave field. This wave would, in essence, create a non-spatial dimension within normal space.

P-Quan, the Planetary Governor of Earth, approves the funding but sets the stage for a PLAG takeover of the results of the test. Crash assembles a team of loyal experts, who build a spatial exclusion generator and produce a spatial exclusion wave. The test causes a cataclysmic upheaval at the test site. Attacked by PLAG forces, Crash’s group mounts a vigorous defense. Thus begins the epic struggle waged by Crash and his followers against the alien forces arrayed against them. Will Crash’s fleet of badly outnumbered ships survive the unequal battle with the Luin Armada?
In the wake of their victory over the powerful Cren Empire at the Battle of Matar, Crash Tyson and his band of rebels have fled their home galaxy. His small fleet, shot up and damaged, is in need of repair. While searching for a new planet on which to recuperate, Crash encounters a powerful, ancient enemy of the Cren Empire.
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