John Payne

John Payne is the author of The Blue Sky Chronicles and The Apostles of Sera novel collections. Influences for his writing come from his experiences as a craftsman, engineer, and product designer. Additionally, time spent in Europe has set the scenes for some of his stories. John enjoys mixing reality with fantasy, monsters with the mundane, and the copious use of oxymorons. He particularly enjoys the concept of two completely different worlds colliding.

John received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and his masters in Product Development from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently he is employed as an engineer at Zodiac Aerospace. If you have ever taken issue with the dimensions of an airline lavatory, he is the man to complain to.

Outside of work and writing, John enjoys sketching, archery, video games, and working on projects in his shop.

Titles Available from John Payne

A dark presence spans the four provinces of Sera. Amid the Northern War and Southern Plague, monstrous creatures rule the night. They hail from the shadows and ravage the land, fearing only the precious rays of dawn. These nightmares prey upon as well as taint that which lives.
A lone warrior falls from the sky into a post-apocalyptic world where chaos rules. Unable to return, he joins Gunwayne, the captain of a mysterious airship known as The Drake. In exchange for his services, he is given the opportunity to return to his former home among the clouds. But throughout his adventures with the crew, the psychic soldier begins to wonder if his fall from grace was actually a blessing in disguise. Are the shackles of the sky really worth his freedom? And did he really belong there to begin with? This is the first book of The Blue Sky Chronicles sci-fi action series.
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