Anita M. Whiting

Anita M. Whiting is an obstetrical nurse living near Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and three teenage children, three dogs and three cats. Her first novel, Irish Magic, was published March of 2004 with excellent reviews. She has had the writing bug since she was a young girl and it hasn?t diminished with time. Her first love, besides her family, is reading, especially mystery romance and suspense. Nothing captures her attention more than a well-written book and she hopes she will capture yours with hers.

Titles Available from Anita M. Whiting

Ireland. Home to incredibly green grass, rocky shores and magic. And evil. It was fear of facing that evil that had kept Cassie McGuire away for ten long years.
Abby buried her face in her hands. Why couldn’t she see the killer! She had the power to visualize every murder scene, even the details in the background. Yet every time the murderer’s face began to appear, the vision vanished. Abby’s clairvoyance was something she had always battled with and it was only after her grandmother had given her the diary that had belonged to her great-great grandmother that she began to come to terms with her powers. It was only then that she was able to see the murderer’s face. And that vision was totally devastating!
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