Alexis Brooks de Vita

Born in the Projects in Watts a few years before the Riots, Alexis Brooks de Vita lived in Uganda under Idi Amin Dada and was sent to school in Switzerland to escape his coup, travelling through France, Italy, Hungary, and Russia while it was still the Soviet Union. She has two grown daughters and two young adult sons who have also traveled through Europe and to Uganda. Her degrees are in the Comparative Literature of women of African descent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. She teaches African and African American Literature and Literary Theory and is the author of Mythatypes: Signatures and Signs of African/Diaspora and Black Goddesses and The 1855 Murder Case of Missouri versus Celia, an Enslaved Woman: An Exercise in Historical Imagination.

Titles Available from Alexis Brooks de Vita

The Second Book of Joy: Blood of Angels is the first notebook of family lore that Professor Bo Wolfson researched in The Books of Joy: Burning Streams. These are the magical tales about their enslaved ancestors that his lover Eva Dennison fought with him to destroy.
When Eva Dennison learns that she has inherited the fallow sharecropping plantation in Mississippi that her parents fled to make a new life in L.A., she is eager to escape the big city and explore her historical roots. Eva abandons her dissertation about ancestral memory in African American literature and myth and takes with her Anastasia, her college-age daughter, and Charley, her investment broker cousin. Together, they plan to restore the old mansion and grounds and open a retreat and think-tank for activist women of the hard-hit Gulf region.
For an urban English-speaker in the twenty-first century, the original language of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, the first act of his trilogy, the Comedy, would read like a shockingly accurate critique of today’s globalized society, if we could understand it. Dante’s Inferno: A Wanderer in Hell gives second-millennial English-language readers a chance to share the pathos, the humor, and the raw political aggression of Dante’s vision of Hell.
The Third Book of Joy: Chain Dance is the second notebook of family lore, the collection of Joy’s magical stories about her enslaved ancestors, researched by Professor Bo Wolfson in Burning Streams; the first notebook was published in Blood of Angels. When Heaven’s heartbroken death in childbirth and Whip Man’s torture at her father’s hands lead her to resurrect herself as a death dancer, magic and terror drive the plantation’s owner off of his land. Most of the men and women who labor on the haunted plantation flee, following Heaven’s brother to his Louisiana swampland.
Love and Darker Passions is a collection of provocative short stories by today’s up-and-coming authors of dark, urban and Gothic fantasy. One man falls in love with an ancient monster, another becomes enchanted by a voice that drives him to a frenzy of self-punishment, and another can’t understand three very odd days he’s spending with his girlfriend. Award-winning author Karen Duvall sends a Millennial Alice through a very different looking glass, and acclaimed author Lee Barwood sends the Sighted bard of her upcoming series into the passionate world of faerie to find a child and a special destiny. Bestseller C.E. Murphy makes her twisted fairytale tell what drives a lover into the arms of her questionable beloved, and Tenea D. Johnson works a soul-stealing spell of magic. In Love and Darker Passions, edgy and cult fantasy authors combine their talents to make us question what inspires love, why we crave revenge against those who’ve stolen love from us, and why we despair when love’s pain is lost.
Left Hand of the Moon is an American Romeo and Juliet story about doomed love between the very young. In the early 1800s, as the fledgling United States completes the Louisiana Purchase and marches troops through the newly acquired state, executing by firing squad the freed adult children of enslaved women and their owners, a beautiful teen and her owner’s youngest son run away to live together. They have grown up together, trusting and loving each other. Now that adulthood threatens to force them into roles they would rather die than play, the passionate young couple determines to create their own future.
Tales in Firelight and Shadow is a collection of short stories by well-known and fresh new writers of fantasy, speculative and science fiction, retelling folktales from many lands and cultures. James Morrow’s museum curator and his university professor daughter discover the ultimate answer to the human condition; Mary Turzillo’s talking cat rats on a legendary illusionist; Tenea D. Johnson’s fairies deal with dream dolls of nightmare; and Christina St. Clair’s loving wife on the ultimate spiritual quest seems to have gone horribly astray. Writers testing the speculative waters with their risk-taking styles captivate and enchant us: an adventurous young professional tries out a new eatery, with disastrous results; a haunted lake binds the horrors of the slaveholding past to the land’s future; a boy steals what a Scottish fairy has no intention of parting with. Shadowy stalkers haunt forests and dreams, and fairytales and urban legends become the stuff of personal memory. These folktales retold answer the oldest of our questions: “Why is my world as it is, and how can I find my way through it?” If folktales exorcize the pain of lessons learned over our collective lifetimes, then in this world of fairy, flame and chaos, enchantment—we realize with a start—is the only reality. We dream so that we may open our eyes.
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