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Tales Of The Green Jinn
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-396-2
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 169 Pages
Published: January 2018

From inside the flap

Dragon Eyes began this bold science fiction adventure, but Sibylís Orb drags you inexorably into the beating heart of this mystical walk on the wild side of science fictionÖ

Chon Ko Gonin, Captain of the Green Jinn, ventured into unexplored territory in search of a wanted interplanetary criminal with the best of intentions. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Right from the start, the Green Jinn found itself dragged into battle to save an ancient people from Merc invaders. Ancient forces of good, and evil fought for control of Sibylís Orb and dragged Chon ko Gonin into the middle of it.

Sibylís Orb was the key, but finding it and saving it would test his strength, and cunning to their limits. However, beyond the orb was an ancient evil. Its minions had killed Destiny a thousand years ago, but that was not the last word. Destiny was back.

But this unexplored territory was about to give up yet another secret from the past, an old foe of unequaled skill and cunning.

Sibyl (Excerpt)


Alone on C-Deck, Chon stood silent for a long moment to quiet his mind. Body follows mind. Mind follows breath. He breathed long and slow until his mind was quiet. A formal bow began the ancient Earth kata that he was about to perform.

Kusanku was an ancient Chinese emissary. One foggy night he was surrounded by fully armed samurai warriors in a rice field sworn to kill him. With only his bare hands, Kusanku was forced to defend himself. This kata was a reenactment of that epic battle.

Chon turned and crouched, peering through imaginary fog. His kicks snapped forward with power and focus. His blocks were as focused as his punches as he moved along imaginary paths at forty-five-degree angles defending himself from the imaginary samurai.

But this was more than just a very powerful man going through the moves of a kata. It had become a meditation in motion. Qi flowed through Chon like a mighty river. The air crackled with the power of his punches and kicks. The decks beneath his feet resounded with his every step. Chon had tapped into a power beyond his own.

Suddenly, Chon was no longer standing on C-Deck, but on a mountaintop in an ancient stone ruins. He took in a deep breath, but the air was thin. A heavy mist and dim light only made this place even more surreal. Sounds around him were the first signs that he was in imminent danger, but in the distance, at the very limits of his hearing, he could just barely make out a woman's voice call his name. It beckoned him forward.

Out of the mist stepped a fully armed Merc warrior, a pulse pistol in his hand. He fired at Chon, but Chon had already moved. He spun around the Merc, grabbing his wrist and twisting the hand that held the gun. The Merc's next shot was, unfortunately, with a gun that Chon had twisted around to point at the Merc's own heart. That Merc dropped on the spot. Chon picked up the Merc's pistol and continued carefully forward through the mist, crouching low.

Voices all around him only hardened his resolve to survive. Suddenly, a man came out of the mist straight at him. This Merc warrior came at Chon with a blade overhead that he brought down upon Chon with killing force. Much to his surprise, Chon caught the blade between his open palms, turned and snapped it. Before the Merc had time to react, Chon turned quickly one more time as he hit the man with a spinning back-kick to the head. The Merc dropped face down.

The sound of his own heart was pounding in his ears as Chon was drawn ever forward. Two huge stone monoliths stood in his path. He was forced to move in forty-five-degree paths, just as Kusanku had been many thousands of years before him, as voices once more closed in on him.

In the mist, Chon could just barely make out one man in front of him. The smallest sound behind him, though, was the only warning of the next attack. He ducked low as a pulse round just barely flew over him. He spun to the side. Another pulse round flew just barely overhead once more. It would have hit him but for the forty-five-degree angle that he had taken.

But now the first Merc heard the sound of battle and came rushing in. Chon struck him from behind like lightning on a cloudless night and wrapped his arm so he could not turn. The Merc that had been firing at Chon from behind heard the scuffle ahead of him and charged.

"EIUS!" Chon growled at him from behind the other Merc.

All that the charging Merc saw through the mist was a man pointing a gun straight at him. So, on pure reaction, he fired, killing his own fellow Merc. As the dead man dropped, Chon fired back, killing the last Merc warrior. There were no more sounds around him now, only an eerie silence.

A woman's voice in the distance behind him once more called his name. He turned toward her. So it was that he found himself standing at the foot of a paved stone path. Silence engulfed him as he followed the path ever upward into the mist. Out of the mist appeared two huge stones standing guard to a secret courtyard. A young woman in a flowing white gown appeared for the briefest second in the opening. Chon went cautiously inside. In the center of the courtyard was a raised stone as though at some point, it had been an altar, but Chon did not approach that. Instead, he circled around the inside of the courtyard.

To normal people, those stone walls looked like nothing more, but Chon was part Anoza. He knew better. In the misty light, the stone walls looked barren and flat but only if you looked with just your eyes. As he looked, the woman once more appeared for just the briefest second. Chon walked over to where she had stood. Sure enough, in folded time-space, there was an opening in the wall. Chon reached right through what would appear to be solid stone to anyone else. He could feel something large and heavy in a cloth pouch. He removed the pouch from its hiding place.

Chon pulled open the ties on the pouch and removed a heavy crystal orb. It was the most beautiful crystal orb he had ever seen. Its deep iridescent reds and blues were spellbinding. When he touched it, great power flowed through him like ten mighty rivers.

"Good Lord! What was that?" Sienna asked from behind him.

Chon was suddenly back on C-Deck. It took a second for his mind to refocus as he looked around in disbelief of what had just happened.

"Kusanku kata," he somehow managed to reply to Sienna as he picked up his towel to wipe the sweat from his brow and neck.

"Hell," Sienna replied, "I have seen a lot of people perform katas in my days, but I have never seen anything at all like that."

"What do you mean?" Chon wondered. What had she seen?

"You moved with such power and force," she replied.

"And that's all you saw?"

"Yeah. Why? Should I have seen something else?" she asked.

"No. No," Chon replied, relieved.

Sienna went back to the bridge, while Chon went to take a shower.


"What was that?!" all of the members of the Council of the Crescent Moon clamored to know from Destiny.

"I don't know! It was not from me. I did not give him that vision," she insisted.

"Then who did?"