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Dragon Eyes
Tales Of The Green Jinn
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-351-2
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 202 Pages
Published: January 2017

From inside the flap

The highly acclaimed saga of the Five Moons continues as Dragon Eyes carries this action-packed adventure into the future. Dragon Eyes is a mystical walk on the wild side of science fiction. The real heart of this story actually began long ago…

A thousand years ago, I was a very gifted seer. I was Evil’s worst nightmare. But Evil knew that I only see glimpses of the future. And so he set a plan in motion to kill me. His minions did not know Evil’s whole plan. They only knew their own parts in it. He used that fact to trap me. But in the end, I saw my own demise. There was no way out. I was doomed. So, I recorded my own moon and hid it away, where Evil would never find it.

My love, Arowin, felt in his heart the second of my end. To the end of his days did he search for me. Our loving son picked up the task that had outlived his father. My beloved son, Iisax, followed the clues that his father had left for him, but Iisax’s days were also numbered. It was Shirazad, Iisax’s daughter, who found the moon that I had hidden away nearly a thousand years before her. It was Shirazad that handed my moon over to the Council of the Crescent Moon. It was the Council that set my moon free.

I started over, determined to do to Evil what I had failed to do before, but where could I be the one who stood against evil and made a difference? Then it came to pass that the Council of the Crescent Moon saw a vision of the Green Jinn. So I tested the heart of the man who was to become its captain.

As I recall, it all started with a mystical dream. I awoke from that dream only to find that we had a mission the Five Moons could not handle. Can you even believe that? The Five Moons. So it was that my father brought me over the quantum portal to a secret – a whole new ship -- the Green Jinn. Everything about the Green Jinn was an illusion, and nobody even knew that she existed. Admiral Dallas Blake made me captain of the Green Jinn. I am Chon ko Gonin. That was how the Green Jinn began its first mission – to hunt down the worst interplanetary crime boss that ever existed, David Zharn. He was so far beyond evil that even Admiral Johnson herself could not nail this scum, but we would not let Admiral Johnson down. It all started out with the best of intentions. That is when everything went sideways.

Dragon Eyes (Excerpt)


He opened his eyes on a distant planet. It smelled very earthy, but they all do. He looked up into the night sky to get his bearings, but none of those stars looked familiar. In the sky were five moons. Then the smallest wisp of wind brought the smell of a distant campfire to his nose. He followed his nose down the path at his feet. Around the first bend, he could see a campfire in the distance.

A young anoza woman sat by the fire, waiting for him. Her soft blue eyes held him in their gaze as he approached. Behind her, were six anoza dressed in formal robes, with their hoods pulled over to cover their faces. Their arms were crossed. Each of them wore a white gold ring in the form of a crescent moon and a star. They were here to pass judgment on something very important. This was a test in the ancient anoza tradition.

"Chon of the House of Five Moons... your father is human," the anoza woman challenged him.

"Yes, he is," Chon strongly affirmed.

"But your mother is anoza," the woman added softly.

"Yes, she is," Chon affirmed more softly.

"Do you know that humans were cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in their hearts?" she challenged him once more. He could see the challenge in her eyes as much as in her words.

"Humans would tell you that they left Earth on their own, as explorers, but yes; they were cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in their hearts," Chon agreed. The woman appeared to be about to pass judgment based on this fact alone.

"But that was not the end of it!" he protested.

"How so?" the woman stood fast with arms crossed, looking down her nose, awaiting his response.

"In our absence, Fate had dealt Earth its due," Chon began his argument.

"And the wages of sin are death," the woman pronounced once more as if now that was the final sentence of mankind.

But Chon continued passionately, "So it was written, so it came to pass: 'Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.' In fact, there were many 'new heavens' and many 'new earths' as we were to discover. Fate had cast us into the outer darkness for a reason. Fate had saved us, set us aside, and He was not willing that any who belonged to Him be lost. When Fate had cast us into the outer darkness, it was not the end of us, it was a new beginning."

The woman smiled. "So Fate once more sifted the humans through time, to separate the good from the evil," the woman agreed. "That is where we stand - at the tipping point - with the fate of the humans in the balance. Chon of the House of Five Moons, if I am to decide, then I must know what is in your heart. Where do you stand? Who are you?"

"As I said, Fate was not willing that any who belonged to Him be lost. So, He cast mankind once more into the crucible of time. He melted us down to separate the iron from the slag. It was by Fate that I was poured out of that crucible, but that was only the beginning. Then He hammered me over time on the anvil of all that came before me to harden my resolve."

"I am Evil's worst nightmare. I move in his shadows, and he does not see me. I walk in the sunlight, and he does not know me. I strike him when he least expects. I am gone before he knows what hit him. I am the defender of the faith. I am the protector of the weak. I am the tip of the spear. I am Recon."

With that, the young woman seemed to make up her mind. She joined the other six anoza for a private discussion. Their deliberations were lengthy and not without contention. As he waited, Chon reached for another piece of wood to put on the fire. On the ground, next to the wood, was a small, smooth, red stone that caught his eye. He picked it up and rubbed it in his fingers as he waited. He put the piece of wood on the fire. Only then, did the young woman return.

"You have kept the fire burning for me. That is a good sign. I have made my decision. In secret, will I cast my fate with yours. Where I can make a difference, I will. Know this - I am with you always."

"Who are you?" Chon asked her.

"I am Destiny," she told him as the dream dissolved.

Chon sat straight up in bed, now fully awake and took a deep breath to reset his mind. He looked around his room. He was at home... on the Five Moons... on Panara-5.

"It was only a dream," he tried to convince himself. "It was only a dream."

He tried to roll over and go back to sleep but rolled over right onto a small, smooth, red stone.