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ISBN-10: 1-77115-313-X
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 208 Pages
Published: June 2016

From inside the flap

Along the shore of scattered bones and metal skulls stands a rift between two worlds. A perfected young woman seeks the mysteries of human existence by digging through the corpses in her mind. Living and growing in a massive, sterile cage she yearns to change the world outside for the better. But even she knows that this will mean the end of an entire race.

Astraea, born not as human, but a mix of all things, must accept her path, or doom her soul to darkness. Her painful journey will put into question all the aspects of life she thought she knew. Humanity, as it has done forever, must confront the questions that shape the pursuit of vast intelligence. This new world is full of shifting characters and deceit. Astraea must manoeuvre between perceived reality and the truth; between the realms of machine and magic. Perhaps the pursuit of artificial intelligence should have been abandoned before it even began. Empyrean is a tale that stretches back through time and leaps forward again.

Empyrean (Excerpt)


Long ago, this world was given the gift of magic. In reality, it was a natural essence that my people had crafted and perfected, on our own planet. Here, however, it was something that could never be understood. My world was fated to demise. But we were not ready for death. Despite all we knew, there was one problem that we had never been able to solve; the mystery of death. Death and rebirth. Fearing for our future, though we knew it was with a thin strand that we ever held onto it, we chose to send it elsewhere. Toying with the Gods of the universe, I was sent first to one planet to retrieve more of our vital essence, then to Earth. I arrived here, alone, with two items: a single page describing my mission and the claret stone. It had painstakingly been retrieved on that other planet and held a new way to create life. It held the potential to make a life that held both power and knowledge never before seen in this universe. For inside it was the magic infused blood of my race, and a deity. But introducing such power to a race that knew not what to do with it proved to be more of our undoing; I sent it outwards, into that first ancient soul, thinking my work was done. But no sooner had I slipped away that the bloodshed of centuries occurred. At first, very few were given glimpses into the wonder of the claret stone. But they were human, and as such, full of folly. Later still, some, not knowing how to contain such cosmic energy, transformed into monsters. Their bodies morphed and disintegrated, only to reform as creatures of terror. Then- the great war. Long after the unleashed power was thought to be contained, and was mostly forgotten, it reemerged. For with one human and one human only the stone was intensely bound to. Throughout her reincarnations it flourished, biding its time within her uneasy, fevered body. It built up armies of robotic creatures. It nearly destroyed the world. Then, it allowed for the creation, finally, of creatures resembling myself. But they were different inside. They are different. I can only hope that that one human, though she barely resembles one now, knows what all her ancestors have failed to realize.

I am now gone. I have been for many, many years. And yet- my spirit lingers here, on this world, unable to find the peace that comes from finally knowing. I will watch, trapped in limbo, until there is nothing left for me to see.