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Arctic Quest
Book Four
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-304-0
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 229 Pages
Published: May 2016

From inside the flap

Itís almost 1911. Colin Limmerick, the handsome sea captain, has a problem. Heís stuck with a twenty-eight-thousand-year-old Neanderthal on board his ship. He realizes he must venture into another time-travel quest to bring the ancient beast back to its own time period.

Rosa, the pretty archaeology Ph.D. student, instills to eccentric Russian-scientist, Dr. Sasha Dimitrikov that they need another means of fuelling the time machine. The inventor of time travel has the idea of converging magnetic lines at magnetic true north in the Arctic to fuel the time machine and deliver the Neanderthal back to its time period.

Limmerick, Dimitrikov, Rosa, and the sexy chancellor of the university venture Arctic waters, where they are confronted by an unexpected blast from their future. A Soviet sub from 1970 slips through the time vortex! Just what Colin, Rosa, and Dr. Dimitrikov needed on this mission.

Arctic Quest (Excerpt)

Chapter One

The giant, brawny captain sat on the deck of his fishing vessel. He pulled out a small knife and began to peel an orange. Pages from a folded newspaper blew about the deck, where the captain noticed the headline: Strange Being Sighted on University Grounds. He then glanced at the date.

"Hmm, it's almost Christmas. Almost time to say good-bye to 1910," the captain muttered.

He was deep in his thoughts when he heard a hard crashing sound. He turned his head.

"Captain Limmerick! Get this thing outta the wheelhouse," Timmy demanded, while he shoved the beast onto the ladder.

The creature lunged at Timmy and threw him to the floor. Timmy stood up and kicked it in the behind. It turned to Timmy and smacked him in the face. The captain's head tilted downward and he stared at his half-peeled orange.

"Feck! I should cut me own throat with this blade, shouldn't I?"

Eddy tried to encourage the beast to climb down the ladder. "Captain, we've got loads to do, but we spend most of our time trying to tame that thing." Eddy paused. "Captain, what is it?"

Captain Colin Limmerick stood up. "Ed, yer me first mate, therefore, yer supposed to be keep everything in check on this vessel, am I correct?"

The mature first-mate's eyes widened as he glanced at the beast panting in the corner. "Captain, what's this thing on our ship, eh? What the hell is it?" Eddy asked.

The captain paced a bit. "It's good we're not too far from our emerald paradise, just now."

The captain dashed into the galley. Eddy followed. The beast sat on the deck alone. It stared at the hectic frigid waves of The Irish Sea and almost fell into a trance. Lorelei and Tara sat at the table in the galley eating crumpets and drinking wine. Lorelei appeared giddy when she noticed the captain.

"Ah, Captain Colin, yaz lookin' as if yar in the middle of some serious orgasm."

She glanced at Tara and they both giggled at the handsome captain. The captain grabbed a large bottle of whiskey.

"Surely, I'll ask the Lord to take me tonight, so I will."

Lorelei stood up and straightened her tight dress. "What's bothering yaz now? Is it that thing?"

He popped the cap off the whiskey and stared at the bottle.

"Captain, that thing is just awful. It reminds me of a caveman."

Lorelei snorted a few laughs with Tara. Colin raised the bottle to his lips and drank feverishly. He glanced at the two giddy prostitutes. "He's not human, in case ye didn't know."

Lorelei grinned. "I'm savin' meself up for yer love-makin'."

He tried to straighten his posture. "Love-makin'? Just tell me how much and ye'll be off to the next port."

"A handsome gent like ya, should learn to lay off the sauce, don't ya think? You could lose yar beauty some day, then what would ya do?"

He placed the bottle on the counter. "I'd relish in me new-found ugliness."

Lorelei giggled with Tara, nudging each other. "Hey, what ya gonna do about that thing on the deck? What is it?" Lorelei asked, while she sipped on her wine.

"Why's everyone always askin' me? Can't ye feckin' tell what it is?"

"It's a caveman, isn't it?" She tried to guess.

Colin grinned at her. "Uh, Right."

Lorelei glanced at Tara. "That thing is a caveman? Really?"

Tara smiled at the intoxicated captain. "What's a caveman doing on the Atlantic Mermaid?"

Colin took a few more gulps of whiskey. "What ye think?"

Lorelei snorted with laughter as her large breasts jiggled. "I donno, is it one of yar crazy science experiments? Ya do all that research with that Russian chap, don't yaz? Ya both conjure some crazy potions in that university laboratory of yours. Tryin' to play God?"

The beast shuffled into the galley. Colin stopped drinking and noticed the creature pause and leer at him. It snatched the bottle of whiskey from his hand. Colin leaned against the counter, and tried to think what to do. He extended his arm.

"Give me that back, ye fecker, or I swear I'll throw yez overboard, ye bloody shite."

It guzzled the whiskey. Lorelei and Tara tried to ignore what they were seeing. Eddy glanced at Colin with concern.

"Captain? Is Lorelei right? Is this monster the result of one of yar university experiments? Just never knew how ya could keep up yar fishin' trade; keep a crew, and make yar way to the university to work on a doctorate. It's not humanly possible, Captain. Now, look at ya, yar broodin' away 'cause yar pretty lass from India left yaz. Can't have it all, Captain."

Colin stared at the floor, with one eye on the beast. It continued to drink the last drop of whiskey.

"Give me that bottle. Neanderthal! Pass it over here."

Eddy's eyes widened. "Neanderthal? Captain, ya brought a Neanderthal on theAtlantic Mermaid?"

Colin tried to look somewhere else, other than his first mate. "So, I did. I'm the bloody Captain. I can do what I want."

Eddy stepped closer to Colin. "Captain? Ya brought a Neanderthal on the ship? How in the hell did ya do that? Aren't they long extinct?"

The Neanderthal yelped and raised the whiskey bottle only to smash it over the captain's head. Colin fell to the floor. The beast kicked Colin in the stomach several times. Timmy and Seamus entered the galley. Lorelei and Tara screamed and crouched in the corner with terror. The beast jumped onto Colin and tried to strangle him. Eddy, Timmy, and Seamus tried to pry the prehistoric being off the captain.

"Good Lord!" shouted Eddy. "The poor man is knocked out cold and this thing is relentless enough to finish him off. It's a strong bugger, too. We have to save the captain."

Timmy grabbed the paring knife beside the half-peeled orange and slit the beast's shoulder, enough to draw blood. It finally released the captain. Colin lay on the floor, lifeless, drenched in whiskey and blood. Pieces of glass from the bottle surrounded him on the floor.

Eddy knelt beside him. "Captain, you've always been like a son to me. Please stay with us."

Colin's eyes opened as he continued to lie on the floor. He tried to catch his breath. Lorelei and Tara stood beside the captain.

"Drop us off at the next port. We're not coming aboard this ship with that thing," Lorelei blurted. Colin stared at Lorelei. "Can't believe you'd bring that disgusting thing on the ship and put our lives at risk for some silly science experiment."

Colin laid on the floor, still silent, where he still tried to focus his eyes on Lorelei.

Eddy and Timmy helped the captain up. "Colin, speak to us, please," pleaded Eddy.

Colin tried to scoot to the wall, so he could lean his bulked physique against it. He took a few deep breaths as he wiped his bloody face with a towel. "I'm alright, Ed." Colin tried to stand straight as he noticed the beast sitting on the deck by the hold. He rubbed his head. "Awe, sweet Christ. I feel I'm gonna die right here, so I do. It near kicked the shite outta me, didn't it?"

Timmy glanced at his captain. "Captain, that thing ate half the fish in the hold. Now, what we gonna do, eh?"

Colin hobbled onto the deck and noticed the half empty hold. He shook his head and kissed his lips. "Shite."

Eddy stepped beside Colin. "Captain, I know about yar science experiments at the university. But, tell me why would ya bring this prehistoric beast on the ship? That's not like yaz, not at all."

The captain continued to stare at the hold. "'Cause I'm a bloomin' arse, that's why."

"Did you time travel and find this thing to bring back on purpose, Captain?"

Colin's eyes widened as he lowered his head to be eye to eye with his first mate. "Shh... don't go bringin' me time travels up on the ship. Of course it wasn't me intensions to bring a prehistoric Neanderthal on this ship. Ye think I'm daft or somethin'?"

Eddy took a breath of relief. "Thank God, thought ya were losin' yar mind."

"I found the prehistoric creature misplaced in 1970, that's all."


"Aye. He was misplaced. He was surely to die there. I had no choice but to bring him along."

Eddy was surprised. "But, can you mind 'im in 1910?"

Colin kept rubbing his soar head. "Surely, not."

"So, Captain, why?"

"Let me die right here. Amoli left me. Rosa's engaged to Sasha." He glanced at his first mate. "What I got to live for, Ed?"

"You're a good man, Colin. Don't go talkin' this way. Ya can't be draggin' some prehistoric extinct caveman everywhere ya go. Surely, no wench will fix her eyes on yaz with that thing hangin' about."

Colin gave a slight chuckle. "Surely not."

"So, Rosa, that pretty wench is engaged to that Russian scientist, Dimitrikov?"

Colin stared at the half-empty hold. "Aye."