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Five Moons: Entangled
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-297-4
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 168 Pages
Published: April 2016

From inside the flap

“Evil men conspired to have a starship destroyed, to disappear its crew forever. But the Anoza chose me to save the Five Moons. I didn’t know any of that when I bought a ship that was never meant for sale. I didn’t know when I first stepped foot upon its decks that I changed everything … But I know it now. And save Five Moons? Damned straight I will.”

“I am Dallas Blake, outworlder to the nines. By the end of the war, I had lost everything. I bought the ship to start over. And you know that crew they thought was lost and gone forever? Well, think again. The crew and I go wherever we are needed. Making a difference starts with us.”

“Mankind was cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in our hearts. So I have my work cut out for me. How about you? Would you like to make a difference? But I have to warn you: The action never stops for the crew of the Five Moons.”

Five Moons: Entangled (Excerpt)


Clay of Earth, know this to the very core of you: yours were the people cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in their hearts.

A gift was made to them of Tesseract, but they were found unworthy.

Clay of Earth, you do not see how entangled in each other's fates you are. Each life is entangled in all of the others, and now mine is with yours.

Clay of Earth, Leaf in the Wind, you are of them but not like them. We found you full of darkness from your trials at the hands of the most evil, yet in your despair, you became the empty vessel. Into that empty vessel, we poured the light of truth. And so you found beauty in the light of four moons. My soul sings songs of joy in that. You are welcome. And so the next step together we must take.

Leaf in the wind, the gift that once was made to the unworthy was only the first step. Beyond the Tesseract is all that really matters.

-- The Fifth Moon --