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Five Moons - Convolute
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-291-5
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 167 Pages
Published: March 2016

From inside the flap

Five Moons: Convolute drops you right into the middle of the action as the Syndicateís last mobsters hunt down a Special Forces agent in the streets of Habston, the biggest little city on Panara-5. It quickly becomes a running gun battle as Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons tries to save him. Special Forces enlists the Five Moons to transport their agents to Daggan-7, but the alien mysteries of this ship, are not about to give Dallas any breaks. In the worst of places, Dallas suddenly finds himself embroiled in yet another alien enigma with only a cryptic message. Even so, the gut-wrenching twists and turns of fate donít quit. Trying to escape from one villain, Dallas and crew fall right into the hands of yet another ó Sarsen Tabbot, the Mercenary Commander responsible for the death of Dallasí whole family. If you love to hate a good villain, Five Moons: Convolute will give you a couple of real doozies to get your blood boiling. This story is as convoluted as it gets.

Five Moons - Convolute (Excerpt)


"We come in peace" is what we told the Anoza when human explorers first encountered them, but you would have to ask the Anoza how that worked out for them. Oh, it all started out with good intentions. The Anoza shared their advanced timequake starship technology with us, and a starship was even built from it, the Tesseract. But alas, the humans trailed evil behind them in their jump wakes like a foul stench, so the road to hell was surely paved with all of those good intentions. Union Fleet flew an unmarked ship into space docks after the Corporate War, intending to secretly scrap it out, intending to get rid of the evidence of the evil that was done.

By the end of the Corporate War, Dallas Blake had lost everything: his wife, his daughter, his whole family, his home world. He was a man in need of far more than just a new beginning. What Dallas needed was a resurrection. Dallas went to those same Union Fleet space docks with good intentions. He intended to start his life over. He intended to buy a war surplus scout-class ship. Instead, he unknowingly bought the Tesseract. That is where this whole story began. It all began with a starship like no other, a starship with more enigmas than answers. It all began with artificials that seemed way too human. It all began with the guns-blazing rescue of Emma from the mercenaries. It all began with a single leaf in the wind.


I am he who stands at the center of Five Moons' shadows and I say, yes! By all means! Ask us what we think of humans! By the evil in their hearts did I find the blood of four innocents on my hands! Clay of Earth, know this to the very core of you: yours were the people cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in their hearts.

A gift was made to them of Tesseract, but they were found unworthy.

Leaf in the Wind, you were unexpected but exactly what we needed. At the very gates of hell, by my intercession did the one who was dead in his heart but still walking save the Tesseract from destruction. His resurrection was only the first step. He justified our choice of him by fulfilling the purpose for which the gift of Tesseract was made. In this, we do rejoice.

To the one who flies the now convolute, once Tesseract I say: Leaf in the Wind, I sent you to save five moons. Instead, seven have you brought back from the edge. In this, we do rejoice, but our work has just begun. We have far yet to go, you and I.

Leaf in the Wind, the gift that was once made to the unworthy is now in your hands. To take the next step, you must see what is right before your own eyes.