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ISBN-10: 1-77115-282-6
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 184 Pages
Published: January 2016

From inside the flap


In all the world, one monster towers over all. This is the nameless creature created by Victor Frankenstein. This is the Thing that should not live… but does!

You’ve read Mary Shelley’s world-famous novel, “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” and you seen the nameless creature created by Victor Frankenstein. But what happened next? THE LEGEND OF FRANKENSTEIN Book III, MONSTER OF THE EAST, provides that answer.

In the first two parts of the Trilogy, the Monster found a new purpose to live and sought out allies to assist him. Along the way, he also clashed with ghouls, mad scientists, and maniacs. Now, follow the Monster as he continues to search for the knowledge, the means, and the funds necessary to create a mate with which to share the world. Hunted, haunted, rejected by the society of men, the Monster of Frankenstein forms a partnership with a diabolical doctor. When this partnership fails, he travels from Europe to America, hoping to find the knowledge, the means, and the funds necessary to create a mate with which to share the world. Finding himself at last in old San Francisco, he learns of a strange cult within the back alleys of Chinatown—a cult whose practice of reanimating the dead might equal that of Victor Frankenstein!

And then, in an epic-length tale, the Monster of Frankenstein travels across the Pacific to China and Tibet, seeking out this cult of necromancers. Along the way, he clashes with the vampiric Kiang-Shi and a secret society bent on subjugating the world. What follows places the Monster of in the middle of a war between these rival factions!

With links to Perry Lake’s earlier LEGEND OF DRACULA series, THE LEGEND OF FRANKENSTEIN forms an epic saga of historical horror and sinister schemes in concord with Mary Shelley’s original classic. Read MONSTER OF THE EAST today! Book IV coming soon!



1. The Price of a Head

"Hoo-wee! Lookee this here feller. He done et himself some beans!"

The cowboy, grinning ear to ear, slapped his companion on the back. The two young men came closer, their spurs jingling upon the wooden walkways. The taller one, a tow-head, was not grinning, merely sneering in disgust. It was a look with which I was quite familiar.

I pulled my kerchief up higher on my stub of a nose but my stature had already attracted their attention. I glanced about and saw the usual loafers, shopkeepers, and housewives that one normally found on any city street by day. If there was to be trouble, there would be witnesses.

The shorter, but by no means smaller, cowboy came close and I was obliged to halt my progress. The reek of strong liquor assailed my nostrils.

"Damn if'n yew ain't about the ugliest feller I ever did see! Best keep that bandana around yer face, ya oversized freak!" Here he turned to his companion. "Hey Ike, did yew ever see yerself an uglier fucker?"

The taller youth, twisted his lip like he'd lifted a rock and did not care for what he found lying beneath. "Naw, Eli. Sure didn't. Don't git too close or yew'll catch somethin'."

The one named Eli grinned at Ike, then turned back to me, a heavy Bowie knife flashing its way into his hand.

"He's big but he's skinnier'n a rail, Ike. Hey, ugly fucker, wanna bet I can't cut yew in half with one swipe?!"

Having dealt with more or less this same scenario in the past, I knew my options. I could always tear his arm out of its socket, but there were too many witnesses for my liking. I could, of course, take advantage of the presence of the witnesses and offer to duel him in the street. Still, dueling was illegal and the local sheriff I knew to be a stickler in enforcing civic statutes.

Therefore I simply stood and waited. If the dolt stabbed me, I felt reasonably confident that witnesses would confirm he struck first.

"Whatcha got ta say fer yerself, ole big n' ugly? Yeehaw! I'm thinkin' maybe I'll carve mah initials in yer hide if'n ya don't answer me!"

"Initials?" I asked, "Dost thou not know how to spell thy entire name?"

The cowboy could have been no more stunned had I given him the back of my hand. His face turned red then purple and he verily shook with rage and all I could think was that in the time it took him to fume I could have taken the oversized knife and planted it in whichever orifice I chose.

Yet before he did anything, his friend laid hold of his shoulder and pulled him away. "Goddamnit! We ain't got time fer this, Eli!"

The boy Eli cursed and threatened me and waved his knife, but allowed Ike to drag him along to the train depot. I chose to let them go, hoping they would soon cause enough trouble that they might earn themselves a price on their heads.

I was in Virginia City at the time, where I'd made the acquaintance of the new sheriff a year ago. The little Irishman had no love for me either, but he never hesitated to pay me for the dead outlaws I laid on his door. He also never hesitated to let me know I could leave town as soon as I was paid. As we had a successful business relationship, I did not test him on this point.

Still, I needed information if I was to collect bounties and from time to time I rode into town to look at the wanted posters. As I perused them under the baneful glares of the townsfolk, the sheriff happened to step out at that moment.

"You again?" he asked, "Brought in another one, huh?"

"Not this time, I fear," I answered, still examining the notices, "I had been on the trail of Brad Colton only to learn he'd met his demise in a gunfight with deputies outside Carson City. Thus I have returned here to view the latest crop of bad men to harvest."