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Genesis Prime
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-270-2
Genre: Science Fiction/Fiction/Adventure
eBook Length: 233 Pages
Published: November 2015

From inside the flap

The arduous 200 light year space journey from a destroyed Earth is finally over. Now Captain Nick Johns and the crew of the spaceship Genesis must carve out space on a new world to colonize. Unfortunately, their new home planet, Genesis Prime, is already inhabited by three sentient races, one of which is human transplanted from Earth in the 3rd Century BC by aliens needing slave labor.

Captain Johns and his crew liberate the enslaved humans and capture the aliens ruling over them. The human slaves still lived in the 3rd Century culture and viewed the humans of the Genesis as Olympian gods, actually believing Captain Johns was the Olympian god, Zeus.

During the liberation they also captured the alien technology, which was far more advanced than that of the Genesis. Eventually they befriend the few remaining aliens and learn the secrets of their technology, one of which is a Plasma Bubble that can transport matter through time and space. They use this technology to free the last remaining almost extinct aliens from their home world. In doing so, the Genesis attracts the attention of the alienís adversaries that were waging genocide against them. These adversaries now turn their war upon the Genesis colony.

Battles rage against these vicious, attacking aliens until the Genesis must face the most ruthless and dangerous race yet, the Human Race. Captain johns learns with absolute certainty that humans can not be trusted to govern themselves. Humans by their very nature are self-destructive, and given enough time they will destroy themselves. The hardest battles came from within the Human Race and its inherent treachery.

Genesis Prime (Excerpt)


Synopsis of Genesis Logs

Capt. Nick Johns, a wounded and quadriplegic U.S. Marine of the Iraq war, encounters assertive government officials, who, unbelievably, recall him to active duty to serve humanity. Spirited off to Area 51, he meets the president, where he learns Earth will face total destruction from a massive asteroid, but the government had secretly initiated the Genesis Project to save the human race from extinction. Shockingly, the president asks him to volunteer his brain to provide the spark-of-life to the shipboard computer and become the captain of the spaceship, Genesis, for a two hundred year deep-space flight to colonize a new habitable planet called New Earth.

With the unexpected death of the original brain donor, Capt. Johns escalates to the top slot on a carefully screened shortlist of potential donors, all quadriplegic with proven resistance to depression and demonstrated self-sacrificing values. The scientific team of experts and fellow voyagers scramble to make their launch window and hurriedly brief him on the major aspects of the project: the discovery of the asteroid, security of the top-secret project, use of alien technology, Light Wave Drive, location of the target planet and planned astrological route, brain interface and extension, etc.

The briefings were comforting and informative but not actually required. Once he reluctantly agrees, the doctors extract his brain and install it into the core of the human brain cell computer, where his mind extends into the computer, and the Genesis becomes his new body. He remains Capt. Nick Johns, but he also becomes the Genesis. His intellect expands exponentially, and he knows everything... all the scientists' research, background of the project, and all stored knowledge of the human race.

Too soon, the world discovers the imminent doom and plunges into chaos, resulting in total anarchy and global nuclear war. Fortunately, the Genesis launches seconds ahead of an Al Qaeda nuclear attack designed to prevent the salvation of the human race. Genesis rendezvous in orbit with the only other surviving escape vessel, The Hope, a much less sophisticated project developed by the Japanese. The Genesis takes control of the Hope and launches into deep-space towing the Hope with an umbilical attachment, where they witness the asteroid's impact and destruction of Earth.

Nick's intellect mushrooms during the voyage, driving him to the point of insanity. He finds emotional release through a developing friendship and, ultimately, unexpected love between himself and the beautiful Akiko, the director of life support. Capt. Johns devises a plan to escape his cerebral prison and physically be with Akiko by cloning his DNA and, through his heightened intellect, telepathically live through this clone body. Akiko volunteers to host the clone embryo to term, but her body begins to reject the infant, forcing it to be taken early. Unfortunately for her, Akiko refuses to allow the infant to be taken until her body has been severely damaged. The infant, Nick, survives, but Akiko's body hovers near death and must be placed into cryogenic hibernation, while he works on a way to cure her and bring her back to him.

Genesis reaches Alpha Centauri, the first of six planned jumps in the long journey, to discover an alien race known as The Enlightened. The aliens are far more advanced and will not allow humans to settle. The aliens instantly transport the Genesis forty light years to the second planned hop, Trianguli Australis. From here the Genesis resumes its original journey.

At the young age of three, Katy comes into his life. Katy, the accidental daughter of his doctor and the Genesis' engineer, comes into the control room and begins visiting with Nick's holographic image and wins his heart. With the loneliness of command and the loss of Akiko, he quickly accepts this new friend. Katy and his clone are about the same age and the only children on board. Nick begins living through his cloned body, playing and eventually grows up with Katy. After years of being constantly together, they fall in love and become lovers, yet he still loves Akiko. Both accept this fact.

Nick discovers that Akiko's replacement over life support has virtually destroyed the on board ecosystem she designed and created. In his anger, Nick forgoes his adult and authoritative holographic image and fires the acting director using his cloned physical body, learning a valuable lesson... command is a state of mind, not a physical domination.

One of the Hope's engineers and closet Islam extremist becomes a constant nemesis to Nick's authority and secretly organizes a mutiny. Like the extremists of Earth, he schemes to sabotage what he perceived to be an escape from Allah's destruction of the human race. When the armed terrorists take command of the control room, Nick flares the lights, temporarily blinding them long enough for his team to kill the mutineers.

Through the scientists and doctors, Nick continues to work toward bringing Akiko back to full health. Together they conduct stem cell research and develop an Immortality Gene, which miraculously brings Akiko back to healthy immortal life.

Love always finds a way to survive. The assertive little Katy will not be denied. When Akiko shows signs of reviving, Katy decides to go into cryogenic storage, charging Nick with the task of convincing Akiko to accept a manage a trios. This turns out to be easier than he thought possible, and they eventually become a threesome.

Mid-journey the entire Genesis Project almost collapses in failure when one of Nick's artificial hearts fail. Through quick response of the emergency team, they narrowly avert the disaster, but this launches the team into converting the artificial organs to modular human organs.

Most of the department heads had taken the Immortality Gene (IM). At thirty years old, it became Katy and Nick's turn to take the gene. Unfortunately, of all those that took the IM gene, only the inventor's body, Cdr. Taka, rejected the gene. Katy's body became the second to reject the gene. These two were destined to eventually die of old age... the only ones. Nick and Akiko would not accept losing Katy to old age, while they lived immortal lives. Nick and the scientists develop a plan to slightly modify the DNA and clone Katy and Taka so the altered bodies would accept the IM. They also invented a brain interface that would slowly copy their memories and essence into the clones. This effectively creates new versions of the same people. One version dies of old age, while the immortal clones live on with all the memories of their donor.

A black hole is discovered in the last leg of the journey, threatening also to doom the project. The crew applies extraordinary effort to deviate their course to by-pass its gravitational pull. Nick is required to make some hard decisions and sacrifices many sleeping souls in cryogenic storage to save the Genesis, thus alienating himself from the crew. He realizes this is why he was chosen... to command!

They avert the Black Hole and survive, but regrettably, the course modification takes the Genesis beyond its ability to correct and dooms the project to failure. Science having failed to save them, they turn to Divine Intervention and bring the Chaplin out of cryogenics to lead them in this effort. They begin praying and are miraculously transported to their final destination by The Enlightened, leaving the reader to decide if it was Divine or alien intervention.

The story ends with the Genesis and Hope in orbit around Genesis Prime planning the colonization of their new home on Mount Olympus, the home of the Immortals. This, of course, will be the sequel.