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Dark Angels Of Zeus
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-262-1
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 174 Pages
Published: September 2015

From inside the flap

Thousands of years ago Earth was visited, colonized and ruled by an immortal alien race from the planet Titan. These immortals were considered gods by the indigenous population ... humans. These gods ruled Earth from Mount Olympus, but they made a serious mistake ... they mated with mortal humans and started a chain reaction among the human descendants that took centuries to resurface that threatened the entire population of Earth.

What if you were one of these remote genetic descendants and suddenly awoke one day with sketchy ancient memories, powers you donít understand or know how to control, and vicious enemies you can hardly believe? Could you discover and activate your ancient powers in time to save yourself from an ancient, evil enemy totally dedicated to destroying you? Could you live long enough to unite with others of your kind, whatever that is, for defense or would you quickly die?

This is a story of these human descendants (Dark Angels), many young, thrust into battle for their salvation and the salvation of Earth and all its humans.

Dark Angels Of Zeus (Excerpt)

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

"Zeus!" After a long pause without a response Apollo yelled, "ZEUS!"

"YES, Yes, what do you want?" Zeus snapped. He had been preoccupied with the vision in the viewing mist on the dais below encircled by the assembly of Olympian gods. Four obvious Omega possessed mortals pursued a fifth mortal radiating an Alpha golden aura. The angry red, demon auras of the Omega mortals were strong and radiant, while the golden Alpha aura shown dim and weak, yet visible enough to identify him as an Alpha descendant spirit.

Apollo, apologetic but insistent, said, "Father, we must contact the Titan Assembly before all the remaining Alphas are destroyed."

As if to accent Apollo's statement, the four Omega mortals caught the fifth mortal and began mutilating and dismembering him with their shimmering swords. The fifth mortal never had a chance and hadn't even offered up a defense. The Alpha spirit obviously wasn't awake within him, and he wouldn't have an inkling of an idea what was happening to him or why. He would not be able to see the Omega auras nor access any of his ancient dormant powers. The poor man was terrified and died horribly along with his inactive Alpha spirit. The golden Alpha aura in the likeness of a hawk was the last to die as it floundered and flapped it wings ever more slowly until it melted into the ground and disappeared completely.

Zeus said, "I know! Dammit, I know, but I haven't spoken to the Titan Assembly since they exiled us to this world those thousands of years ago."

Hera screeched, "Well, it's your own cursed fault! The immortal Titan women were never enough for you, and you and the other immortals just had to fornicate with all those mortal women. That interracial mixing caused the separation of Alpha and Omega."

"SILENCE, WIFE!" Zeus bellowed, stabbing a warning finger in the air toward her, bristling with energy and barely controlled lighting. His deep, resonating voice and warning reverberated throughout the chamber, causing many of the gods, including Hera, to recoil in fear and silence. "Now is not the time to rehash the past. We have more important things to worry about."

Poseidon leaned forward on his throne toward Zeus and said, "True enough, brother, but I have to agree with Apollo. We must act quickly or we are doomed. At the rate Omega is seeking out and destroying Alpha we will not have any Alphas remaining to fight the coming war. We are already vastly outnumbered. We must contact the Assembly to awaken the Alpha spirits within the Alpha mortals, and we lack the power alone, especially confined to Mount Olympus."

Zeus continued to stare at the now clear mist floating at his feet on the dais, while he thought. He hadn't spoken to his father, Cronus, since he and his Olympians defeated and exiled the ruling Titans from Earth, and now Cronus was a member of the Assembly on their home world.

The Olympians had sealed their own fate when they expelled the ruling Titans back to the home planet, Titan, but that was before they discovered their terrible mistake. By interbreeding with mortals they had inadvertently corrupted the delicate controlling balance of the immortal Titan's Alpha and Omega souls (beginning and end) (good and evil) in all future mixed bloods, thus dooming Earth's population to an ever increasing and conflicting separation of spirits and ultimate goals in both the immortal and mortal races.

He refocused when Artemis began to speak. She had always been one of his favorites and always loyal and supportive. Artemis, his daughter and twin sister to Apollo, also shared a seat with the gods. His twins were born to Leto and not his wife and sister Hera, which is a major reason he protected aggravate his wife.

Artemis said, "My father, my Zeus, I must agree with my brother and the others. This is what the Assembly exiled us to do. They are as much afraid of the potential power of an uncontrolled Omega as we are. No one can know the extent of their power if they are allowed to fully awaken and consolidate, and all of us knows only Alpha can stop them. The Assembly will not refuse; like us, they have no choice. They will help us awaken the dormant, immortal spirit of the Alpha residing in the mortals. It works to their advantage as well."

He knew Artemis was correct. It was just that he was the new supreme ruling god on Earth when he last spoke to Cronus, and Cronus would certainly remember the lighting bolts he had welded and launched at the Titans to drive them off this world. Now, without the Titan's help the Olympians were stuck here in exile for eternity. Artemis was also right that the Titans also feared the awaking power of the Omega. That growing force would be totally unpredictable, extremely powerful and totally evil, and would eventually be able to challenge the Assembly on Titan. Yes, the Assembly would help, but still, he would now have to humble himself to them and ask for their help. So be it; he would pay the price.

"Very well. Project your thoughts with mine and let's reach out to Titan and the Assembly"

He felt the electric tingle of the charging power as their minds merged, focusing to project their joint mind. Then he felt the jolt, akin to an electric shock, as their joint minds streaked in unison across the cosmos. In the viewing mist of the dais they watched the stars flash past in the vast darkness of space. Their speed began to slow as they approached their goal, and soon they observed the planet Titan growing in the mist, filling the viewing mist. The view began to focus in on the planet and expand further. Titan's Mountain of the Gods then continued to expand to view the Assembly circled around their own viewing dais. They apparently had been monitoring his Olympian Assembly, because the appearance of the Olympians' forms did not seem to surprise them. Even so, the Assembly remained immobile and silent and continued to stare at them, obviously waiting for him to speak first. This arrogant statement of Titan's power angered him, but he held his anger, staring back into each pair of the assembled god's cold piercing eyes. After an excessively long pause Zeus said, "It is time. The Omegas are awakening, and the Alphas yet remain dormant." He left his statement brief, letting that fact sink in.

Hyperion, the Supreme Ruler of Titan, spoke, "Yes, we have been monitoring the situation on Earth, and we too find the situation grave. We don't understand why only the Omegas are awaking and the Alphas remain dormant. We suspect that an outside force is behind awaking only the Omegas spirits. It's like they are already organized with a leader. Do you think Hades could be behind it?"

That question shocked him. Mount Olympus had not heard from Hades since the war began against the mix-breeds. He and his Assembly had assumed Hades had been killed in that war, since he hadn't returned to his throne, but hearing Hyperion speak the words out loud, he realized that Hades could very well be behind it. He was a little surprise that he and the other Olympians had never considered that possibility, but he was not about to admit that fact. Hades had always caused problems on Earth; the chaos would give him strength. He responded, "We have no information to confirm that, but it is possible."

Cronus spoke to the Assembly saying, "Zeus and his Olympians caused the problem. It is their problem to solve. They assumed the responsibility when they took control of Earth!"

Hera was first to respond and blasted back, "You and the other Titans that were on Earth are just a guilty of fornicating with the mortal women. It's your problem, too!"

For once he was pleased with Hera's vicious verbal attack, since, for once, it was not directed at him. He almost wished she would take the form of a serpent, as she often did, to accent the venom of her words, but her verbal attack alone worked to silence Cronus.

Hyperion quickly seized the moment of silence to assume control again. "It has already been decided that we will help. We will begin radiating a mental stimulus toward Earth that will awaken the Alpha spirits and powers. Hopefully, it will not awaken the Omega further than they already are. It will take three rotations of the planet to fully saturate all the mortals, but you will have to act quickly to save them, because the Omegas will also be able to easily identify them as they awake by their auras. If, as you say, Omega is partially awake, this action will make any Alphas an easy target."

Zeus did not thank the Assembly, however he bowed slightly as his Assembly of gods withdrew and raced back across the cosmos to Mount Olympus. He thought it went well. At least no physical attacks were launched by either side. Now safe, he allowed the charge to slowly dissipate from his barely controlled lighting bolts, filling the chamber with bristling kinetic energy.

As they settled again into their adorned chairs surrounding the dais, Ares said, "Well, that wasn't so one died."

Zeus noticed signs of a general physical relaxation among the others, as if they had all been tensed for battle. He even noticed Apollo leaning his golden bow against his chair. He hadn't noticed Apollo with it at the Titan Assembly, but it stood to reason, since his bow had always been Apollo's weapon of choice and a constant adornment.

Ares continued, "Zeus, what do you think about Hyperion's suspicion that Hades might be behind the Omegas early awakening?"

"I saw Hades fall in the last battle. His body is dead." Zeus said, "But it's possible his soul might have survived. I think it could be possible that his spirit might still live within one of his descendant's mortal body. If so, his evil yet lives and has been refined by the corruption of the mortal bodies through hundreds of generations. Yes, Hades IS probably responsible for the Omegas' awakening, at least the corrupted part of his Titan spirit."

"What are we going to do about it, father?" Ares said.

"What we have been charged to do: correct the mistake. We must kill all the mixed-bloods, like we tried to do before, like we did to our own, Dionysus, but we must make sure we kill the corrupted Titan spirits, the Omega."

Hera screamed, "You wouldn't have had to kill your own son if you hadn't fornicated with that mortal harlot, Semele!"

At this interruption Zeus pointed a finger toward Hera, and a bolt of energy shot toward her, pinning her quivering body back in her throne. Zeus bellowed, "Silence! Semele was a princess!" None of the other gods moved or made a sound, fearing Zeus' wrath. As if nothing happened, Zeus continued, "Once the energy transmission begins we must monitor Earth continuously, seeking out the awakening Alphas and bring them here. They will be trained here to become our army against the Omega."