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3 Down
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-246-X
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Supernatural/Horror
eBook Length: 218 Pages
Published: June 2015

From inside the flap

Do you know how to hide a dead body?

Heidi Artz is a recent divorcee nearing her 30th birthday. After buying a condo with the help of her best friend, Jane, Heidi throws a housewarming party. She’s got her eye on Jane’s sexy assistant and invites him with hopes of landing a date. The party is a success!

Soon after everyone says their goodbyes, Heidi is brutally assaulted. Rage overriding intelligence, Heidi kills her attacker while trying to get away. Scared and uncertain, she calls Jane begging for assistance. While waiting for her friend’s arrival, Heidi sees a newscast announcing her ex-husband has been found murdered. At least parts of him have been found.

Worried about being accused of her ex’s murder coupled with the murder she’s already committed, Heidi agrees when Jane decides calling the police is out of the question. The best friends are determined to get rid of the body themselves.

Heidi has been receiving anonymous notes, dark messages containing instructions she must comply with or suffer consequences. In the beginning, Heidi thought those notes were pranks, jokes to keep her guessing. Now that her attacker is dead, the cryptic messages have to stop – or so she hopes.

Magic – Obsession – Murder

Someone is stalking Heidi Artz. Perhaps it’s a lustful neighbor or that perverted coworker who harasses all females. Maybe it’s simply a lovesick admirer. The faster she runs, the closer he gets. Hopefully, the police haven’t discovered her unintentional crime. Hopefully, they’re not following her. She keeps seeing a man in the distance, feels his presence, can smell him lingering. Heidi knows someone’s watching and waiting, a snake eager for the right moment to strike.

Trying to focus on the right side of reason, Heidi finds that she and her life expectations have drastically changed. She vows to become self-sufficient and secure her own future no matter what it takes. She must find strength to escape a psychotic medicine man whose supernatural powers derive from a place far more terrifying than a government protected burial ground. With the body count rising, Heidi will have to do the unthinkable in order to survive.

3 Down (Excerpt)

Chapter 1 - Bone Piles

The early morning breeze wisped grains of sand over an assortment of bone piles, some new, some old. Larger, darker creatures collected around the stacks of bones. This was a special place for the creatures, a low, shady place where hunger was extinguished. With feathers relaxed and beaks poised, they waited patiently for the delivery of their next feast.

The first set of bones seethed with resentment and hatred. Because of rituals performed by the body while alive, the now fleshless bones held hypnotic power. Wicked and unforgiving, they lie hidden inside the hollow of an ancient oak tree. The tree's broad, knarred limbs reached in all directions, stripped and twisted tentacles. Even winds rolling in from ocean storms hardly caused the heavy appendages to stir. In its two hundred and sixty-six years of life, being keeper of the bones had been the worst sixteen of all. An accidental fire that burnt half its young branches two centuries ago didn't compare to the pain of these unwelcome bones.

The aged oak longed for the days when birds would visit and nest on its thick branches. It missed growing leaves and producing acorns. It missed the owl from long ago that once lived where the vile bones now rested. Protecting the bones had rundown the old tree making it appear used up and rotten, barely alive. All trees living nearby grew away from the shadows caused by the decrepit oak. Many that were close, especially the palm trees, had lost branches from the sides facing it. None wanted anything to do with the bones or their unwilling protector.

The circumference of the ancient oak's 30-foot base was beginning to shrink, yet no termites or bugs fed on or lived within its cracked frame. As if taking orders from the bones, the tree's long limbs gradually lost interest in growing. They no longer reached as eagerly for the sun. Roots no longer thirsted for the fresh water of rain. If oak trees had eyes, surely this one would be crying. If it had a mouth, it would be begging for freedom from its cursed occupation as the bone warden.

The malevolent set of bones was not the largest of skeletons, but the strangest. Year after year, they lay disintegrating - old and crumbly, yet not yellow or white as one might expect. These bones appeared different, peculiar, contaminated. Unrecognizable scents and sounds floated within close proximity of its dark containment. The creatures hovering over the other bones never came close to this pile, never came close to the protective tree.

They were right to stay away.