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Long Doom Calling
Higher Ground Series - Book Four
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-117-X
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 296 Pages
Published: July 2013

From inside the flap

Cerridwen and her band of adventurers reach the derelict city of Long Doom, where horrors roam dark alleys and ramshackle buildings. A street-wise girl guides them to the dark waters of down under. Cerridwen dives to lift powerful Egyptian jewellery meant to help her prevent war raging through Britland. The Grey Wolves, ruling gang in Long Doom, close in on the country bumpkins from Corn World while Lord Oxenfordís army marches towards the city.

Long Doom Calling (Excerpt)

Journal of Tallulah McBride

March 25, 2027

My last entry. Nothing works any more. No power, light or heat. Iím wearing layers of clothing and my darling cat died of the cold. Iím alone.

Water has flooded all the land to the church, which sits on the highest ground in Elstree. At the start of the technical breakdown, many people were transported out of London, but private cars ran out of petrol and they lie abandoned underwater all the way down the hill.

I must hurry to wrap this record of my experiences in plastic and seal it inside the golden casket. The sheik gave the box to me when he visited London with his people. A beautiful man, handsome and smart. Never mind. Itís over. The romance, and my life.

My fingers are stiff and I must finish. Iíll climb up to the bell tower with the box. Iím not looking forward to the height. Iíll hold onto the rope until I reach the top.

If this journal survives, pray for the earth. Take care of the trees. Weíve damaged the atmosphere and poisoned rivers and oceans. Too many people. Meteor showers finished off our offence against the planet. Are we doomed? Maybe we have a slim chance.