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In The Shadow Of Death
Shadow Gods Saga: Book One
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-871-0
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 269 Pages
Published: September 2011

From inside the flap

A backwater system in the Deklan Oligarchy, the Four Suns hides a sinister plot to destabilize the Serrll Combine government. An Envoy is sent to uncover the scheme before the Serrll explodes into factional warfare. Having Ďvolunteeredí as a military aide to the Envoy, Second Scout Terrllss-rr uncovers a link between slavery and local governmentís plans to cede the Four Suns. That knowledge marks him for death. Fleeing, his survival blister crashes on Anaríon, the fabled world of the Wanderer nomads. Terr is found in the deep desert, lost, without memory, without a past. To restore himself, Terr undergoes training in the Discipline. Facing the god of Death, he receives more than he bargained for.

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Reviewed by: Edward Stack

A shining light of a book, with bright writing, brilliant dialogue, compelling characterization and evocative description. It is what so much science fiction tries to be but fails. The plot is intricate and ambitious, but woven with such skill that it never even begins to unravel. Stefan Vucak wields words as effectively as the characters in the book wield their weapons, and that is with painstaking attention to detail and considerable suspense.

In the Shadow of Death is a fascinating read with a conclusion that justifies the journey. I don't need to tell you the ending because once you start reading you won't be able to stop until you discover it for yourself.

In The Shadow Of Death (Excerpt)


The little combie slued beneath her and corkscrewed into a savage right turn that pressed her into the padding of her seat. She grunted from the pressure of the restraining field and twisted her head to follow the orange beam as it flashed past. Her skin prickled and her hair tried to stand on end from the near-field effect of the beam.

Despite the loud thudding of her heart and the clamminess of her hands, she was not afraid any more. Death would be a welcome release now. She had known a flash of real terror - terror that had gripped her chest in a vice of pain that made every breath a shuddering gasp. Earlier, with the incriminating intelligence safely recorded, she had extracted herself from Kapelís executive offices as smoothly as she had come in, as her training had taught her. Waiting for the cable-tube to bring her up to the small landing ramp on the roof, she allowed herself a small smile of satisfaction. Garnerís vaunted security had been easier to penetrate than Kapelís lies. Or so she had thought.

Running out of Kapelís offices, she scrambled into the combie and waited as the power plant spooled up. The combie gently lifted, then surged into the cold night sky. Ramanís sprawl blazed with light beneath her. Above her, lines of traffic streamed in all directions. She activated the comms system and requested a voice-transmit-only link with Talia. Anonymity in her line of work was just one of the minimal requirements. As she expected, the link was made quickly. The comms plate cleared and revealed Taliaís quizzical half smile.

"Dama, Iíve got it all! I am ready to transmit."

Talia frowned and her smile faded. Her oval yellow eyes clouded with a strange, almost mocking regret. "That will no longer be necessary ... Kadreen," she said softly.

A jolt of panic ran through Kadreenís body. She stared at Taliaís image in confusion and felt the blood drain from her face. Cold dread froze her.

"How ... how did you find out?" she managed to choke out.

Talia winced. "I am sorry, my dear. I really am."

The plate turned dull gray, leaving Kadreen shaken. It had all been a plot - to catch her!

That had been less than an hour ago.

The night was crisp and the city lights behind her did not give her any comfort. Kadreen gave a rueful smile. Such was the price for playing the Family intrigues.

Another beam brushed past the combie and neatly sliced through the starboard impeller. The air suddenly smelled of ozone. Blue sparks arced at her from the curved console and the bubble frame, their touch sharp and burning. She yelped with pain and coughed from the acrid fumes that filled the cabin. Some of the nav control pads flashed brown in warning of imminent failure. The power management system flickered between green and orange-white of total shutdown. The combie flipped over on its belly and nosed down.

Kadreen knew that she had seconds at most. She glanced around, but there was no sign of her pursuer. Fighting g-forces, she hurriedly punched in the transmission code, her breath a strangled hiss of frustration. The combie shuddered beneath her and began to tumble in its dive. The comms screen acknowledged her code and waited for the command to transmit. Grimly, she jabbed the commit pad.

She felt a silent explosion and the air around her flared with light. She did not even have time to scream as the combie disintegrated around her. It all happened so slowly, like watching a scene in a Wall. Her last thought was of her message. Had it gone through? For a split second she had an image of her body being torn apart.

Glowing wreckage fell silently on the dark countryside below.