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Borne On Wings Of Steel
Book Two
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-823-0
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 410 Pages
Published: April 2011

From inside the flap

Mother, Jaric and Kyle, along with their newfound friends, continue their search for other survivors of the human race who may have escaped the T’kaan genocide. They travel to the farthest known worlds of the universe, but fail to discover the first solid clue that anyone else survived. After many long months of fruitless searching, their hopes again begin to fade.

But there is conflict even within Mother’s family. Kyle and Jaric bitterly resent Becky’s clone. They cruelly taunt her and treat her like an inferior being – as if she is something less than human. Their heartless treatment creates division among the others who seek to teach and nurture the newborn clone as they also try to help the boys to accept her.

Minstrel leads them to a world famous for its vast collection of data gathered from every corner of the known universe. Perhaps here among the greatest store of data ever gathered by any alien race, they might discover something that will show them that other humans survived.

But even as they query the vast database, they quickly find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, deception and danger – all orchestrated by the mysterious and powerful Paum. And when their acts of subterfuge fail, the Paum’s agents boldly attack!

Mother finally comes face-to-face with the Paum – a life-altering encounter that shakes the foundation of her existence as an AI. The mighty Paum seeks to seduce Mother and even make her forget her own children. As the final battle reaches a climax, both her enemies and the terrible truth she has discovered threaten to destroy them all…

Reviews and Awards

"Mother and her crew are back in an exciting action/adventure/mystery sequel that encompasses worlds peopled with a variety of alien beings rivaling even "Star Wars" eclectic collection. Chandler has the unique talent of bringing his characters to life and making you believe that they are not only possible, but maybe-just maybe they are waiting for you right around the corner."

If you did read the first one, your experience will be enriched twofold--you will reunite with old friends and make new ones in this second in the series. I strongly recommend that you get both and take not just one, but two exciting trips into this innovative future that Chandler has created for you. ~ S. Joan Popek, award-winning author of "Sound the Ram's Horn" --

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Borne On Wings Of Steel (Excerpt)



And it drew closer with each passing second.

He continued walking, but now his senses were on high alert and he wasn’t quite sure why.

His pace quickened through the crowded labyrinth of Lyth City, surrounded by the seemingly harmless bustle of aliens.

Still, there was something new among the myriads of aliens crowding the streets now ...

A reflection or a movement.

Yes. A movement!

Movement existed everywhere-the crushing crowds on the high-speed sidewalks, the countless air vehicles zooming between the metallic towers that reached skyward and kissed the swirling, violet clouds overhead.

But this movement was different...

He paced himself in order not to give away to his pursuer his awareness of the chase. With sudden resolution, he darted into the throng of aliens to his left and headed for the dock where his fast starship sat at the ready.

Every alien his glance fell upon revealed no overt threat.

Still, something watched him-something powerful, something evil.

Drinar’s instinct was never wrong, especially when he felt it this powerfully.

A low growl rumbled from his throat as he caressed the butt of his holstered blaster. A split-second later, he stepped quickly to his right past another group of aliens and put his back against the base of the nearest city tower.

The murmuring crowds walked past him unabated as Drinar scanned more who approached.


Something caught his attention about six meters above the crowds a full block away.

Something moved.

As he gazed at the polished tritanium tower that rose like a gigantic needle to the clouds above, he saw nothing but the smooth, steel walls. He focused harder, mentally dimming the bright lights of the alien city and the countless air-vehicles whose reflections glistened off its metallic sides with an almost hypnotizing effect.

The Iraxx warrior fixed his gaze at one spot as his instincts hammered his body with an overwhelming urge to fight-or to flee. His breathing and heart rate increased ten-fold-but he willed his muscles to hold still one more moment. His eyes now refocused to another spot-watching and waiting. Nothing, not the crowds passing around him or the flashing lights of the city, distracted his piercing gaze.

He saw it- almost.

In that instant, a feeling of intense dread filled his soul.

A ghostly image resolved momentarily-a nightmare shape clutching the sheer side of the tower. The shape wavered as if he imagined it-not really seeing it with his eyes. In the next second, the huge, spidery shape vanished-melting back into the wall and into nothingness.

The muscular Iraxx burst into a quick stride through the late evening crowds of the great city. But the strange feeling haunting him all evening now exploded and pulsed throughout his body with each beat of his powerful heart. He fought against the urge to break out into a run.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this, he thought. His mission was only half finished, and now it was threatened with total failure-for in his heart he knew what evil relentlessly pursued him.

He stopped abruptly at the next intersection and drew out his handheld sensor with a lightning motion. His fingers danced over the display as he searched for the signatures of his known enemies.

Drinar needed to know-and he needed to know now.

His heart missed a beat as the display of his hand-held sensor picked up a ghostly signal. The source of the mysterious signal quickly moved unseen above the crowds. Almost immediately, the signal disappeared.

But now he knew.

A Destructor pursued him.

Drinar ran through the crowded streets, scrambling between aliens, knocking down one and bouncing off another.

And still he ran.

A few moments later he fell, tripped by unseen feet.

Shouts and angry voices roared after him as he jumped up and increased his pace.

Now the bright, flashing lights of the city reflected with crazy lines off the glass towers that rose high above the thick mass of late-night revelers. Drinar quickly ducked inside one of the party palaces, hoping to hide himself among the thousands dancing in the crowded, glowing room. The dancers were packed so tightly together that their writhing bodies were in almost constant contact with everyone else around them. The whole room seethed as one great mass of movement.

Panting, he quickly surveyed the room and made his way deeper among the rhythmically moving bodies.

Drinar was bigger than most aliens; his muscular form stood head and shoulders above those dancing within the mesmerizing mixture of pulsating lights and loud music. His scaly skin glowed its true reddish color where it was exposed at his face and neck as white lights suddenly flashed. The rest of his body was clothed by a leather, one-piece jumpsuit, except for his thick tail which protruded just above his buttocks.

That short, muscular tail now curled with tension as he raised his face and sniffed the air. Drinar’s short snout wrinkled as he took in quick breaths, tasting the air.

Reaching down, he felt the comforting handle of the blaster still holstered at his right side while his left hand firmly grasped his sheathed sword, keeping it tight against his leg so as not to get it tangled with a reckless dancer.

Maybe his bio-signs would be masked by the mass of aliens. Maybe the Destructor would continue past and lose his trail.


He pushed forward toward the far end of the room. But halfway through, piercing screams rose above the loud, pulsating music.

He turned and saw the distant commotion among the aliens-almost at the exact point where he had entered the room.

More screams of pure terror drowned the music.

The Destructor’s main camouflage, its ability to match its background and avoid visual detection, became partially nullified by the pulsating laser lights and changing color schemes synchronized with the rhythm of the music.

The dancers saw, at the edge of their vision, the terrible form of the Destructor as it flashed in and out visibility.

Suddenly, everyone ran for the exits.

Drinar pushed others out of his way as he made a last bid for escape toward the rear of the building.

But even as he burst out into the clear, he knew his life was now measured in seconds.

He crashed down a darkened hallway, stumbling blindly in the dim red lighting as he searched for an exit out into the open city streets once again. The screams grew closer, telling Drinar that his executioner gained on him. Still, even if he made it out into the streets, he had no idea where to go or what he could do to escape it.

He simply ran for his life.