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The Wolves Of Androcolus
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-812-5
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 126 Pages
Published: March 2011

From inside the flap

“If you hear them coming, run. Just run.”

Robyn Meacher lives at the Highfields Foster Home until she is fostered by Edward Durant, an enigmatic stranger about whom she knows nothing. Robyn is troubled by the manner in which Mr. Durant is able to walk into the foster home and take a child, and by the mesmeric power he wields over the repulsive manager, Mrs. Alfrey. But for the miserable, neglected Robyn, a recovering drug addict who fell in with the wrong crowd, Mr. Durant is her only means of escape from both Highfields and Mrs. Alfrey—and so Robyn takes a chance with her new foster father.

Robyn also has problems at school, where she is a vilified outcast because of her drug problem—and although she is now clean of the drugs, she is still subject to the terrible cravings whenever she is angry or upset.

Robyn soon discovers that Mr. Durant holds many secrets besides his mesmeric power, such as his unfamiliarity with modern technology, and his unexplained overnight absences that cover three nights every month. And who is the strange man whom she frequently glimpses watching her and Mr. Durant? Is he a friend, or a foe?

Robyn knows that she is in the middle of something strange and sinister, but what? Who can the outcast turn to in a moment of need? Can she trust her new, timid friend from school, Patrick? Will he believe her strange tales of Mr. Durant’s disturbing, puzzling, behavior? Can she trust Mr. Durant himself? Whose side is he on? Why does he seem determined to keep his distance from Robyn and the rest of the world?

Events beyond Robyn’s control are already moving, for the Wolves of Androcolus have set their terrifying plan in motion—a plan that centers around the lonely, unloved Robyn, and that puts her in mortal danger.

The Wolves Of Androcolus (Excerpt)


The moon was high and full but it was nearly impossible to see anything because of the heavy layer of thick storm clouds that rushed through the night sky, pushed along by the powerful, shrieking wind. The cold moonlight that did manage to break through the clouds lanced down in shifting, disturbing shapes, twisted by the oncoming storm.

The light briefly illuminated a large building standing isolated against a large area of heath and woodland. The building was of a dull box-like design, neat and well maintained but lacking in imagination, and the lawns and plant borders were similarly neat and dull. Leading up the house was a long drive, at the bottom of which was a sign that read Highfields Foster Home. The foster home looked bleak and institutional even in broad daylight. In the dark it looked as though all the hope had long since gone from the building.

The bushes around the foster home trembled as several large shapes pushed their way through into the open. They moved close to the ground on four powerful legs and an unexpected flash of moonlight revealed the long gray hair, the large, pointed ears, the white fangs and the yellow, inhuman eyes of the wolf pack.

They arrived like gray mist at the bottom of the foster home and someone with very keen hearing may have heard a growl, a rumble, or a low snarl. But even the best human ear wouldn’t have heard most of the noises the dark creatures made; the sounds were far too high to be heard except by other animals. Somewhere, about half a mile away in a back garden, a dog started to bark frantically and fearfully.

The wolves moved around the building until they were under a particular window. At an unspoken command one of the creatures changed. Pale skin flashed in the dark night as the fur disappeared; the long snout retracted to a human face and the forelegs stretched and developed into powerful arms and hands until a figure of a man stood naked in the moonlight.

It climbed the building with unbelievable speed, finding handholds in the narrowest of gaps and crevices until it was outside the window where it paused and stared into the room. It seemed satisfied with what it saw and dropped back to the ground. Instantly the human shape was gone, transformed back into a wolf. Again there was the faint hint of a growl or a snarl, as though something were being confirmed or concluded. Then the wolf pack turned and ran back toward the thick bushes that separated the building from the open heath and forest.

Before they could reach the bushes a man appeared, a torch in his hand, having just walked up the drive. His dark uniform and cap identified him as a security guard doing his nightly rounds of the building, ensuring all was safe and quiet. He didn’t have a chance to scream at the sudden glint of sharp white fangs that leaped at him from the darkness. With a sickening crack the guard fell, his head severed cleanly from the body. The pack sped on, taking the head and torso away with them as they ran through the bushes and into the dark forest.

The moon came out again from behind the clouds and fell on the window that the gray wolves had been interested in. The light picked out the figure of a sleeping girl who mumbled and turned restlessly, caught in the half world of sleep in which vague fears and noises filtered through her closed eyes and imprinted themselves on her uneasily slumbering mind. Finally she slept, unaware of the storm that was drawing nearer, or the events that surrounded her.