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Time for Lovers
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-798-6
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
eBook Length: 138 Pages
Published: January 2011

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Dan Carlyle becomes the world’s first time traveler as he is sent on short junkets back in time by Dr. Simpson. Dan travels through both time and distance and visits a number of exotic locations, regularly meeting up with a very seductive blonde time traveler named Crystal. There is a persistent problem, however. He is unable to remember any details of his adventures. This problem persists.

Ellie, Dan’s ex-girlfriend, ended their relationship when she became involved with a pro-athlete. Dan is not quite ready for a new romance, but the blonde time traveler is hot for his body as is a brunette who comes on to him in Dan’s own time. There are reasons for him to distrust their motives, although their beauty does not go unnoticed. He becomes aware of being surrounded by danger, and he learns of espionage, deception, and a threat to Ellie’s life. Dan does not know who to trust.

Time for Lovers (Excerpt)