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The Color Of Silence
Book Two
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-794-3
Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Adventure
eBook Length: 140 Pages
Published: December 2010

From inside the flap

Twenty years after the first nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb detonates above the North American continent, a passionate hunger for marriageable partners grips the younger generation of the Decker Ranch. Decker Ranch has taken in so many vagabonds that the crush of residents spawns a new craze for its marriageable young people. They hook up in odd places in their desperate search for what lust offers them. They invest time, devotion, patience and caring in order to find that special person they can hold for a lifetime.

Outlaws roam the land stealing livestock, women, wagon trains, and ranch complexes. The Decker horse herd is rustled during the fall migration along with the women of the cart supply train. A rescue mission is attempted. Will it be successful? Will the lusty young men seeking brides find sexy women able to give them what they need?

The Color Of Silence (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Garth Decker hangs back at the edge of a timbered slope while he watches seven riders with their backs to him. They are casing the home ranch complex through binoculars. Riders who don't go directly to a ranch house and hail the inhabitance are surely up to no good. Garth lifts his own long glass so he can study the drifters while they are facing away from him.

The strangers' pack string consists of seven horses and three pack mules. Every animal appears to be near exhaustion. Among the riders are two women. All the drifters are dressed in batwing chaps and a substantial coat. They all wear well-blocked, wide brimmed, western style felt hats. Without exception, all their hats are white.

Every rider has a summer-weight bedroll tied across the rear housing of his saddle. They are all armed. Every horse has a saddle gun mounted stock forward beneath the right stirrup fender. All the saddles appear new. They are without the degree of wear a range rider's gear would exhibit. There are no decorative metal adornments anywhere on their tack leather. The only decorative conches are the ones holding useful leather ties.

The horses appear to be well used but are all sound quarter horse stock. Outlaws rarely have horses as good as these. Also, there would never be women riding with an outlaw band equipped with the sort of gear these women have. These two are dressed like one of the boys. Outlaws would have women with them only for sexual purposes. Their whores would be young and improperly dressed for the trail. Once a bandit gang's women have served their specific purpose, they are generally discarded somewhere along the trail.

These women are dressed as men. They blend into the party because they are meant to blend with their traveling companions. Somebody knew how to protect the women with whom they are traveling.

There is something familiar about the man standing in the stirrups using the binoculars. Finally Garth decides that the man is Jiffy Ward, his father's friend from the hardware store in Waynesboro. The other riders must be his family. This is another band of souls fleeing a dying city.

Before he rides out to hail the group, Garth decides to watch for a while longer. There is a certain familiarity between the man and woman leading the group. The familiarity speaks of marriage. They constantly pass the binoculars back and forth. If this is in fact Jiffy Ward and his family, then they will be a welcome addition to the ranch population. Every pair of hands on a ranch has a specific purpose, because tending a ranch that is no longer mechanized is labor intensive.

When he is certain that he is looking at the Ward family, Garth spurs his grulla stud so he can move to intercept the cluster of riders. He approaches them at a comfortable gait, so he does not startle the members of the party who have their rifles drawn. While he moves, he decides that his stud horse will welcome seven new mares to his service.

As he approaches, all the riders turn to look at him. Several turn their horses so that they can bring their weapons to bear on the approaching rider.

"Is that you, Mr. Ward?" Garth hails.

"Garth, isn't it?" Ward speculates.

"Right," Garth answers. "What brings you this far afield?"

All the riders lower their rifles.

As Garth nears the Ward family Jiffy explains, "Waynesboro has turned into a cesspool. We had to get our family out of there while we could still escape with our lives. Your dad invited us to come and live here a long time ago, but I didn't think things would get as bad as they have in town. That's why we stayed put until we couldn't bear the lack of food and the gangs any longer. I thought we had better try to find your place before things caved in on us completely. A local street gang was beginning to notice my girl, so we saddled up and headed for your place."

"Welcome to Decker Ranch," Garth offers. "We can use every pair of willing hands we can find. Next week we have to move the horse herd south for the winter, so you're just in time to help with that."

"I afraid we don't know much about tending livestock," Jiffy announces.

"You'll learn in a hurry," Garth offers. "Since you've already ridden eighty miles, we won't have to teach you how to ride."

"We rode a lot further than that," Jiffy responds. "We came here in a grossly roundabout fashion because I didn't know exactly where your ranch was. I'd never been here before."

"Your horses are about done in," Garth observes. "Some oats should bring them back to where they need to be. What did you bring on your pack mules?"

"The same sort of stuff Sheldon bought from me nearly twenty years ago. Is your dad still around?"

"Around and as ornery as ever," Garth responds. "He and Mom won't be going to St. George this year. Some of us will be leaving next week for grazing land in Utah where the snow won't be as deep as it will be here. The trip seems longer every year."

Garth looks at the Ward girl and his heart skips a beat. She looks exactly the way his wife had looked when he first found her. The resemblance is magical. He can feel his manhood begin to thicken. Riding with a hard-on has always aggravated him. Giselle will be in for a hard ride of her own as soon as he gets home. He smiles as he thinks about how he'll pleasure her. She'll have to wear the gag to keep from alerting the other women to her plight.

Every rider turns his horse toward the ranch buildings and brings it to a walk. It seems as though a faster pace might kill one of the animals.

"Let's get down and lead the horses," Garth suggests. "They need a rest. As soon as they sense that we're near the ranch, their ears will perk up. We can then ride them to food and water." After doing that, he speaks again. "We'll walk past that gentle rolling hill with the cemetery on top," he offers as he glances at the young woman once again. She is studying him.

Damn her, she has the same pillowy lips Giselle has. Her lips immediately fire his imagination. The young woman walking beside him undoubtedly has a cherry mouth. She looks too innocent ever to have known a man sexually. The thought of all the naughty acts she will eventually learn from some young man gives him a shiver. Teaching Giselle naughtiness had been the thrill of a lifetime.

He imagines the surprise of this one when some man offers his cock to her mouth. She might flinch at first, but then she will get busy because this one will never know spinsterhood. By her appearance Garth imagines that she will enjoy wolfing a cock the same way Giselle did. Some young fellow will be lucky to find this one. A mouth like hers was created for sex.

Why is she affecting him the way she does? That's easy, he decides. It's because he's been away from home for four days. He'll have to watch himself so that he's never alone with this one. She is entirely too tempting. From the looks of her, she is a woman who will aggressively pursue any man she is interested in having for even a one-night stand. He imagines her on her honeymoon in a skirt with two thigh-high slits up the side.

He observes that there are no chicken cutlets underneath that blouse. Her chest projects her coat in an interesting fashion. He imagines how she would look in a jersey dress. How enjoyable it would be to teach her all the naughty things she will need to know to satisfy her man.

Given that Garth is the sex hog he is, delectable young women have always affected him this way. When he finally married, he restricted his inclinations to his wife, but he still had secret desires that he found hard to control. His wife attends to every one of his barely controllable urges. Because he is in such magnificent physical condition, his body secretes a significant quantity of testosterone. That fact creates a nearly constant erection for him.

He imagines how this girl's young virginal pussy would feel if he were the one to place her in traction for the first time. He envisions undoing her bra and having those vibrant young breasts fall into his hands.

She has the wide-eyed look of a woman who will scream her heart out every time she takes the bone. She will react vocally the same way Giselle will in about another hour when he puts the rod to his wife. It's wonderful to have a woman who is perhaps even more sexually explosive than her husband. From what he has heard, he has decided that few women are that way. He long ago decided that he was incredibly lucky when he cut Giselle out of the pack for himself.

The young woman now moves to walk beside him. Her presence makes his nose flare the way his stallion's does when he scents a mare in season. The young Ward woman looks at him as though she knows what he is thinking. She smiles as though she relishes the idea of having sex out here in the grassland. If nobody else was around, she'd willingly enter into a junk relationship for the excitement it would create in her.

"What do you do at the ranch?" she asks innocently.

I fuck my wife every time I see a woman who looks like you. You are a walking aphrodisiac, he decides.

"I run the ranch," he murmurs, "which means that I do everything that needs doing. This time of year I mostly hunt buffalo, deer, and elk to help feed all the hungry mouths that graze at our table. Your family has just increased my workload by seven mouths."

"Sorry," she offers. "Can I go hunting with you sometime?"

Never, he thinks to himself .

"I always hunt alone," he quickly murmurs. "I wouldn't be successful with you along."

"I've always wanted to go hunting," the young woman says, "but neither dad nor my brothers are hunters. All I've ever done is domestic stuff which I dearly hate. I wish I were a man. If I were a man, I'd be a hunter."

Without realizing it young woman, you are a hunter, Garth silently observes. You are a hunter of men and you will break a lot of hearts before you grow old like the rest of us.

"What's your name, darlin'?"

"Annette," the young beauty answers as she extends a hand to shake his as a man would. Garth wants to drool on her fingers, but he manages to control himself.

"You already know my name," he mutters while he is still wearing the thin mask of sanity. He releases her hand with its beautiful long fingers. He notices that her nails are short but perfect. Those hands won't be that way for long when she begins doing kitchen work. Processing food for the table and tanning hides will roughen that magnificent skin.

The group rounds the end of the hill, and all the horses' ears go up.

"We can mount now," Garth drawls.

Everybody climbs back into his saddle for the short ride to the corral. When Annette has difficulty getting back aboard her tall mare, Garth grips her waist beneath the coat to help her up. Touching her in that manner further expands his erection. His cock nearly rips through his jeans when he encounters her body heat beneath the coat. She has one of those almost skeletal figures with the sort of bust line that men drool over. Her pubic bone is very prominent through her denims. Her legs are long and slender. Her butt looks the way every woman wants hers to look.

At the moment his hands contact her, he realizes what a hot, free-spirited young woman this one must be. Garth shivers when he realizes that she is as innocent as Giselle had been when he first encountered her.

Giselle had seduced him at the hot spring, the same way this one will seduce her man, given the opportunity. He remembers how she had captivated him by slowly undressing and showing him her naked body over his urgent protests. His objections hadn't lasted past the sight of her breasts free of restraint.

The horses quicken their pace as they near the corral. An armed ranch hand opens the long swing gate so they can enter. Every animal heads immediately for the watering trough, where they all stand side by side as they suck up the life-sustaining nectar.

Garth enters the feed barn, where he takes up a stack of eight feeding pans. He sets them atop a workbench where he dumps a measure of oats into each container. When he and the others carry the pans into the corral, the animals turn from drinking to attacking the grain. Some gulp theirs and then try for more from their adjacent companion. There are snorts and pushing as a pecking order is established.

Annette says, "I can hardly wait to meet your wife. I'll bet she's pretty."

"You have an eye for detail," Garth mumbles as he watches Giselle thread her way through the gathering to where he stands watching his studhorse daintily eat his oats. The arrival of new people at the ranch provides entertainment for everyone. As she always does, Giselle immediately detects his sexual need.

She smiles when she thinks that he's been gone four days, so he'll be primed to make her suffer on their mattress or against a wall, or doggy style over the foot rail of their four-poster bed. Their bedroom will be a wild and crazy place as soon as they can get there. He'll ride her hard and put her away wet. They will be on the same attitude frequency when he is doing her.

Giselle gives him a cheery, "Hello," before taking his hand and leading him toward the main ranch house. He hands the reins of his horse to one of the ranch hands. That allows her to lead him away as though he is her captive. Her destination will be the king-sized bed in their second story bedroom. That's where she will grind the edge off of her very tall, very handsome, very special sexual predator.

His eyes convey sexual excitement in a way that must be noticeable to everyone. As they walk, she visualizes what he will do to her. He will give her a very intense hosing, and she will love every second of the way it happens. Her body temperature increases as she considers how his very erect cock is being restrained by its codpiece.

She had turned to sewing the codpieces when the last of his underwear had failed. Homemade boxer shorts didn't help his problem because they are not restraining enough. Instead of having him tenting every seven minutes of every day, she began sewing him the ancient male restraining device. She worked late at night so the other women would not know what she was sewing. No other wife needed a codpiece to restrain her man's cock. There was nobody she trusted enough to share the knowledge with, so she spoke to no one about her husband's individual problem. A sack session with him is a wild, runaway orgasmic act.

They climb the stairs. When the bedroom door is in sight, she turns brazen. "What manner of woman has done this to you?"

"The Ward girl looks exactly the way you did the first time I saw you."

"Do you mean she stripped herself naked the instant you saw her, the way I did?"

"No, it wasn't that easy. Her body contours remind me of the way you looked, all those years ago. You are still mind blowing hot to me every time I see you."

"Only because you know what lies beneath my clothing," she whispers in a low sexual voice. Her hand moves down to grip him through his pants.

From there, Giselle's memory goes to work. "And so you wanted to fuck her out there on the prairie, but couldn't. You poor soul! I'll take care of that for you," Giselle murmurs as she gently squeezes the thick ridge extending down the inside of his right thigh.

As he closes the door behind them she coos, "You were never very good at hiding your sexual desires, dear one. I could always pick up on the micro-intensity of a nine-inch cock needing attention."

While she talks, she turns and slowly drops to her knees. Next she undoes his belt followed by the four buttons of his fly. She unties the lacing from his belt and slips the cloth tube further down his leg. When she has him free of confinement, she murmurs, "You poor soul, the thought of me really did a number on you. Now let me see what I can do about your dramatically advanced condition."

"I'm so hot from thinking about this that I can barely breathe," Garth whimpers.

"There, there," Giselle croons, "it'll all be better in just a few minutes. When you feel the heat of my mouth you'll forget about everything but what I'm doing for you. Do you remember the first time I did this at the spring? Do you remember how naive I was? I'd never seen a man's cock before. Yours has been the first and only since that day. You've been such a wonderful lover that I've never even been secretly curious about what another male member might look like. You are as much man as I could ever hope to cover."

With that final comment she draws the outsized head into her mouth. She feels his body stiffen as he sustains the sensation of wet heat as her mouth surrounds him. He stands gripping his own thighs as he begins slowly to pump into her. He knocks her head back with each stroke. Later when the ejaculation sorcerer begins reporting the anguish of a fast-arriving personal pleasure, he will hold her head while he rams his dick forcefully into her. She will be whimpering with every stroke.

While she attends him orally, she is busy unfastening her blouse. She wears no bra, so once the garment is removed, she is topless. In her haste to provide him more grievous pleasure, she flings the shirtwaist behind her. She is enraptured by the animal heat he exudes as she pleasures him.

While she enjoys the rhythm, she becomes aware of the first whisper of her own orgasm as it begins welling up inside her. When Garth's ejaculation arrives, she will also come. Knowing that she will also find pleasure when his nirvana arrives is stimulating for her.

She knows every intimate technique that will move him closer to unloading into her. She also knows what she will do to prolong his pleasure. Because of the warm, wet friction of her mouth, she must tread with caution least she bring him off too quickly.

She knows that the other women living in the big ranch house have heard her screaming her pleasure when Garth's magnificent dick rams into her. She also knows that she no longer cares if they hear. The man is such a stud! Why should she muffle her sounds when he fucks her? The feeling of him when he is in her causes her to offer up an aural recap with each of his strokes - either in or out. As her responses intensify, her wails of pleasure grow in volume. Before he slides his thick offering up between her legs, she will quickly install her gag.

When he is fucking her face, the gratification she absorbs from being with him reveals all of her human foibles and frailties. The imperial nature of being with such a stud has taught her to screw without caution. She knows that some of the other women are jealous of the sex life she leads with the man who will eventually become the leader of the ranch clan.

She saw some of them whispering to each other at the corral as she led him away to meet his reward in the house. They all knew why she was leading him away. They knew that she was taking him to the house so she and her man could do the deed.

Some of them would find a reason to walk past the upstairs door so they could listen to her suffer while he was putting the cock to her. It wasn't really suffering; it was simply pleasure so euphoric it made her sound as if she were suffering.

All of them would have sounded the same way if their man fed them such an incredible dick as the one she was required to cover. She knew that they all wondered why she produced such lurid sounds when he was at her.

It didn't take a lot of imagination to solve the riddle of the inhumane sounds originating from behind the second story master bedroom door. Minor flesh wounds were being created that would hopefully heal overnight. Once she was used to being placed in traction by his big boy, she learned to love the dicking he gave her.

In the morning he would skillfully acknowledge her attentions through the same gag while she serviced his morning wood. The only difference in their sounds would be that one set of screams was of a deeper timbre than the others. There was a distinctive tone involved when he was at her, because her acknowledgements were delivered by a quality singing voice.

Garth is never unpredictable. His sexual requirements are as resolute as the stallion he rides. Every time he sees his wife, he wants her. He may be even more sexual than he was when they first married, because now he knows what lies beneath her skirt. They have developed individual requirements that they each want when they make love. He wants her either naked or topless. She wants him standing with his pants on and his cock in her mouth for their first event. There is never a time when he merely lifts her skirt and has his way with her.

Every instance of sexual conquest must involve fellatio. She has seen to that, because she understands how much cocksucking has improved their love life. Without fellatio, sex would probably be boring. And so as the years have passed, she has become even more desirous of giving and receiving oral pleasure than she was in the beginning.

She had always enjoyed doing him that way, but now she craves performing the act. Now she fellates him without being asked. She has become the aggressor for all things oral.

When they were alone, she would stimulate his cock for him even before he indicated he wanted her to touch him. The preferred sexual attitude is when she performs for him during the day for no apparent reason except that she wants to give him pleasure.

Every time she engages in fellatio with his eager beast, she finds rapture in the ultimately safe terror of being in love with her man. A man's love always burns brightest when he desires to be pleasured. Garth has insisted that her blowing him has kept him young. His coital attentions have also kept her young. She is so lust filled every time they make love, she can't wait to be with him again so she can feel her climax building.

While he strokes into her lovely mouth, she can watch him as he begins to listen to his ejaculation wizard when it starts calling out to him. There will come a time when she can expend him merely by speeding up her deft oral touch while he protests the speed of her accomplishment. He has grown to want it slow instead of fast. The addition of speed to their embrace impacts him to the point of temporarily paralysis. It is as though he has temporarily lost brain function.

When the situation is reversed and he is performing cunnilingus, his tongue will torment her until she is delirious with need. When she enters orgasm, he will put the cock to her while she is in mid-surge of a cunnilingus-induced orgasm.

She will have no defense when he wants to fuck her. He will put the dick to her with him on top. When his cock is fully seated in her, he will then move her legs so that they are between his. She must then hold them together while he moves forward so his big thick cock is snuggled up against the top of her vaginal crease. When he has established the proper ingress he will slowly begin to fuck her. While in the strategic new position, her clit will ride the top of his cock-shaft during every movement.

She will already be in orgasm from cunnilingus when he enters her. Her sexual excitement will renew when he is firmly seated in her and then continue uninterrupted. The cunnilingus-induced climax will be sustained until it overpowers her. During the time he is either at her or in her, she will emit the sounds of near insanity. The sounds will continue full force because she can't stop coming. She will scream his name through the gag while he pumps into her with her lovely legs held firmly together by his legs.

When he is near ejaculation he will offer his cock to her mouth. After she blows him, he will kiss her cum-ladened mouth. Then he will lift her up and stand her on the carpeted floor facing the foot-rail of the bed. While she stands there, he will bend her forward over the foot-rail and tie her arms so that she is spread-eagled along the rail. Her breasts will hang free on the outside of the railing, so he can play with them while she stands there so completely aroused that she can barely hold herself upright on her lovely legs.

Bondage in this position will turn her delirious. He favors listening to her when she is the most vocal, which means her arms must be tied along the bed rail. With her tied so that he can do her doggy style, he will begin to wedge his well-buttered willful beast up into her warm, wet, swollen pussy. Her back will be horizontal to the floor, with her legs acting as a bipod to facilitate sexual stimulation. She will have to lift one leg to help him enter.

Her time to be mounted always comes as soon as she has finished devouring him. After he has pumped into her face, her time to be eaten and then fucked will identify themselves by her vocal lust level. Her whimpers act as an aphrodisiac for them both.

The thought of how it will be heightens her desire to achieve orgasm. The more she listens to him while he is in euphoria, the more it turns her on. He is vibrating like a tuning fork when she turns her head to counsel him on his eagerness.

A well-placed mirror will allow her to watch his tormented face above her graceful back. Later, during their time in the bedroom, when he has fucked her into oblivion while tied to the foot rail, he will release her. He will sit her on the edge of the mattress while he kneels at his feet. They will quaff wine together while they murmur love nothings to each other.

After a suitable wait he will stand. That is when she will go back down on him. That will be the time when she deepthroats his incredible piston. She will devour him mercilessly. Toward the end, as euphoria begins to overcome him, he will grip her head as he thrusts all the way into her to deliver his fast-arriving cumshot.

She will give a cough to pass the flared head beyond her uvula into her throat. When he is all the way in, she will use both hands to grip his butt so that she can pull him more firmly against her face. That's when she will begin to swallow him off. Her throat will jack him to conclusion. She will have to take him deeply several times before he finally unloads into her because he can only remain deep for a short time. She cannot breathe when he is all the way into her throat.

By now, they have performed this orgy so many times that all the reactions have become endless iterations. Nothing about their sex life has become boring. When they first met, they quickly journeyed beyond the initial flush of attraction. The velvet times now result from pleasuring their partner, not themselves.

While he fucks her, she will provide the distinctive sounds of suffering for him to hear the same way he will for her later. Her articulations will increase in volume while he hoses her tight little snatch or throat.

Even after all these years, taking his monster all the way into her the way she must, still seems as impressive as it did the first time. Oral sex still drives them both wild. The nirvana generated is so hot it has kept all their passions alive. She has become so stunningly effective at deepthroating him it makes her want to teach another woman how to take a long dick all the way to its root.

Of course, there is nobody she is close enough to who will allow her to approach another woman. She has nobody to whom she can teach the technique. If she had a daughter, she would have taught her how to deepthroat, but she doesn't. Instead, Giselle concentrates on the simple pleasures of administering to her lover at every opportunity.

The wet heat of deepthroat still so completely ignites him that she doesn't have to do anything but that to totally satisfy him. Her problem is that she wants it all. There is always a passionate kiss at mid-intercourse and also at mid-blowjob. He is forever lifting up from eating her juicy little box to give her a taste of her own snatch.

Every day she considers the intimacy that will occur when he comes riding home with his cock so erect that it needs immediate attention. He has told her that she is a trophy wife in every way.

While she gives him the stand-up blowjob and he is panting, he whimpers, "I've wanted you to do this since thirty seconds after I left home four days ago. You have so occupied my thoughts while I was on patrol that it was dangerous for me to be there. You are a dark sultry sorceress. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

She senses that he needs an immediate ejaculation without further torment, so she processes him accordingly. Her sexual utterances still arouse him even after all their years of loving each other.

When he fucks her, he wants her vocal and completely naked so that he can witness all of her sexual appetites, not just her pretty face.

She allows him three more deepthroat adventures before the final act. During those, he assumes maximum hardness while her vagina blooms internally. There has been no pretend during any of their sexual events. She considers that her first obligation is to remember what happened the last time they made love. This time is to be a continuation of their last adventure. Her last act before he departed to ride the ranch was a stand-up in this exact location.

When she feels him begin to swell, she mutters, " Oh, honey," with his cock in her mouth. The sound of her being descriptive brings him the deep excitement his package desires. As he blasts into her, he screams her name.

She smiles as she absorbs his volcano blast. The power of his ejaculation knocks her head back. She acts as though nothing has happened by continuing to stroke him off. Semen streams down her chin onto her neck while she tortures him well beyond the romantic glow of his several smaller eruptions.

When she withdraws him he is still massively erect. Now she will attend his ponderous erection vaginally again until he has satisfied her countless times. Because he remains so aroused, he will fuck her until she feels injured. Those final terminal screams will be the ones the other women will envy.