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Lone Huntress
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-710-2
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 169 Pages
Published: December 2010

From inside the flap

In the distant but not too unforeseeable future, humanity has colonized the stars. The Federation exists as a defense against the true tyranny of alien oppressors by the safeguarding of civil liberties and the championing of freedom for security. But with freedom comes dangers and uncertainties, as some seek to abuse their freedom and oppress others in turn.

Originally hailing from the planet Gaia, whose hunter-gatherer natives claim descent from twenty-first century environmentalists and nature lovers, Lisa Huntress was literally born and raised to the profession she claims as her surname. Her skills at tracking prey, be it in an alien jungle or in a high-tech urban landscape, even in the endless void of space, are unmatched. Her specialized ordnance strikes terror into the hearts of pirates and the dreaded Fey alike.

But her cutting-edge armor and her powerful musculature hide a shattered heart mourning over the loss of those she has loved. Behind those predatory eyes gleams the will of a young woman longing for love and companionship. Be it with a telepathic con artist fleeing a wealthy victim, a brilliant beauty from the fabled Planet of Ten Thousand Universities, or a therapist whose heart aches for his client, Lisa cannot help but yearn for what she lost to the deadly arsenal of the Fallen Angels.

But through it all, Lisa remains courageous and professional. No matter what the job calls for, she can get it done. Need someone to track down terrorists seeking to win a gender war that no one else cares even to fight? Are the Fey plotting another conspiracy by playing games with the hearts of the powerful and influential? Has a BEM worldship carrying a colony of the spacefaring vermin slammed into your world and unleashed nonsentient monstrosities eager to ravish your planet of natural resources in a mindless and unending quest to consume, reproduce, and expand?

Just check out the Huntress’ website for contact information. FIA approved for handling assignments rated as critical, she’ll take down the bad guys, rescue the hostages, and track down the answers to the puzzles. Creative financing is available for those of diminished means or those with contracts on space pirates.

Lone Huntress (Excerpt)

Book I: Lone Huntress

The multimeter’s LED screen flickered with ever-changing statistics as the sensitive probes connected with delicate circuitry. As the top-of-the-line device detected abnormalities in its mechanical patient, hand tools were applied, cleaning, replacing, restoring. And in so doing, the tools transformed the merely functional into the truly exceptional. At last the probes were withdrawn, the tools put away, and the cover plate reinserted. I took a moment to admire the magnificent weapon’s streamlined form, and its promise of swift justice. My lips curved in a slight smile of appreciation. Only when the smile had faded did I finally remove my right hand and snap the gun into its place.

Being a cyborg has its advantages. But…sometimes, the price seems a little high.

I rose from the workbench in my armory where I kept my tools, not to mention all the tools that kept those tools functioning. My guns. My missiles. My armor. Oh, my armor. My lovely, lonely suit of armor. My refuge, against all that would hurt me. Few have ever seen me without it.

I paid a high price for the armor, too.

I took a moment to pay my respects to that gleaming carapace…to trace one finger along the contours of the suit. My fleshly hand caressed the rounded, almost organic curves of the surface so cool to the touch. The shining metallic surface glistened in the light of the ship’s overhead illumination, and every imperfection in its surface stood out in stark relief. There were discolorations caused by the stain of chemicals needing a planetary repair facility to extract them completely, scratch marks from substances hard enough to mar even the alloyed surface. Each scar told a story-a tale of death and life. My finger traced over them on its journey towards the button that opened the suit and raised its visored helm and bulky breastplate. At last I climbed in, relishing the smell of sweat, excitement, and fear-a smell soaked in too deeply ever to be washed clean-and the feeling of being surrounded by the metal, plastic, and energy. The feeling of being wrapped in the protective embrace of a cherished friend, one who had never let me down, and never would.

Once my suit finished the automated warm-up sequence that confirmed its transformation from massive decoration to high-tech weapon of mass destruction, I made my way down to the area of my ship designated as a holding pen. Although I usually preferred my prey killed rather than captured, the bounty on this one was just too good to pass up. I passed through the portal to the bare room, its center dominated by a single cage bought just for the purpose-one of bars of hard, cold metal, almost clichéd in its classic design. I was amazed that the store had had it in stock when I requested one, but in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have been. But then again, I wasn’t exactly used to any activities involving whips, chains, and black leather and plastic attire.

My prey huddled in the metal cage, his slim yet well-muscled arms and legs shackled to the center. Just enough chain to give him the freedom to stretch his limbs. Not enough to let him so much as touch the bars of his cage. I wasn’t about to take any chances with this scum.

Call me paranoid.

He glanced up as I entered the pen, and his teeth shone in a dazzling smile. His eyes danced with delight at my approach. Every inch of him screamed delight at my presence. Jerk.

"Feeding time, scum," I told him, as I tossed him a couple of ration bars through the cage, along with a liter squeeze packet of water. Having caught the water deftly with slim, dexterous fingers, despite his chains, he raised his drink in a toast. "Thank you, fair lady," he said, with the voice of a dear friend, a lover, a father...

I raised my gun. "Knock it off," I told him. His smile froze momentarily in that sculpted face, eyes focusing on the business end of my weapon. Finally he smiled again, somewhat less sunnily, and gave me a respectful nod as his good vibes toned down a notch.

"You’ll forgive me if I maintain a LITTLE charm…" He cocked one eyebrow, still smiling. "Simply in the interest of providing good company, oh hostess." I regarded him warily.

"Be pleasant if you wish," I retorted, my gun still pointed right at him, "but I’ll forfeit the bonus for a live bounty before I let you charm me into freeing you."

Call me forthright.

He nodded in wry acknowledgement of this point, clearing his throat with the nervousness anyone with a dangerous weapon pointed in their direction might feel. "No need to worry, fair huntress. I shall, er, save my powers for those who’d put such a price on my head. Which would be…?" His eyes opened wide as he trolled for information.

I smiled behind my helmet-a knowing smirk-as I gave him the morsel he hungered for. "Adra Agrippina."

Madame Agrippina is one of the ruling heads of the plutocracy of Golden Rule. Her wealth is beyond imagining…as vast as the galaxy her planet inhabits. Her beauty is the finest money can buy-exquisite, that is. Her gorgeous face is accentuated by the finest cosmetics, her lithe, slender body is garbed in clothes that rival my suit for sheer monetary value. And her soul is as hard and unforgiving as the cold floor Romeo lay on.

Romeo, my bounty. His face and form may have been less than perfect at one time. Now they were the perfection of a master surgeon’s art. Paid for by Adra, who had loved him for his mind. Literally. Romeo was a projective telepath, able to influence the thoughts of others. Anyone misfortunate enough to take his fancy fell hopelessly in love with him, only to be used by him. He’d spent the majority of his adult life in one bed after another, leaving shattered lives and broken hearts in his wake-grieving men and women who pined away ever after, even knowing what he was.

Only now he’d shown poor judgment in choosing his prey. He abandoned the wrong woman-a woman both utterly ruthless and wealthy enough to afford my exorbitant fees for a simple snatch and grab. Romeo’s face paled at the name, while I grinned openly. Too bad he couldn’t see it through my faceplate. "She REALLY wants to see you again," I taunted him. "When I talked to her, she couldn’t seem to decide whether to let you live through your reunion."

"Oh, no," he moaned, the color draining from his cheeks with every passing heartbeat. "No, no. Please, no. You…you don’t know what she’s LIKE!"

My sympathies were noticeably lacking. "Rich, beautiful, and pliable. What more could a con man have wanted?"

He turned imploring eyes on me. "I’ve seen her ruin people-break them for nothing more than her own pleasure. She’s fired employees and made them beg on their knees for their jobs back. She…!" He trailed off, shuddering in revulsion. "She takes pleasure in hurting people. It took everything I had to keep her satisfied with normal sex, without the whips and chains!"

I glanced at the bars of his cage, considering where I’d purchased it, and the irony thereof. "Surely the rewards were worth the effort?"

He shivered again. "She’s bound to whip those things out, this time." He shook his head sadly.

"Shouldn’t have run," I suggested. "Hell hath no fury…" I turned and walked out.

Gentle hands ran across my slick flesh, slippery with sweat. I moaned quietly, my body arching towards those skilled hands, desperate for more. A tongue lashed my nipples, which painfully hardened, before teeth nipped at them playfully. Gasping and whimpering, I caressed a muscular back. The mouth made its way upward, slowly, lingering at each square inch of flesh to plant a loving kiss, until it reached my mouth, where…it claimed me. Lips seared my own like a brand, parting them to spear my mouth with a tongue like molten iron. I responded in kind, laying claim to my lover with everything I had.

The hands drifted about, finding all my most sensitive places, and making them scream for more. My legs spread wider and wider, in abject submission. A shaft, iron hard, touched the opening to my dripping pussy. I moaned, my hands grabbing my lover’s tight ass to pull him in. But that shaft refused to be forced, instead entering slowly, agonizingly slowly…for less than an inch. Then it slowly retracted.

I cried out in frustration. My voice called out without my volition, its tones grown husky and hoarse with desperate desire. I begged for more, the humiliation of surrender only heightening my arousal.

The shaft entered again, slower than before. This time, it reached an inch and a half, and then retracted again. I moaned loudly, like a wounded beast, my anguished bellow more eloquent than any words. The shaft entered again, achingly slowly. Two inches. And retracted. I jabbered incoherently, offering everything I had to my tormentor. My heart. My soul. My life. I would have gladly died, if only I could have reached completion first.

Slowly, achingly slowly, it entered. Two-and-a-half inches. I was in heaven; Paradise was mine.

Slowly, treacherously, it withdrew. I was in hell. Perdition was my lot.

In… Three inches… Out…


In… Three and a half… OUT…


In… Four inches… OUT…


My lover held that devastating weapon over my quivering cunt, as I cried and thrashed my head from side to side. My arms were pinned to my side by strong hands. Those exquisite lips whispered in my ear. A demand. Surrender…