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The Road into Chaos
Book Three - The Chaos Reigns Saga
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-702-1
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Medieval
eBook Length: 325 Pages
Published: August 2009

From inside the flap

After escaping from Thyniticís control, Kyrianna and her friends find themselves back on Shokar. All but oneóBrular, the priest of Hellavar, who sacrificed his freedom to protect them, is now a prisoner of the Lady of Chaos.

Each member of the group is given a different vision to follow as they seek aid in rescuing Brular in the short time they have before they must journey into the Abyss to challenge Thynitic herself.

As they seek aid from various areas of Shokar, they find their efforts blocked by the temples of Mykaylene and Hellavar. They also learn others are preparing for a coming war against a group they only call the Faithless.

All of them find something unexpected, including Kyriannaówho finds a way to return home as well as an unexpected romantic entanglement.

Kyrianna must make choicesóto accept her feelings for Tristan Duvall and risk losing her friend and companionóthe unicorn Cewyr. To return home, to a family willing to welcome her back or face the Goddess Thynitic and eventually her own destiny as a Daughter of Chaos.

The Road into Chaos (Excerpt)


Kyrianna watched as the others left. She didnít remember much from the time she had been pulled through the portal until she awakened in this room. There had been the demoness who questioned her about Myrith and Andrinor. She claimed to be working against Thynitic but still threatened to turn Kyrianna over to the Lady of Chaos if Kyrianna didnít answer her questions. Despite not wanting to, she found herself answering those questions. Then Myrith and the others arrived and the demoness told her Thynitic was having an amulet made for her and the goddess already had everything she required to bind Kyrianna to it once it was completed.

Her mind retreated into itself at those words. She could still feel the pain Brular suffered constantly from being tortured. She did not want to imagine herself as a plaything for the Lady of Chaos for all eternity-without even the hope of death releasing her. Brular had said when he died, his soul would again be trapped by the amulet. Now, even if she escaped Thyniticís influence, she knew when she died, her soul would not go to Frayrith but would instead end up trapped by Thynitic. She didnít know what Thynitic needed to bind her soul to the amulet, but the image of the goddess standing before her as she cut her cheek and caught the blood that flowed from the wound came to her and she knew the demoness had spoken truthfully.

As she had lain there, unable even to whimper, Tristan Duvallís face had flashed in her mind forcing the image of Thynitic away. The same fear that he was in danger grabbed at her heart just as it had at Tyrilís cabin. After that, everything had faded into a swirling gray fog. She had felt someone helping her up, but had been unable to focus on anything through the fog. Then had come a sensation of something powerful studying her. Something that tried to block the chaos and give her a thread of order to grasp onto, then it was gone. Gone too had been the fear she had felt for Tristan.

She had emerged from the fog and chaos to find herself being held by Myrith and Andrinor in this small room. The older woman held a vial and urged her to drink. As the warm liquid flowed down her throat, she felt something blocking the memories of what had happened. The sharp edges of the pain were dulled and she found she could ignore them to focus on what had to be done-find a way to rescue Brular from Thynitic.

The Cleric of Hellavar had been a friend and had given her something she could never repay-she was not going to let Thynitic have him without a fight. Myrith had said they would talk tomorrow about going after Brular, but she needed to talk to her friend now. Kyrianna had no doubt Myrith would be willing to attempt the rescue, but she needed to know about the demonessí interest in her and Andrinor.

Kyrianna waited until the noise in the hallway died down then got out of the bed. Shadow Seeker whined softly as she approached the door to the room.

"Quiet, Shadow, Iím not running off." She opened the door to see Andrinor looking at her.

"She told you to rest."

Kyrianna shook her head at the frown on the young manís face; a frown not reflected in his pale blue eyes.

"Iím sure she told all of us to rest. What are you doing here?"

"Guarding you-per her instructions."

Kyrianna sighed. Still trying to protect me. I thank you for it, Myrith, but there are some things even you cannot protect others from.

She placed a hand on Andrinorís arm. "Do me a favor and tell Myrith I need to talk to her. Now, without the others. I will remain here and Shadow can alert you if anything happens."

The wolf moved past them to sit in front of the door.

Andrinor nodded. "Weíll be back shortly."

Kyrianna left the door cracked open as she sat on the edge of the small bed. Perhaps now, before she lost the chance, she should also tell Myrith about her past as well as the demoness and the amulet.

She looked up as Myrith entered the room. "What did you need to talk about?" the older woman asked.

Kyrianna caught Andrinorís gaze from where he stood next to the door. "Please stay," she said.

"You need to know the demoness seemed extremely interested in both of you. I donít know why, but she kept asking me questions about you. Andrinor, she was interested in where your power came from. Myrith, she seemed more interested in where you came from and who your father might have been."

"While we did not know she had questioned you about us, she did not hide her interest when we arrived. She made some comment that indicated she had a son by my father. We will deal with her if we have to." Myrith paused and looked at Kyrianna. "Was there anything else?"

"The demoness told me Thynitic is having one of those vile amulets made for me." The words came out in a rush and Kyrianna sat there not saying anything as she waited for Myrith to react.

"Then that is one more thing we will take care of when we face her. I have no intention of letting her have you again," Myrith said. "Her power was weakened by the events of the last day. If we hurry, we may yet be able to rescue Brular and destroy both amulets." She turned toward the door then stopped and turned back. "Drink the potion, Kyri. Allow it to help you sleep. Weíll talk again in the morning." With that she turned and left the room, followed by Andrinor.

Kyrianna glanced at the vial of pale blue liquid sitting on the table as Shadow Seeker came back into the room and jumped on the bed next to her and pushed his head under her hand. She closed her eyes for a moment as she scratched the wolfís ears, letting her mind still enough to hear the murmuring in his mind telling her to rest; he was there to protect her.

"Thank you," she whispered. Kyrianna turned to blow out the candle on the small table next to the bed. The flames puffed brightly and smoke filled her eyes. She coughed, then found herself staring at a familiar clearing. It was the place she had seen in her link with Brular. The clearing where he found Torliana as she prepared to perform the dance to welcome the coming of spring. The place where she asked him to stay with her and he failed to see what she was truly offering. An offer that, if it had been accepted, could have changed many things.

She picked up the vial and threw it against the wall. She had had enough of magic being worked on her. Shadow Seeker whined and stuck his nose in her face. "Ugh, dog breath," she said as she pushed him away.

The wolf barked playfully then pounced at her, his tail waving. Kyrianna reached out and grabbed him around the neck and hugged him tightly. The wolf relaxed and she rested her head against him and started to drift off to sleep.

Kyrianna froze as she heard a voice; no it was two voices woven together as one, whispering in the silence. No, she thought. No.

:Peace, Kyrianna, the voices said.

"Frayrith?" She whispered the name into the darkness; her breath held as she waited.

:Yes, Daughter of Arielle. There was a pause. :You have won back your soul. You witnessed what could have unleashed Chaos and have turned it back toward the Balance. You have done well-see the change you have brought about.

An image formed in her mind of Thyniticís throne room. Brular lay on the ground with Torliana sitting beside him their hands clasped together.

:Order and Chaos joined. Balance can yet be restored. Rest, Kyrianna, you have braved the darkness; tomorrow wake in the light.