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A Matter of Size
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-664-5
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
eBook Length: 285 Pages
Published: April 2009

From inside the flap

When a conservative rural Ohio county is shaken by the discovery of the corpse of a naked woman who had been strangled in her bed, two young deputies in their twenties are assigned the responsibility of investigating. Rusty and Tina soon discover that the victim participated in cybersex and belonged to a very active swingers’ community. Karen, the victim, had videotaped a foursome engaging in hot sex. That coupling took place early in the evening. Even though no faces appear in the video, the detectives catalog the participants according to their anatomical characteristics. They consider most notable the enormous erection of the man with whom Karen had paired. When an expert investigator analyzes Karen’s computer, he uncovers her active participation in an online swingers’ chat room.

Rusty’s sexy wife Sharon becomes increasingly involved as the plot thickens. When a second nude, dead body is found, the investigators discover that this victim had also been involved with the well-hung man whose chat room handle is Mighty Tool. Mounting evidence leads the investigators to suspect that the killer came into the homes of the women in the early morning hours, had sex with them, and then strangled them to death. Rusty, his wife Sharon, and Tina, Rusty’s fellow detective, begin some hot webcam role-playing in the chat room. That activity enables them to gain a clearer picture of the wild swinging occurring behind the scenes and to unearth more clues regarding possible suspects. Hoping to discover the identity of the well-endowed man and to learn what he knows, Sharon goes on cam and role-plays as Wet Box in the online chat room. She seductively secures a date with Mighty Tool, the unknown, well-hung swinger.

When a third murder occurs, the investigators fight frustration. Rusty finds himself torn between his desire to apprehend the serial killer and his burgeoning fear that his beloved wife will step into a dangerous situation if she keeps the date she made online with Mighty Tool in the hope of discovering his identity and unmasking the killer. The suspense steadily mounts, until the final dramatic events leave the reader breathless.

A Matter of Size (Excerpt)