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Guard My Baby
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-657-2
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
eBook Length: 236 Pages
Published: March 2009

From inside the flap

A whirlwind romance with Cade Sheridan, a virile, fascinating lover who has an intense affair with Lainie Blanford and then leaves her, results in Lainie’s becoming pregnant. Threatened by a devious, clever, dangerous madman who wishes to kill her baby because he thinks it is the spawn of Satan, Lainie hires a security expert, who sends a bodyguard to her home. The bodyguard turns out to be Cade: the father of her baby. Stunned by the revelation that he is a father, Cade develops a fierce resolve to protect both Lainie and his child.

Psychotic Drayton Clausen hears voices he believes to be those of God and of Satan. Convinced that he must track down and kill all the babies that resulted from his donation of sperm to a sperm bank, Drayton embarks on a killing spree. In his darkly twisted mind, he loves Lainie, while hating her baby. Unaware of Drayton’s mental instability, Lainie considers him a friend, but Cade senses that Drayton is a weird, unstable personality.

Sure that he can never love or trust any woman again, after his ex-wife aborted his child, Cade struggles with the potent emotions generated by his proximity to the lovely, desirable woman for whom he feels both lust and affection. Equally disturbed by her need to allow Cade to live in her home and guard Eli, her daughter, Lainie struggles with the conflict arising from her newly revived love for Cade and her belief that his past experiences have destroyed his ability to love a woman.

When the threats become outright attacks, Cade fights to keep all of them safe. The suspense builds, as Drayton’s dementia takes on an ominous new twist. Cade and Lainie struggle not only with their feelings for each other, but also with harrowing fear, until their story reaches an exciting climax.

Guard My Baby (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Lainie lost her virginity with a vengeance. Thank God!

Three weeks ago, she'd never had a man, or an orgasm. She smiled and stretched like a cat, anticipating the arrival of her clandestine lover - the man she kept secret from her parents, friends and everyone else to whom she had made excuses over the past few mind-boggling weeks. She halted in mid-stretch. Her grin widened, and so did her spread legs.

Lainie sprawled naked as a baby in its birthday suit, waiting for Cade to open the door. The slam of his car door announced his arrival, and adrenaline surged through Lainie's hot, horny body. Blood pumped through her veins like mad. She'd never imagined such exquisite pleasure. Why had she refused to have sex for so long?

She grimaced, and then shook herself free of her mother's contrition. She refused to think of her mother's prudish opinion, when Cade would enter the door any second and pounce on her like a rabid animal. Shuddering, she kept her hands where they were, linked above her head. She wanted to touch herself and take the edge off, but she preferred to wait for Cade. He'd take care of her throbbing need.

At the mere memory of what he'd done to her for the past three weeks, she nearly came apart. She had to close her legs for a moment to still the pulsating desire strumming at her humming womanhood. She opened them again just in time. Cade's key turned in the door. He opened it, took her in like a starving predator gaping at his vulnerable prey, and slammed the door shut.

He didn't smile, though. He maintained a look of intensity the likes of which Lainie had never seen. His stare disturbed her. Something was different. Her heart skipped a beat, but his measuring gaze still made her nearly explode in ecstasy. Today would be no different than all the other times they'd been together. Cade would grace her with multiple orgasms the limits of which she'd never considered possible in her previous twenty-two closed-legged years of inhibition and reservation.

Lainie sucked in a breath. Cade tossed his keys onto the cherry-wood end table near her sofa and stripped the first piece of clothing from his gorgeous, sculpted body. As if she weren't wet enough, liquid seeped from her beckoning core. It was all she could do not to slam her legs closed again. She didn't. Cade stared at that part of her and grinned. He looked amazing. When he smiled the first time, she fell head over heels in love, and that was even before they'd left the club where she placed that bet with her girlfriends and vowed to take Cade to bed.

She had no regrets, save one. Her heart locked in despair, but she pushed the depressing thought from her mind. Cade would leave, tonight. She'd never see him again, but she'd have this last satiating experience with the man she adored, and then she'd go back to her humdrum existence and close both her legs and her soon-to-be-broken heart.

Shaking her head, she concentrated on the striking man who'd just stripped off his shirt. Holy cow! His sexiness never ceased to stun her to drool level. Muscles bulged everywhere on his upper torso. On his lower body, too, but he hadn't exposed that yet to her impatient eyes. She couldn't wait to see the rest, and Cade didn't make her wait long. He yanked his pants off in one smooth move and stalked her like a sleek panther, circling her prone position and allowing her a long look at his jutting erection.

Oh, the things he'd done with that!

Oh, the things she wanted him to do with that again!

Cade knelt beside her, but she remained immobilized. She wanted to see what he would do, if she could only keep her hands to herself. She wanted to touch him, taste him, and take him deep inside her. She could wait, though. Really, she could.

Cade caressed her face with the back of his hand. Lainie held his gaze, so passion-filled, and…what else did she see in his dark, soul-searching eyes? Lainie blinked back tears that threatened to rise. She had to be mistaken. Cade meant to leave her this very night, and he wouldn't be sentimental enough to fall in love with her, knowing that he would leave her out of necessity.

At that moment, Lainie hated the military with all her shattering heart. Cade had to go. She'd accepted that. He had a military tour of duty to finish. He'd only come home to bury his murdered sister and niece. He certainly hadn't come here for her. He hadn't known her, until she propositioned him and slept with him during every day and night of his bereavement leave.

Tossing her head to the side, Lainie wiped the sadness from her mind. This would do her no good. It would do Cade no good. He didn't want sentimentality. He wanted sex, and so did she. She would give him that, savor it herself, and remember this day and night for the rest of what promised to be a boring life as an old maid teacher.

Lainie turned toward Cade, who gazed at her with curiosity. She wrapped her lower body behind his kneeling back, twined her legs with his sexy feet, curled her upper body into the front of him, and took his penis into her mouth, all in one swift move that must have surprised Cade. He jolted and hissed like a snake, but he didn't remove her mouth from his thick shaft, nor did he move a single hard muscle. He let her taste him, and one taste always made her hungry for more.

She slid him from her mouth, only to lick the length of him, hold his velvet steel in her hands, and lick the tip, dripping with sweetness now from her sensual assault. It took both hands to cover his length, and the thought of his size stretching her made her heart pound and her womanhood sizzle.

Cade growled deep in his throat, sending vibrations through Lainie's shivering body. Her need would soon swallow her whole. How much longer could she suffer and not seek her own satisfaction?

She didn't have to suffer at all. Cade shoved her onto her back, grabbed her legs, spread them wide, and pounced, just as she'd known he would. He sucked her clit with such ferocity that she arched her back off the floor and clasped her hands into fists. The first wave of breathtaking orgasm hit her with the force of a tornado ripping through her like a freight train on steroids.

Shrieking Cade's name, she wrapped her legs around his neck more tightly. She didn't want to miss one ounce of the pleasure he could give her. Cade knew exactly what to do. He drew out her ecstasy for several moments, and then drove into her.

Lainie gasped, and then found her voice. "Cade?"

Cade went still. He didn't budge, didn't plunge in and out, and didn't move from her body. "I know. I'm sorry. I won't come. I want to feel you without anything between us. No barriers. Just me and you. Just for a moment."

His raspy voice and shaking restraint made Lainie want to let him go on, let him take her, and let him come inside her. She couldn't, though. She couldn't risk having a child with someone who'd been completely honest for weeks about the fact that she'd undoubtedly never see him again.

Lainie pushed him back, so that she could see his face, red and strained with unfulfilled desire. "I…"

No, she wouldn't do it. She wouldn't admit her love for him. She wouldn't ruin this with that useless admission.

Cade touched a fingertip to her trembling lower lip and stopped the words teetering there. "It's okay, baby."

He pulled out of her, stretched a long arm over to his jeans, tore into a condom packet, and covered himself with the inhibiting latex she now despised. She knew the feel of him, and she wanted more of him, for much longer than she'd have him.

Cade lifted Lainie's legs over his shoulders and held her eyes locked to his penetrating stare while he slowly entered her - this time, inch by delicious inch. Her inner muscles clenched in anticipation of another wave of pleasure. How could he make her come so easily? She'd read all the books, romance being her number one genre for entertainment and emotional satisfaction, but she hadn't believed them. Her mother had sworn sex wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and men simply used women and hurt them, until the woman found the right man and married him. Until then, sex should be taboo.

There was nothing taboo about the man above her, inside her, making her tremble, shudder, and shatter.

Moaning, Lainie held onto Cade's forearms for stability, so that she could keep pace with him as he plunged in and out of her, picking up speed, gaining momentum, strength, and depth.

She couldn't think. She could only feel the glorious, endless waves of orgasm at all levels, oncoming, overtaking, subsiding. She could only savor Cade's look of complete satisfaction as he reached the top and released his seed, warm and flowing even through the condom he'd donned with such great reluctance.

Cade fell forward onto Lainie's chest, wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her close. He shook. Lainie shook. The tears escaped, but she swiped them away. The telltale sniffle must have alerted Cade. Raising up on an elbow, he wiped a tear away with his thumb. "I'm sorry, Lainie. I hate to go. You know that I do."

Nodding, Lainie spoke around the clog in her throat. "I know."

"I'd say I'd call or write, but where I'm going…"

Lainie touched a finger to his lips. "No. No promises."

Cade smiled sadly. Could he possibly be as wistful about their parting as she? "Can I just say, maybe someday I'll see you again?"

Lainie shrugged. "You can say it, but I won't believe it. I know how military, long distance relationships work. I have friends in the military. The divorce rate is high. We're not married. There's no reason to make promises or have regrets. No reason to apologize. I picked you up in a bar. You're here to grieve. I should've left you alone from the very beginning." She grinned and shifted, his manhood still hard inside her and her wanting more. "You're addictive. What can I say?"

Cade pulled out of her with a sigh. "So are you, but you're an addiction I have to give up. No choice. It's the first time I wish I could skip a mission, but I have to go."

He moved from her. Cold ran through her bones. "When?"

He stood, stripping the condom from the appendage she dreaded saying goodbye to. "Now."

She dragged in a painful breath. "Why? I thought you had until tomorrow morning."

Cade dressed - one piece of loathsome clothing at a time. "I ship out tomorrow morning, but the team is meeting tonight. We have plans to make."

Lainie sat up, wrapped her arms around her legs, and hid herself from his sight. Not that it mattered. He'd seen, tasted, touched, and pleasured every inch of her, but she withdrew from him, physically and mentally. She had to accept this, but she still hated it.

Clothed, Cade stood in front of her and studied her. He reached down, clasped her hand, and pulled her to her feet. Lifting her chin with a forefinger, he forced her eyes to meet his. "I'll miss you."

She nodded. Speaking was out of the question.

He kissed her lips, held her gaze a bit longer, turned, and walked out of her life, grabbing his keys from the coffee table and taking her heart right out the door with him.

She stood frozen, stuck to the spot. His car engine roared to life, but her heart died. She dropped to the floor and cried until her throat hurt, her chest ached, and the tears dried. Then she slept, and the nightmares began.

How could she know that they would haunt her for months to come?