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ALLIANCE - 2nd Edition
Live Action Role-Playing
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-652-1
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Non-Fiction
eBook Length: 168 Pages
Published: June 2011

Total Readers: 75

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Second Edition: New and up to date with new stuff!

The Alliance Live Action Role-Playing game has chapters all over the country and this rules system is based on over 20 years of use. Included are large sections explaining how a LARP works, what you can expect to find, advice on how to get the most out of the game, and plenty of pictures, charts and graphs. The rules themselves are easy to understand and designed to provide the most fun, so players can jump right into the game without having to spend hours studying or arguing over silly details.

Michael A. Ventrella is one of the fathers of modern live-action role-playing games in the United States, having helped form the first major LARP in 1989.

This edition also includes table-top rules if you don't have a chapter near you or don't feel like getting out for the exercise!

ALLIANCE - 2nd Edition (Excerpt)


"Stop, thief!"

The thick fog rolling off the lake made the dirty and uneven cobblestones slippery and treacherous that evening as I dashed past the Manor Hall. All the years of training with the Thieves' Guild were being tested at this point, and as I slipped from shadow to shadow, my feet made little sound.

I darted past the Mages' Guild hall and tried to ignore the misty and mysterious scents calling me in. Next door, the weaponsmith peered through his window so I flashed my cloak his way, covering my face in the process.

Behind me, I could hear the sounds of pursuit as the Town Guard gathered in force. It seemed that a crowd of the local townsfolk, eager for excitement and the possibility of reward, had also joined in the chase much to the annoyance of the Captain of the Guard.

"He went that way!"

"Is there a reward for his capture?"

"What happened?"

"He's stolen the Dagger of Morganna!"

"It was one of the Circle!"

So far, all was going to plan. The Circle of Aln would be implicated, and we of the Thieves' Guild would finally have the Dagger of Morganna-the magic item rivaled in power only by the Amulet of Xylar. I was to meet The Black Fox behind the Alchemist's Shop where he would take the Circle's tabard from me and provide me with a new disguise and an alibi.

Behind me, I could hear the assembled mob becoming most unruly and arguing with the guards about which path I had chosen for my escape. I recognized the voices of many of my fellow guild members causing a majority of the distractions.

I smiled as I turned the corner. This was going to be easy!

"Ah, here he is now!"

A trio of nasty looking longswords surrounded me as I wisely skidded to a halt. Before I could react, I heard a spell being cast and I felt the impact as my arms and legs refused to move. A Web!

The red tabards of my captors told me that they were some of the local knights. Were they going to arrest me? Their smiles held no clue.

The Baroness raised an eyebrow slyly as she advanced. I knew I had no chance to fight. I felt someone dig through my cloak and pull out the dagger. "Here it is, My liege."

I knew that voice. It was the Black Fox! That double-crosser!

"Thank you," the Baroness said to me as she took the weapon. "Now let's see if it works."

I screamed in pain as I felt the dagger enter my side. My life was being sucked out of me! There was no escape!


"Hold!" I yelled. "I need a rules marshal."

My captors blinked and looked around. Sometimes it takes a second or two to reorient yourself after being your character for so long. "I know where Bob is," said Dame Perisa-or rather Barbara, now. She ran off as we smiled at each other and waited.

Bob arrived and came to me. He's one of the marshals who can make interpretations of rules and can resolve disputes.

"Bob," I softly whispered, "Does the Dagger of Morganna actually drain my life if I have a Shield spell?"

Bob smiled. "No, the dagger will only drain you if it gets to your Body Points. A Shield spell counts as armor, not body."

I turned back to my captors, and as the marshal said "Lay on!" I laughed at their ineffectiveness and taunted them with some information I knew could grab their attention to try to bargain my way out of this mess...

Be All That You Can't Be

In Alliance games, you create a character concept for a fantasy story and actually play the character. It is much like improvisational theater in that you have a framework created by the props and supporting characters and must develop your part as you progress through the story line. Your character's attitudes, ambitions, and history are yours to define.

If the adventurous life is your calling, you may play the part of a wanderer, meeting with some friends in the tavern. Your party could get hired by a farmer in desperate straits, and spend the afternoon slaying a foul necromancer and his undead abominations.

If the epic life is not your style, then you can play the part of a town merchant. You can make your money selling your wares-and information-for the right price.

Or perhaps you wish to be one who investigates the magical arts, selling your scrolls and potions to earn the money you need to continue your studies.

Or would you rather try and become leader of the Mages' Guild? Maybe you want to become a ritual caster and control the elements? The choice is yours.

We are dedicated to the legendary days of high fantasy, while running a fun and safe game.

We have fierce warriors, crafty scouts, powerful mages, loyal knights, and benevolent healers. There are smelly goblins, blood-chilling spectres, evil necromancers, villainous spies to fight ... and your very own legends to create.