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Sarah's Loves
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-638-6
Genre: Romance/Historical
eBook Length: 122 Pages
Published: January 2009

From inside the flap

When she became orphaned in 1920 at the age of seventeen, Sarah Morrison dutifully accepted the responsibility of raising two younger sisters. Martin Olsen, a good-hearted, lusty, widowed owner of a cannery in a small seacoast town, offered Sarah and her charges help and employment over the years. Now that Sarah has matured into a most attractive woman – one who currently runs the administrative half of his business – Martin occasionally masturbates while secretly watching Sarah through the window of her cabin at night.

Having learned at seventeen to satisfy her desires without losing her virginity, Sarah at that time turned down a personable suitor’s offer of marriage, owing to her realization that Gary would not wish to support her sisters. Deeply hurt by the swiftness with which Gary found another partner, Sarah quickly learned to hold all men at bay, so as to prevent further heartbreak. She thinks of Martin as a father, not as a potential lover. Now in her twenty-seventh year, this lonely woman turns to a female companion to satisfy her lust. She becomes passionately involved with her close friend Celia, even as guilt at having entered a lesbian relationship racks her.

Having reluctantly decided that the difference in age between Sarah and himself is too great for marriage to be an option, Martin turns for sexual satisfaction to Monica, a long-time friend and lover, but he still lusts after Sarah. On one memorable occasion, he becomes intimate with Sarah and her friend, Celia, in a passionate threesome. This mad escapade proves one of a kind, however. Celia marries and moves away, leaving Sarah once more alone. Occasionally, she satisfies her sensual need by having oral sex with Martin, although she maintains her virginity by never allowing penetration.

When ruggedly handsome Frank Townsend comes to work at the cannery to train as an assistant for Martin, Sarah finds that she is attracted to the virile newcomer, but she proves reluctant to form an intimate relationship with Frank. However, as Martin spends more time with Monica and Sarah finds Frank to be good company at dinner, she begins to have erotic dreams about her co-worker.

On Independence Day, Martin arranges for Frank to drive Sarah to the nearest large town, Port Angeles, for the festivities, while Martin spends the day with Monica. When an accident on the treacherous road strands Sarah and Frank overnight in the woods, the two mature friends finally realize the potency of the attraction between them. Having set off their own fireworks, they must now balance their new knowledge of their strong desire for each other with the demands of their jobs and their need to conceal past erotic adventures. When the secrecy surrounding a web of passionate relationships spun over the years threatens to wreck Sarah’s and Frank’s newfound happiness, old, caring friends come to the rescue.

Sarah's Loves (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Martin had been watching Sarah at night occasionally for the last several years. Looking down through his upstairs window, he could see into the little cottage behind his house, where she undressed and then washed herself in preparation for bed. He had unwisely left a light on the first couple of times, leaving himself silhouetted in the frame of the window. Sarah was quick to spot him observing her, and rather than move away from the window, she moved more fully into it. The thought that she was being watched made her feel desirable and gave her a thrill she found impossible to resist.

Taking her time, she washed each breast, paying special attention to her nipples. She would cup each one in turn, as if offering it up to a lover while teasing the nipple to a hard peak with the washcloth. Sarah allowed the sensations to show on her face, pursing her lips and closing her eyes. She almost wished she could stand in the yard to masturbate for her audience.

Martin could not see very far below the top of her hips, but she spent a lot of time washing between her legs. Sarah stood on tiptoe to allow a better view, but the most Martin could see was some pubic hair and her wrist actions. The expression on Sarah's face would change dramatically, assuring him that she was using her fingers or some other form of manipulation to bring herself to a climax.

After the first couple of times that Martin stood at the window to watch, he found it impossible to refrain from masturbating. If he didn't allow himself release, he knew that a troubled and sleepless night would follow. A telltale spattering of seminal fluid hit the glass pane after Martin's first evening of watching, and he almost fell through the window, owing to the force of his ejaculation. He felt his legs turn to jelly, refusing to remain straight. That is when he decided he needed a chair to sit in and remembered that he should turn out the light.

His imagination would take over as he watched her face, and he could almost envision the act. In fact, he could almost feel it happening. Only, in his own mind, it was he who caused her to achieve a climax. Physically, he stroked himself as though he were inside her, first bringing his hand up and then slowly sliding it down along his hardened shaft. Martin stroked his penis faster and faster until he could no longer hold back. He told himself that this was almost as satisfying as the mutual act would have been.

He quickly decided to station a chair and a towel next to the window, so he could be comfortable. That way, he did not have to wash the window once he relieved himself of his desire. After all, he thought, we're not related, and what I'm doing harms no one. So long as she did not see him watching or learn of his activity, he felt that his actions did not hurt her. It would only be a fantasy he shared with no one, so as to avoid any embarrassment.

In his rationalization, masturbating to the sight of a live model beat anything else he could imagine using for excitement, as long as he contained the copious flow of semen that would surely follow. The only thing that would have been better for him would be the feel of her skin on his. She had blossomed into a lovely young woman in the past couple of years. She was no longer the young girl of seventeen he had originally taken in with her two younger sisters ten years earlier. At twenty-seven, Sarah was now a woman grown - one who possessed a sensuality that only comes with maturity.


The fall of 1920 had been unusually hard and stormy. Jill and Tom Morrison went out in their small fishing boat anyway, knowing that they needed to provide for their little family. It was just part of the industry to come up against bad weather. Besides, they were not the only ones out in the strait, and were both seasoned hands in stormy conditions. The storm was not a surprise, but its intensity was. They were ill prepared for the extreme conditions Mother Nature turned loose on them. Seven boats went down that day, with all hands lost.

To Sarah, it hardly seemed as if ten years had passed since her parents drowned. For many years, they had fished and crabbed in the Straits of Juan De Fuca, off the northwestern coast of Washington. They had provided a good living for their three daughters, until their boat capsized during the violent storm. Sarah's parents' bodies were never found, nor were any others.

Sarah often remembered carefree days spent with her sisters, running on the beach with the wind in her hair and the damp sand oozing up between her toes, until the loss of her parents stole those days from her. These reveries kept her smiling, although those carefree days were gone forever now - lost to her, just as her parents and her youth had been taken from her. Sarah, who was the oldest, took charge of her sisters in their parents' absence, keeping the girls together in one family unit. There was precious little time to enjoy her sisters or any joyful activities, so memories were all she had.

The three sisters' plight soon became obvious, and the cannery owner where their parents always sold the majority of their catch took pity on the young orphans. Sarah was seventeen at the time and almost through school. Martin Olsen, a big burly bear of a man, who had befriended the entire family from the beginning, tried to look after their girls as though they were his nieces. He offered the girls a place to stay when the rent on their parents' humble home ran out. He let Sarah work at the cannery in exchange for the rental of a small cottage behind his home and next to the cannery. In addition, he paid her enough to keep the other girls in clothes for school, and he put enough food on the table for the three young women when they did not share dinners with him.

Sarah's days were full. She would get up early and prepare Cheryl and Grace for school, fixing a meager breakfast and packing them light lunches to take along for a noon meal. She made sure their homework was in their sacks. After a long day's work, she made sure they had a good supper, but they often shared meals with Martin, since his home had an actual kitchen in which to prepare food and they cleaned his house for him in return.

When Sarah first started working at the cannery, she helped with the fish, cleaning and gutting them in preparation for their being shipped to a variety of restaurants and markets. The majority of prepared fish would be sent across Elliot Bay to the cities like Seattle for sale. Some would be sold to local markets or canned. She learned how to spot the various subspecies of salmon, and she came to know the different values of each. The other fish were just as varied as salmon, even though not valued as highly.

Sarah was quick to learn, and before the first year was over, Martin assigned her to work in the office. There she learned how to tally the fishermen's catches and arrange their payment. The office was busy with shipping goods out and receiving supplies. She also became skilled at sending bills out and arranging payment for the items they received. Soon, she was also doing the ordering of the supplies needed. By the end of her third year of working at the cannery, she managed the entire office, and Martin rewarded her with pay raises.

Grace, being fourteen when their parents were lost, was also put to work from the beginning, running errands after school and on the weekends. She also helped with the processing when her assistance was needed. Although Cheryl was barely nine, she and Grace were able to help with cleaning up at the end of the day to help work off their rent. There were tables to be washed down, and floors to be swept and hosed off. In fact, Grace and Cheryl considered the work to be serious, but fun at the same time. Sarah was grateful, since it kept the two younger siblings occupied and close at hand while she worked, and they were not in school.