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Acklinta's Return Home
Book Four
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-622-X
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 79 Pages
Published: October 2008

From inside the flap

In this fourth and final book of the series, Fred asks Acklinta, his alien lover, where she’d like to go for a vacation. Unhesitatingly, she asks her human companion to accompany her to Forsunti, her home planet. She explains that nowadays, a direct flight utilizing a wormhole offers greatly reduced travel time. Excitement prevails over certain anxieties, and Fred agrees. During the weightless phase of the flight, he and Acklinta join the Mega Miles High Club, along with other space travelers, and experience sex in a weightless environment.

On Forsunti, Acklinta introduces Fred to the most impressive sights in a dome-covered city. Fred sees a mysterious filmy black apparition that floats by quickly, but is invisible to Acklinta. In a public bath, visitors from several planets indulge in a variety of sexual activities. Fred and Acklinta join in the naughty fun.

After leaving the bath they rent a jet scooter. When Fred again sees an unidentified filmy object that flies in front of the scooter, he swerves erratically and attracts the attention of a jet-way patrolman. When Fred tries to explain to the Forsuntian officer what he saw, the patrolman takes him to a government office, where he learns that his unique ability to see what no one else can detect could help the authorities. A remarkable adventure commences. Fred’s unique ability leads to an exciting and dangerous adventure the equal of those he survived earlier on Earth – an adventure in which a number of old friends one again back Fred and Acklinta as they battle evildoers.

Acklinta's Return Home (Excerpt)