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Acklinta's Narrow Escape
Book Three
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-608-4
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 85 Pages
Published: September 2008

From inside the flap

In this third book of the Acklinta Series, the love and sexual attraction between Acklinta, the lovely alien, and Fred, the horny human, remains strong. Acklinta and Fred hope things will settle down, and there will finally be peace and quiet in their lives.

Acklinta longs to fulfill many sexual fantasies, and Fred, of course, is more than willing to help in this regard. However, a past indiscretion comes back to haunt Acklinta. A Forsuntian with whom she had a casual erotic encounter has come to Earth determined to take her back, with or without her consent. Although Fred tries to keep her under close watch, Nockuta succeeds in drugging and abducting Acklinta. The police have no evidence that her disappearance is in reality a kidnapping, and no clue as to where to begin searching for her. They expend little effort towards finding her.

Frantic with worry, Fred has to rely on his own resources. He grows determined to find her himself. Marvin, a short round Mapian whom Fred and Acklinta took in when he needed assistance, volunteers to help. So does a young, uniformed member of the police department a man who is not a full-fledged officer. Like Acklinta, this man is a Forsuntian in a human fabrication. A long, black, lizard-like female from the past, who was stranded on Earth when she was drawn into a time warp vortex, also offers to assist. Fred and his friends set about trying to find Acklinta.

The team begins by investigating a possible hiding place the rogue Forsuntian might have used. When that ploy fails, they try another, persisting until both the action and the sex reaches unprecedented heights.

Acklinta's Narrow Escape (Excerpt)