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Demon's Delight
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-599-1
Genre: Fantasy
eBook Length: 110 Pages
Published: July 2008

From inside the flap

Having become aware of Zena's looks, brains and ability, a Master Demon decides that she must become one of them. Zena meets a head nurse, who introduces her to Dr. Kawazumi, a paranormal authority. A friend in her hotel alerts Zena to the casual sex following Fasching Balls. On a trip to Spain, Zena wakes up paralyzed and thinks she is being raped. Later she steps into a painting in the Prado and is led to a man, Flash Gordon, about whom she harbors erotic fantasies. In Bad Rheinheim, while practicing aikido, Zena meets Wolf Schmidt. At a sιance, a huge wolf face appears in the medium's globe and licks his lips at Zena. The Master has determined that Piq Piper will have the first chance to seduce Zena. If he fails, then Orcus, a werewolf, is next. Dr. Kawazumi warns Zena that she must overcome any werewolf attack, or he will rape her, and thereby make her his werewolf mate.

Using his magic flute, Piq causes Zena to become intensely erotic. Disguised as Flash Gordon, he seduces her in her room. He will keep returning so that they can continue the fabulous sex they are enjoying. Zena defeats Piq by jamming her cross against his flute. At her RADAR site, Orcus bounds at her, presses her down and prepares to rape her. Before he can do so, a blinding light from Crystal, a Light Elf, forces him off and onto his back, where one of her crew castrates him. He disappears after burning up.

The Master displays Zena to Lyly, an Amazon Vampire, who is lesbian. Modern Lyly uses a blow gun and dart instead of arrows. Zena wakes up to an orgasm and thinks that her friend, Norma the nurse, is licking her clit. When Lyly slides up to blow her dart into Zena, the latter jams the tube into Lyly's throat, causing her to choke to death and disappear. Zena and Wolf argue over sex after Fasching. Zena seduces him, but he fails to wear a rubber, and she panics on thinking that she must have gotten instantly pregnant. She attends a Fasching Ball alone, and discovers that she is not pregnant, when Hans screws her.

On the last night of Fasching the final dance partner is Azy (really the Master Demon, Azazel). When the music stops, she is not aware of it. She spirals out of consciousness to find herself with the demon in his princedom. He says that after her period ends, they will enjoy an unbearable transport of joy, after which she will bear his demon son. When she says she will not do what he wants, he threatens to bring Wolf down there too, where Azy will rape him in front of her and then cut off his genitals. When Wolf appears, he undergoes an amazing transformation before initiating an epic confrontation with Azazel.

Demon's Delight (Excerpt)


A Master Demon in the sub-world of Asmodiafall glared at a clutch of sub-demons hanging onto his words. "In our never-ending search for human females, I've selected a woman in Germany. One who will extend our influence when she bears a demon child. Observing her in my supernatural sight, she is incredibly beautiful, but most importantly … she is a strong, confident woman, a warrior of sorts. From her RADAR site she commands men and aircraft. Captain Zena Templar will be a delightful addition to infuse strength into our blood line.

Bright and beautiful, she is a woman to conquer and subdue. That won't be easy - the strong ones never are - but in the end, worth the effort. I'll decide in what order you may attack her. If all of you fail, I will seize her for my own … to do with her as I want."

Chapter One

Coming off a swing shift on Saturday night, I heard beautiful big-band music drifting from the ballroom. Still in uniform I entered the no longer guarded main door and stood just inside to listen. I knew the dance would be over before I could change into a cocktail dress.

"Zena, you've got time for a drink. Come on in," a female voice called.

Seated at a nearby table, I saw a civilian woman who lived on the same floor as me. Susan Marsh, overweight, plain-faced and friendly, worked as a secretary in the headquarters. She waved me over. I wasn't sure I'd be served, but she said, "I've waved for the waiter, so sit down, relax and enjoy the music and dancing."

Watching, I could see the crowd must have thinned. Didn't see any stag males … Susan didn't have a date. Looking around I saw some beautiful dancing, particularly during the Viennese Waltz. The older, obviously German couples were a pleasure to watch.

Among the Americans I spotted a striking officer and his fluid date that moved as one. They usually sat out the waltzes. I wondered if she wouldn't waltz because of her cocktail dress. All the German Frauen wore elegant gowns. Those two were oblivious to everything except the music and each other. They seemed practically welded together during a tango. The band finished the evening on Racing with the Moon. Involuntarily I gasped as the woman melted into her man. Whew … I hated that woman … were my eyes green? Those two were in another world. For that woman's sake, I hope she's got him committed. She's his tonight. They were so erotic … they made me so horny … I wished I was in his arms. Oh, my gosh…

* * *

Leaving the dance floor with George, I felt really hot and bothered. The music and his smooth movements excited me so much I could feel my nipples aching against his chest when he held me close. In the taxi on the way to my apartment, I clung to him with my eyes closed and my head on his shoulder. Underneath his damp shirt I could feel his hard muscles. I slid my hand between his buttons to pat his tight abdomen. Then he was all over me, nipping around my neck and ears, kissing my lips, probing for my tongue. His hand passed across my breasts to gently pluck my nipples. When his hand slipped under my gown I pushed it down to my crotch. My flimsy panties were no protection from his stroking finger.

"George," I whispered, "take me to your room."

Neither of us spoke more than necessary in the elevator or as we hurried to his room.

I could hardly stand still as George slowly, almost ceremoniously undressed me. With my blouse off, he feasted on my bare engorged nipples, sending sparks to my eager pussy. When he knelt to pull down my damp underwear I thrust my pelvis to his face, expecting he'd eat me … but he didn't, and I moaned.

When he stood to take off his own clothes, I said, "Hurry, George!" Herr Krug may want me to seduce George for his evil plan, but I'm going to have him for my own pleasure. George lifted me onto the bed and turned to retrieve a condom from his billfold.

"Come here, George. Don't put that on. You don't need it."

Now he flew to me. I pulled his hard shaft into my tight, wet pussy. Oh God, I loved feeling of his organ pounding into me. It felt so good. I loved it. I loved it, and I felt like my whole body would explode with my orgasm. George came first, but I wasn't through. Moaning with joy, still moving, I held him in me with my hands on his butt until I was sated.

Then, still engaged we lay quietly in each other's arms. George said, "Erna, that was the most thrilling and extended sex that I have ever experienced. I think I'm in love with you."

* * *

At an Officer's Club reception for new officers of the sprawling USAF Bad Rheinheim Military Area, I met Colonel Norma Stafford, the Chief of Nurses. No doctor here… She represented the Isnelahn Hospital … early forties? What a strikingly attractive woman.

After shaking my hand and chatting, Col. Stafford said, "Watching one of those RADAR scopes, Captain Templar, isn't your work extremely nerve-wracking?"

"Unless something critical is afoot, we don't watch them for very long at a time. Various positions are rotated among the crew. I'm pretty well used to the job."

"At that little compound, do you get enough exercise?"

"Not there, but in my room I practice tai chi. I also work out at a martial arts club in town. I get plenty of action there."

"That's wonderful. Your Dojo Master, Sensei Kawazumi, is a friend of mine," Col Stafford said. "We have a common interest in paranormal and psychic phenomena. Did you know he is a Doctor of Philosophy?"

"I didn't. We've only talked once. But I'm not surprised. He is so calm … and dignified, yet exudes such controlled force, almost an aura about him."

"Yes, that describes Doctor Kawazumi. You must get to know him better, Captain."

She couldn't imagine how powerful that aura was. "I'd love to, and I've had my own horrible experience with a supernatural." I hoped she was open-minded. Anyway, I told her about Kokupele trying to publicly rape me in New Mexico. I wondered if she believed me.

Col. Stafford's open face reflected her shock. "That's really astounding. Kokopelli's evil half brother? He would have raped you in front of a crowd? Oh my God!" Unbelievable even. Was this Zena Templar nuts? She was so feminine, so sexy … her uniform exquisitely tailored to fit her … but I wondered… Over the top of my martini glass I peered deep into Captain Templar's eyes.

Whoa. I wrenched myself out of the pools in the Colonel's confused soul. After I got my breath back I'd hoped that reaction didn't show.

Col. Stafford continued, "Do you have any psychological problems stemming from that attack?"

"For a while, but not now. Thanks to the love of a really good man. Seeing Kokupele's chente, his ghost, stuffed back into his crypt cured a lot of my anger."

"Are you sure that could hold him … a supernatural?"

"It did for many hundreds of years. I hope he doesn't ever find another exit."

"Do you mind talking about this creature? I think that both Doctor Kawazumi and I would like to learn more about your incredible paranormal experience. If I get the doctor's approval, would you object to us meeting? We could dig deeper into your supernatural manifestation."

Hmm. I was not really crazy to talk about it. On the other hand, if Kawazumi was an authority on the supernatural, I might learn things I need to know. "No, ma'am, I don't mind. You certainly may arrange a meeting. I'd be delighted. I work some odd hours, but I'll switch duty with someone else if necessary."

* * *

Because of my odd hours on the mountain and my critical job, I warranted a room in the Von Steuben VIP hotel in downtown Bad Rheinheim. Once back in quarters, I listened to a German station playing classical music, stretched, relaxed, and then practiced tai chi. Things were looking good there, I liked my job, and Division recognized me as an Expert Interceptor Controller. From what I'd seen so far, I planned to enjoy my stay in Germany. But … I sure missed Jim Madison more than I thought I would … well, what I missed was sex with Jim. I've got to stop thinking about it.

Not too long after, I met Susan Marsh in the hallway of the Von Steuben. "Come down to the bar for a drink," Susan offered. Though plain, she had a lot of personality and self-confidence.

Seated at the small table, we took stock of the couples sitting around the room. I said, "This is a lousy place to meet men. They're all married."

"And if they're not, they're shacking up with a shatzie, a German girlfriend," Susan said. "But I don't see where the frauleins are all that attractive. Don't know what the GIs see in them."

I said, "You've been here a while. Don't you know any single men?"

"I knew several single officers. Single … until their wives showed up from the States, the dirty rats, but I shouldn't complain. I had fun while it lasted."

"So what do you do now?"

"The next thing I'm going to do is get invited to one or more Fasching parties."

"What's that all about, Susan? Single men there?"

"Hardly, but you can sure get laid, if that is what you want."

"Huh?" What? I nearly dropped my drink. "Oh?"

"Close your mouth, honey."

"Susan, what on earth is this Fasching thing you're talking about?"

"It's the German version of Mardi Gras … with improvements. They put on wild colorful parades the last few days before Lent. At night they hold some really wild costume balls. You need an invite to some. At most of the open ones, men pay to get in. Ladies in costume get in free."

"Well, sounds like fun," I said.

"You bet. The wild part is that everyone is in anonymous costumes. Married people often leave at separate times and go to different balls. They leave the floor with different partners for casual sex."

"You've got to be kidding!"

"No, I'm not. For six months, when I first got here, I lived with a German family in Mainz. In their forties, together, they told me that the previous year … both had enjoyed three different partners!"

"Huh? No jealousy?"

"Not between those two."

"Wow. Talk about open marriages."

"Yeah. Now Fasching isn't celebrated like that all over Germany … just in certain areas. Very popular around Mainz and Munich."

"You've been to some of those balls?"

"Oh yes. Both the last two years."

I looked at her and tried to form a question without being nosy. Susan said, "Let's just say … I had a ball, every time."

"Wow," I said. "It sounds so unbelievable. Doesn't all that playing around cause a lot of VD … to say nothing about pregnancy … from an unknown partner?"

"Yeah. Every year with those too dumb to insist on a rubber. You shack up with a guy you don't know, he doesn't know you … do you think he cares if he gives you a dose, or a nine month surprise? No. He's just getting his rocks off. Too bad about you," Susan said.

"If it's that dangerous, why does any woman go?"

"To live. To have a ball. To escape from every day. To be a queen for the day. To know there's a lot of guys who want to screw you … and they will." Susan kind of smirked.

"Whoa. If a woman goes to one of those balls, she'd be an idiot not to carry along her own condoms."

"Yup, and make sure he puts it on."

"You know it too." I ignored a fleeting sense of apprehension.