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Dianne Hollander
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-583-5
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Supernatural/Horror
eBook Length: 160 Pages
Published: June 2008

From inside the flap

A psychotic woman, an ex wrestler, and two beautiful young girls are all ingredients in this dark tale. Dianne Hollander is a deranged woman with a life long dream to one day work in the medical field and she will stop at nothing to get there. See what happens when she finally realizes her dream and gains control of a nursing home in a secluded, little town called Vollmer’s Hollow.

Dianne Hollander (Excerpt)


A single wisp of white cloud broke up an otherwise flawless, blue sky over the isolated town of Vollmer’s Hollow. It was late spring and the school children were anxiously awaiting the beginning of the summer holidays. A young girl trotted along a quiet back street at a pace that was half-walk, half-run. The hard soles of her shoes made a loud CLIP, CLAP, CLIP, CLAP as they made contact with the sidewalk. Her breath came in exaggerated gasps as she progressed. She was plagued by asthma, although on this day it had given her no trouble at all until she realized that she had forgotten her puffer.

Little Dianne was built rather awkwardly. Top heavy, her shape and mannerisms were more that of a little boy than a girl. She couldn’t be described as obese, but she was stocky. She had long, wavy, auburn hair, and strangely magnetic eyes. People who talked to her were always drawn to those eyes, a strange shade of bluish green, almost aqua. Other than these eyes, her features were unremarkable. The square line of her jaw made her appear masculine. If her face was only a little more rounded she might have been pretty.

Dianne was wearing a plaid blue jumper over a white blouse with slightly ruffled sleeves, and she was clutching a small stack of books close to her chest. Her knees were scabbed and grass stained. Dianne hated wearing dresses. She thought that they were ridiculous outfits and she looked uncomfortable in them. She always had to be careful how she sat, so as not to expose her panties. Dresses also made playing ball very difficult. If she fell, the boys could see her underwear and then they would tease her.

Dianne had protested to her parents on more than one occasion about having to wear dresses to school, but to no avail. As far as they were concerned, it was proper for a little girl to dress like a little girl, and that meant dresses. She tried to explain her difficulties while playing with the boys at recess.

"Dianne, you really should be playing with the other girls at school. Sports are better left to little boys than little girls."

Although she kept from showing it, (she was very good at hiding her feelings) that statement had infuriated her. Life would be so much easier if she was a boy.

As she continued to make her way along the sidewalk that bright afternoon, Dianne came across a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. She looked down at it, and as she did her asthma worsened as it did when she became excited. Pathetic little thing, she thought, and rage welled up inside her. As she watched the bird, her head trembled from side to side. Her bright, aqua eyes fixated on it, and for the moment everything around her ceased to exist. She found the helplessness of the little creature to be infuriating. Intolerable.

She moved a step closer to the bird and raised her foot. Then, with as much force as she could muster, she stomped on it. She could feel small bones crunch and a smile crossed her lips. Then she ground her heel down on the dead bird, and again this pleased her. For the moment she entirely forgot about her asthma. She was breathing as evenly as any normal girl her age would while sunning them self on such a fine day.

With the knowledge that the bird was dead her anger faded, and she resumed her way home. CLIP, CLAP, CLIP, CLAP. Her asthmatic huffing returning after only a few strides.