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ISBN-10: 1-55404-551-7
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
eBook Length: 195 Pages
Published: March 2008

From inside the flap

Tyrone Jones, a twenty-eight-year-old black man who lives in West London, is good-looking, ambitious and very independent. He holds a managerial position in a publishing company, but Tyrone has dreams of his own. He longs to set up and run one of the UK’s biggest fashion magazines aimed at the ethnic community. In Tyrone’s view, life is great. All he now desires is the perfect woman by his side.

Like any man his age, Tyrone beds as many women as possible, even indulging, at one point in his life, in a threesome. His libido comes into conflict with his heart and head when he meets Saffron, a sexy, light-skinned woman, who works in the same building. Idle chatting and a little flirtation follow. They agree to meet for a drink, and Tyrone finds himself nervously counting the minutes. For the first time in his life, he is sweating and paranoid over a woman.

After work, Tyrone is invited to a birthday celebration. His heart leaps and bounds when he spies Saffron sitting in the corner. They flirt and play footsies under the table, and they end up his apartment. Tyrone’s one goal is to get Saffron into bed, but she does not give in. Tyrone learns that Saffron has a husband, and despite her marriage being a shambles, he decides that he should leave her alone.

Shortly, however, a love affair between Tyrone and Saffron commences: an affair that proves both extraordinarily passionate and deeply tender. Two-Play portrays Tyrone’s evolution from “playa” to responsible family man.

Tyrone develops family problems after his brother suffers a head injury in an accident, and Tyrone plays a role in his recovery. Involved emotionally, spiritually and mentally, he must cope with trauma even as Saffron be comes pregnant, and she and Tyrone fall even more deeply in love.

Two-Play (Excerpt)

Chapter One

She was great at first - spending time with me, so that I felt there could be something special between us. Man, the way she would swing her hips, teasing me, made it hard to get up and leave for work. Although I was the Accounts Manager, I knew my boss was going to burn my ears again today.

This was the second day that I was getting in late.

Lying on the bed with her on top, grinding her hips into my groin, took that thought away. She kissed my lips and moved down to my centre. I parted my legs so that she could get comfortable. Her tongue felt like silk as she moved up and down, stimulating my testicles and sending a rhythm of pleasurable sensations down into my groin.

She licked and sucked until I wanted to scream. The pleasure was fantastically wicked. She sucked faster and harder, and as I tried to hold back, a sea of white foam shot forward on her breasts. She looked at me, and slowly rubbed it into her voluptuous cleavage as she touched herself.

I grew hard again from just watching her. With the strength of a lion, I charged forward and pushed her down on the silk sheets, kissing and slapping her ass. She quickly spread her legs. With one thrust I was inside, pumping back and forth. Melanie arched her back and I felt the wetness of her cum. She now moaned out loud, and I thrust deeper with each moan.

I leaned back onto my knees and lifted her onto me. Moving up and down, she started to moan wildly. I brought my chest forward and worked her body, whilst my tongue manipulated her nipples. As I was about to come, she stopped me, and stared through haunted eyes.

Surprised, I waited for her to continue, and she revealed, "Tyrone, I'm not on the pill anymore." She gazed at me as though I was expected to celebrate something. I looked at her and instantly my dick became flaccid.

I pushed her away and demanded, "What are you talking about? Since when did you stop taking the damn birth control?" Melanie didn't say a word. She just sat there wiping her breasts.

"Are you trying to trap me or something?" I yelled at her. I got up from bed and walked over to the mirror.

I stopped to examine myself and thought, Damn, I look good.

Melanie snaked over to me and said, "Baby, does it really matter? We are in a serious relationship, and if I were to fall pregnant, I would be happy to have your baby."

Inside, brain chemicals fueled my anger. I couldn't hold back how I was feeling. I turned to face her, and through gritted teeth I stated, "Nice fuck, Melanie. We're over. Now take your possessions and get out of my flat."

Melanie wrapped the towel around her breasts. Moving slowly from the bed, she sat on the sofa and began to cry.

I had no intentions of watching her pull the water-works, so I closed the door behind me and went into the kitchen. When I returned to the room, I hastily pulled off all the sheets and threw them on the floor.

With my hands on my hips I watched as she slipped on her dress and shoes, picked up her bag and slammed the door behind her. I wasn't ready for a baby. Throwing the silk sheet to the floor, I walked into the bathroom and stood under steaming hot water. What would have given her that idea? I wondered as I dressed for work.

Back at the office, I knew Ted would be after my neck, so I knocked on his door and went in. Before he could say a word I blurted out, "My girlfriend was in a car accident this morning. I tried to call and let you know the score, but I kept on getting that stupid answering machine."

He stood up, put his left hand on my shoulder, and offered consoling words. "Tyrone, I am sorry to hear this. How bad is she, and what have the doctors said?"

I tried to look as sad as I could, sly player that I am, and declared, "She's in intensive care with head injuries. I have to wait until tomorrow when she has a brain scan, to find out how severe her injuries are."

Ted hung his head low, in deep meditation, and then gave me the day off to be with her.

"I'll call as soon as I get any information. Thanks, man," I called out as I took my briefcase and left.

In the elevator I met Saffron, who worked in advertising on the floor above.

Now Saffron was a fine sister. She was tall, elegant, and brown-skinned with long wavy hair. I tried on many occasions to get a date with her, but she always insisted that she didn't date the 'player' type.

I exclaimed to her one day, after asking her out again, "How do you know I'm a player? Just cuz a brother takes care of himself doesn't mean he's a player. Now, does it?"

She looked at me and dug a hole in my heart. "Tyrone Jones, you look like a player. I see the way you eye those office girls. I'm not going to be one of your 'has-beens,' OKAY?"

This one certainly had a lot of attitude, and at the same time possessed a charming charisma that could make a man mad.

That was one of the reasons why I wanted to bed her so badly, coupled with the fact that she had a fine ass.

Defeated this time, I wished her the best, waved goodbye, and left the building.

"The thirteen-oh-five to Walthamstow is approaching. Please stand clear of the platform," blared the announcement over the megaphone. I stood up and moved toward the carriage door. Another day, another brass for Tyrone, I thought.

As I sat down, I noticed a beautiful chocolate-skinned honey giving me a good overall. Hoping to get her attention, I looked in her direction. Quickly, she turned the other way.

I wondered what was going through her mind. She looked again, and this time our eyes locked. I gave her a smile with my eyes and she stared in fascination. Planning on what to do with the rest of my day, I looked at the train map in front and knew where I was heading. The girl was still staring. Her deep gaze made me suddenly uncomfortable.

Great, two stops until I get off, I repeated in my head. After recalling Melanie's stunt today I was in no mood for any more games. I got up and stepped off at Oxford Street. Some retail therapy always worked wonders for my ego. My brother Jimmy always said, "Looking good is always a good thing."

Some women think they are the only ones who enjoy shopping.

I have to admit that I wasn't totally surprised with Melanie's stunt today, because she was deceptive. I felt angrier at myself for not using a condom. It's not as if I didn't have any. Damn…they were in different flavours and colours in the bedside drawer, at arms length.

Hell. What was I thinking? I'd been making love with her for the past three months without protection and could have caught anything. Come to think about it, she couldn't have stopped taking the pill back then, cuz by now she would surely have fallen pregnant. I know I ain't firing no blanks from this missile, I thought as I paced down the subway and reminded myself never to rely on a woman for contraceptives.

Women. Shit, can't live with them, can live without them. I didn't feel like walking from one end of the street to the next, so I jumped on the nearest bus heading in the direction of Bond Street.

Dolce & Gabbana, here I come, I breathed, and then a familiar voice whispered, "Pardon, did you say something?"

I turned around and saw a beautiful brown-skinned woman with long wavy hair standing behind me. Swiftly contented, I asked, "Saffron, are you following me?" She slapped my arm and laughed. "You should be so lucky. Where are you off to at this time of day?"

I leaned my head for her to follow and took a seat close to the front. "I've got to pick up a belt and tie for work. How about you? I didn't think you finished so early."

Saffron sighed deeply and opened her briefcase. "I've got a meeting with the senior fashion editor at Clothes on Bond Street."

I smiled and pinched my toes, convinced I'd need the pain to combat her rejection. "Do you fancy a drink after your meeting? I'm going to be here for another couple of hours."

Saffron looked at the sheet of paper and replied, "Our meeting is scheduled to start at two-thirty P.M., and I don't expect it to last any longer than forty minutes."

Reaching up, I tapped the cord and smiled at Saffron. "Cool. I'll meet you inside Planet Hollywood at four." I figured that would give me more than enough time to get my shopping done.

I didn't think she'd say yes, but she did, making me feel great again.

I told myself that I wasn't going to let my dick rule my head. I was going to prove that I wasn't a player out for one thing only.

Man. That was going to be a hard but achievable task.

I walked out of Gucci at three-forty-five P.M. and looked around. Bond Street was bustling with tourists and shoppers alike. I thought about what I would say to Saffron during our meal. It had been a while since I had an intellectual conversation with a female.

All the women I had dated in the past only wanted to talk about how hard they required me to hit them. A woman as classy and sophisticated as Saffron might be out of my league, but was I someone to just sit back and take the easy route? Hell, no.

When the taxi pulled up in front of Planet Hollywood, I took a deep breath, picked up the seven carrier bags, and opened the door.