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The Lab Assistant
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-506-1
Genre: Romance/Ultra-Erotic Romance
eBook Length: 152 Pages
Published: October 2007

From inside the flap

Dr. Cooper Corbis is a molecular biologist and a professor at a large Southern university. He's clean-cut, all business, and lives for his research. He's also lost, lonely, and looking for meaning in his life--the kind of meaning only love can reveal. He just doesn't know this. Not until a new student walks into his classroom one day and steals his heart while arousing raw lust.

Sonia Simmons is a young Africa-American undergrad recently transferred from another school. Smart, bubbly, and outgoing, she quickly decides that her new professor is worth a much closer look.

At their first meeting, Sonia goes out of her way to show her new professor her wares. This isn't lost on Cooper, who is driven to such sexual distraction that he finds himself running to the bathroom to masturbate. This is out of character for Cooper, but he cannot deny Sonia's influence. Soon it is Sonia who finds herself masturbating in class, with Cooper stumbling to deliver his lecture. As the semester progresses, Cooper and Sonia intensify their flirting and find themselves prisoners to their shared obsession. Their first sexual pairing occurs one day after Cooper's office hours and continues later that night with a torrid romp on the floor of his house.

Despite the fireworks between them, all is not perfect. The reality of life, school, and economics soon interrupts their intense new romance. Cooper's graduate assistant suddenly drops out of school due to a family emergency. Sonia's future is not guaranteed. Money is an issue. She'll soon graduate, and she's not yet been accepted to graduate school. A solution to their problem then presents itself to Cooper, who tries unsuccessfully to contact Sonia. By this time, he has grown dangerously obsessed with his new student. In a fit of desperation, he breaks into her dorm room and makes love to her as she sleeps. When she awakens, she admits to having likewise grown obsessed. The two continue their lovemaking into the night.

The next morning, Cooper shares his solution with Sonia: she is to become his new laboratory assistant. Her future is secured. With their challenges resolved, the two lovers are free once again to experiment. They take their lovemaking to new heights, exploring anal sex, urethral sounds, nipple piercing, and double penetrations.

In time, the semester draws to a close and, when Sonia graduates, she and Cooper find themselves quite literally at the climax of their whirlwind courtship. Their emotional and sexual relationship comes to a head at a campus graduation party. They take their lovemaking to new heights, culminating in an intense experience that defines and changes their relationship. This experience will either tear them apart or bond them forever.

The Lab Assistant (Excerpt)

Chapter One

It all began in the Spring. Specifically, it all began in my 8:30 to 9:30 AM session of MCB4404, Microbial Physiology, Spring Semester.

I suspected that I'd be in for a ride. I'd been teaching, first as an adjunct, and now finally as an assistant professor, for a long time--but not even in my unlikeliest fantasies would I have predicted what would happen this semester.

I've had my share of students. This particular student seemed the same as a lot of others. Not the same as most, but the same as a lot. I thought I knew her type. These students came early and stayed late. They'd complain and argue about grades, down to the last derisory point. They'd demand extra credit. They'd offer their free time. They'd strike up lengthy conversations on topics that I couldn't have cared less about, but which, for some reason, they assumed would endear them to me, and strike that special bond that would, in their minds, ensure a more favorable grade.

But that's not quite how it went this time.

Not with Sonia Simmons.

Not even close.


On the first day of the semester, she came into my classroom early. There was nothing spectacular about this. But whereas most of the other students came in early, dropped off their backpacks or purses or notebooks to stake claim to a chair, and only then disappeared back out into the hall or even father afoot to smoke, drink, or socialize, she came in and stayed in. Forty minutes early. She came in and found a chair in the first row of desks, directly in front of my lectern. This was an upper level course, not something the casual student would even know about, let alone elect to register for. Even still, forty minutes early was a sign of something different, something new.

She smiled at me as she set her nylon backpack down on the table. She was stunning. Her skin was a warm, golden ebony; her hair was jet black, permed straight, and then braided into two long pigtails that fell behind her ears and over her shoulders. Her eyes were brilliant white saucers framing airy green retinas that flickered in the light like pearls. She pursed her lips as she smiled--wet, and glossy. She was porn. Nothing but.

"Good morning, Dr. Corbis."

"And a good morning to you, too," I managed. I paused for a heartbeat, my mouth open.

"Sonia." She smiled again.

"Sonia," I repeated, and I smiled, too.

She wore a bright pink tank top with a glimmering white heart emblazoned on the front, and baggy, comfortable gray sweatpants--de rigueur college-wear for early-morning classes. But whereas the soft, gray fabric fell away loosely across her legs and in the delicate triangle of her crotch, it was stretched taut and firm against the two incredible globes of her young ass. They were large and round, almost perfect spheres, pressed together in an idyllic, upside-down heart shape that tapered up and flowed imperceptibly into her thin torso.

The cheeks of her ass jiggled slightly as she sat herself down on the tabletop, her feet planted on her chair. Her side faced me, and the contours of her ass held me like a siren's song. I was staring. She knew it but I didn't, yet. I didn't know anything except the soft pillows of her underside.

"Dr. Corbis?" she asked.

She's not wearing any panties.

"Yes, Sonia?"

I couldn't tell for sure, but she didn't seem to be. There was no panty line. Under that thin film of fabric, I could almost make out the individual hairs on her luscious chocolaty skin. If there had been panties, I would've seen them. I would've been able to read the label, given the stretch.

"I'm excited." She seemed to pronounce the three syllables in agonizing detail. "I'm excited about this semester. I really feel as if I'm going to come into my own."

I smiled and nodded. "It's going to be a great class. I think you'll enjoy it quite a bit."

I searched the top of her beautiful ass as she sat there--studied her lower back, surveyed every inch of her. There was no little vee, no upside down triangle, no whale tail. It didn't look as if she was wearing a thong. No panty line. No thong. Just the sweats. Just the sweats and the painful beauty of her skin underneath. My heart began to race. I felt a heavy, ticklish burn in my chest. Willing myself not to lick my lips overtly, I forced myself to focus on the stack of syllabi on the lectern. I arranged them fretfully, brushing non-existent dust from the top copy, pushing on the sides to align all of the pages in the stack perfectly.

I couldn't believe I felt what I was feeling--that she was having such a manifest effect on me. What the hell am I doing? I had to focus. This was a student. A gorgeous, amazing-looking student, but a student nonetheless. And I'd only just met her, five ten minutes ago. Why was I getting so worked up?

She smiled ever more broadly. It was a casual, coy smile. Detached. But loaded. When she opened her mouth, I saw the silver glint of a stud on her tongue. Clichéd, maybe, but it was stunning.

My mind could think of nothing but the pleasure of that stud as it rubbed against the underside of my glans.

Another student walked into the classroom, strode between Sonia and me, and headed off toward a seat in the anonymity of the back of the room. Sonia eyed the student playfully as he walked, and then left her gaze on me as he passed from view. "I know I'm going to enjoy myself," she said finally.

With this, she pulled herself off the table, and turned her back to me, ensuring that the full width of her luscious ass was offered in my direction. Almost in slow motion, she leaned forward and slinked herself down into her seat. She was moving so slowly that I could feel the breathing in my chest grow labored. Her ass-cheeks spread against her sweatpants, and they separated between the globes like beautiful sections split from an orange. It was actually difficult to breathe. Heat I hadn't felt in years radiated from my core and into my arms and my legs. It burned in my thighs and in my wrists. A delicate vertigo hit me, as I forced myself to breathe.


I was losing control.

My cock strained against my dress slacks. I grew aware of a pain in my crotch, when she spun around to face me, her long, thin arms crossed on the table, framing the cleavage of her small but firm breasts. Again, my cock twitched against my pants. My mind finally released its attention from Sonia herself. Here I was with an erection more painful than I could remember having in years. I looked at my watch.


Jesus, I thought. I have to come. Right now. What the fuck am I thinking?

Suddenly I didn't care about the dozen students huddling outside in the hall, or the four or five now seated around the classroom. I didn't care about the class, first day of the semester or not, about school, about anything. My world focused and closed and my thoughts, awareness, and needs coalesced into two distinct things: this new apparition, Sonia Simmons, and the intense, tight throbbing in my pants.

"Excuse me," I heard myself say. Hearing my voice almost took me by surprise.

Sonia smiled slyly. She seemed to be looking directly through my pants to the throbbing pink muscle shuddering between my legs.

"I'll be back in just a moment."

She eyed me with a keen interest as I rounded the lectern and disappeared out of the classroom. My thoughts weren't fully formed, but I knew where I was going. I felt a frantic energy inside me, bordering on panic. I wasn't conscious of it, but I was driven--the turgid, heavy presence, the extreme pressure in my crotch drove me. I had to release this pressure. Now. I had to release my contents. And I had to do it with Sonia in my mind, desperately urging me on. Real or not, I needed her spread bare before me, tweaking and playing with her sex as I gave her what she and I both knew she needed.

I passed a group of students too busy talking about television and sports to notice me, and made my way down the breezeway to the bathrooms at the end of the Biosciences building. I don't know how long it took, and I don't remember getting there, but I soon found myself sitting on the toilet seat, with the stall door locked in front of me. I was there, I could feel it, I could see it--but then I couldn't. All I could see was Sonia. Quick cut. Fragments of her memory, choice pieces that my mind threaded together into a short, powerful internal movie.

And I breathed. It came as a heavy gasp. It was the first time I grew conscious of respiration since Sonia turned her ass toward me in class. I smiled and shook my head. What am I doing? But my mind could register only one thought: something I desperately wanted to happen.

All I could see were the globes of Sonia's massive, brown ass in front of me, her skin kissed and gleaming with sweat like morning dew, spread open, held open by her long beautiful fingers, her French manicured nails digging softly into her ample flesh. And there she was, an offering, her tight ruby asshole puckered and gleaming and waiting for my hungry tongue. As she spread her cheeks wider, her anus spread open, inviting my tongue deep into her dark canal.

I pressed my eyes tightly closed, and rolled a large drop of spit into my hand. Having rubbed this along the head of my cock and down the shaft, I teased my index finger into my foreskin, rubbing the pad of my finger roughly against my frenulum: the bundle of nerves on the bottom of my glans. Spikes of pleasure shot down my shaft and darted around my testicles and inner thighs. Breathing heavily, I pulled the foreskin back. I let another drop of spit fall from my mouth, and rubbed this into the head of my cock. I desperately wanted to be inside her. Inside any part of her--her mouth, her cunt, but most of all her ass. I wanted to feel my hips pressing against her soft, wet ass-cheeks, my cock straining desperately to push further into her bowels.

The head of my cock was purple and throbbing and as taut as the skin of a drum. I thrust my clenched hand up and down against my shaft, licking into the air in front of me, probing Sonia's delicate asshole, licking the inside of her ass-cheeks, teasing a lick down into the base of her beautiful cunt. I could smell her on my nose and taste her on my tongue. I knew what she tasted like, and it was delicious.

My testicles grew taut. My breathing got shorter and more labored. I pumped as hard as I could on my cock. The shaft bent violently against the pounding of my hand, but all I felt was pleasure. All I felt was the musky softness of Sonia's anus on my tongue.

In a matter of seconds, it was over. My mind became an overexposed white brilliance as the pleasure exploded up my shaft, and spasms of milky come shot in long ropes from the head of my cock. The first jet hit the back of the toilet stall's door; the rest described closer arcs, landing on the tile of the floor between my legs, closer and closer, in oblong pearlescent pools. The last spasm landed in a fat glob on the crotch of my slacks, thrown there by my mad pounding of my cock.

My ears rang, and a hot faintness came over me. My heart pounded against my ribcage. My vision focused on the twitching purple head of my cock. When I closed my eyes, I could see Sonia's beautiful green eyes sparkling behind my cock. I could see her opening her beautiful, swollen lips, the thin tip of her tongue peaking out, that metal stud gleaming, and then flicking to lick the remaining come from the head of my cock. I could see her lips closing over the cock, taking it all in, sucking the last dregs of juice from my tired shaft until it stung. The sucking continued until the sting metamorphosed into the pain of an intense, burning pressure. I forced myself to breathe.

It was 8:27AM.

I was sweating like a pig. My heart pounded in my chest. I had fresh come splattered all over my hand and my slacks.

I had to get back to class.

I had to get back to Sonia.