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Evolution of an Affair
Book Two in the Order of the Black Lily
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-447-2
Genre: Romance/Romance
eBook Length: 248 Pages
Published: May 2007

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Book Two in the Order of the Black Lily

A self-reliant Westerner meets an intriguing stranger who radiates an aura of danger. Seduced into becoming Julianís mistress, Mercedes discovers that he intuitively divines her need for pain inflicted by an expert master. Sensing that Julian understands her as no one ever has, cognizant that this sometimes cruel partner reaches depths in her nature hitherto never plumbed, Mercedes swiftly grows to trust the master who relentlessly increases the demands he makes while raising her to unprecedented heights of pleasure.

Julian develops an irresistible urge to bring Mercedes as his guest when he attends the yearly gathering of his fellow members of the Order of the Black Lily. Knowing the risk he runs, he conducts a short but rigorous initiation, employing electronic devices engineered by his brother Michael. Using techniques identical to those favored by his brother, Julian gambles that Mercedesí craving for the pain he inflicts, combined with his conducting that abbreviated course of conditioning, will prevent his suffering the disgrace that would ensue should she rebel in the presence of his peers.

Fascinated both by the exotically beautiful estate where the members gather, and by the men and women she meets there, Mercedes generates intense curiosity regarding the customs and rituals of the Order. Lorenzo, the charismatic, uncannily perceptive Grand Master, instantly divines that she never underwent the full initiation, but he refrains from objecting. Mercedes adapts to a unique culture with remarkable readiness. As the week progresses, she steadily loses her inhibitions, but she retains the sturdy independence of mind inherited from her pioneer forebears.

Having discovered that any attempt on his part to employ subtle psychological techniques designed to produce a permanent suspension of his loverís will would inevitably rouse a deep-seated, stubborn refusal to submit to coercion of any sort, Julian realizes with shock that only if she freely offers herself, will Mercedes ever become his slave. He strikes a delicate balance in their relationship, even as he inexorably deepens her need for the intense pain and the breathtakingly effective erotic stimulation that enable her to achieve transcendental ecstasy in his arms.

As the week progresses, the woman voluntarily offering herself more and more fully to the master handling a sturdily independent-minded novice with delicate care and surpassing skill, achieves a relationship with her lover that proves unique in the annals of the Order.

This novel forms one of three works that describe the erotic adventures of various members of the Order of the Black Lily. Gabrielleís Awakening is available now from Double Dragon Publishing, Inc. Eternal Triangle will be published by Double Dragon later in 2007.

Evolution of an Affair (Excerpt)

Chapter One

The gray sky swept the ground, melding with sodden earth to obscure all but what lay an armís span away. A door opened, and a tall, handsome woman who moved with feline grace stepped onto the porch, and stared into the mist-shrouded environs of her home. Shaking her head in mute negation, she turned, re-entered, and thrust the hardwood barrier back into place, locking herself away from the twelve hundred eighty acres of soggy meadow and rain-drenched sagebrush comprising the outer bailey of her donjon keep. Having doffed her jacket, she hung it on a hook by the entry. Turning, she viewed the kernel of her world: the old, comfortable ranch house she pulled around herself as consciously as she had earlier donned the coat of faded blue denim.

A vivid sense of living apart from humankind struck her. The very solidity of the pleasant interior accentuated the force with which that random thought impinged. Fastening on the idea, Mercedes recalled that she had seen no one, neighbor or relative, for fiveÖno, six days now.

That realization in no way equated with loneliness. Well aware that she and her circle of acquaintances possessed few common interests, now that the beloved husband who had lived so completely in the real world of grass, cows, horses and machinery no longer served as the anchor tethering her firmly to the land he had loved, she sighed audibly as his virile, weathered, broad shouldered, larger-than-life image spread itself across her inner vision.

Wondering a trifle uneasily whether her habitual withdrawals into an interior sanctuary-a vantage point from which her physical surroundings seemed to dissolve into a mist as obscuring as that currently crouching outside the door-constituted a danger to her mental stability, the widow pondered that point.

Seconds later, she shrugged. A laugh floated out on the ambient air as she acknowledged that if such were the case, instability ranked as a prime facet of her personality. Adept at fading in and out of an intangible mental realm even while interacting with people she liked, she readily conceded that most if not all of those well-wishers who occasionally dropped in to check on her originally entered her life as friends of her late husband, not of herself.

The mental visualization changed. A well-remembered male figure stood nude, aroused, his eyes raking her every curve, his hands reaching for her. Desire stirred: need as much of the spirit as of the flesh.

Striding into her office, Mercedes yielded to a mental seduction originating deep in her psyche. Having turned on her stereo, filling the room with seductive melody that intertwined with a fiercer theme-dissonant chords evocative of passionate arousal-she seated herself at her computer. Having brought up a blank page, she stared unseeing into its flat white opacity. Yearnings never acknowledged except in the privacy of an ardent mind generated new visions.

A whiplash descended forcefully, striking a nude body shivering half in fear, half in perverse anticipation. Writhing in the bonds holding her willing self immobilized, the daydreamer welcomed the primal lust aroused by the thought of the snaking lash.