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The Dogs of Holly Warren
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-437-5
Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 100 Pages
Published: April 2007

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

The qualities that make up heroes and villains are never quite politically universal. To the average Capitan of industry, anyone who threatens his or her foundation of heroic financial security probably doesn’t fall within the category of benevolent protagonist. On the other hand, some people have managed to boil the concept of evil antagonist down to anyone who believes that ketchup packets are a major food group on the lunch menu for underprivileged school children.
To anyone who has yet to amass enough wealth to deflate the worth of upper class real estate with their mere residential presence, The Dogs Of Holly Warren might represent one bleak but entirely possible future. To the average well-to-do hard core Conservative, it might represent an authentic reason to run about in small circles while screaming like Chicken Little.
From the poverty-ridden streets of Boston’s mongrel sector, Frank Riley abandons his gang to set out on a hobo’s hunger-driven journey to the Mexican border, where available employment has been rumored in the lofty citrus-picking industry. Instead, he meets up with the looniest batch of bleeding hearts to ever live below the only remaining tax-bracket, outside the legitimate economy, and still own their own submarine.
In facing a threat to the future existence of all non-Caucasians, all of Holly Warren’s hopes ride on her aging father’s knowledge of germ warfare, and the less than heroic shoulders of a young transient who has just been dubbed with the well-deserved code name of Jackass.
By the end of the twenty-first century, the Middle Class are extinct, Medicare and Social Security are things of the past, Single-Party-Politics rule the United States with an iron fist, and the only thing standing between total Upper-Crust domination and the remaining 85% of huddled, starving, and sometimes cannibalistic masses is a ragtag network of bogus churches, and a handful of their slightly off kilter operatives.
Follow Agents Pollyanna, Big Daddy, Momma Bear, Codger, and Jackass in this Political Satire/Action Adventure/Romantic Comedy as they endeavor to turn the tables on America’s ‘Trickle Down’ destiny, and the manmade virus that threatens to sterilize an entire impoverished population.

Reviews and Awards

The Dogs of Holly Warren
Nathan Cardwell
Double Dragon Publishing
ISBN: 1-55404-437-5
Fiction, Science Fiction, Political
Reviewed by Tami Brady

The year is 2097. There are two classes of people living in what’s left of the United States: rich Arians and the poverty ridden Ethnic majority. There is no middle class. The disparity between the rich and the poor has grown exponentially. The rich live in luxury. The poor survive by luck, by deception, and often through cannibalism. The government is composed of an iron-fisted of an unopposed Republican Party. The United States has turned into a place where

"the only remaining channels in existence were FOX, CNN, and GOP, which mostly ran Single-Party political-programs and old Westerns. All three had regular tributes to Ronald Regan, all of the five Bush Presidents, and Dan Quail, who had been officially pronounced ’Genius Of The Millennia’ right after the collapse of the Democratic Party."

Frank Riley (codename Agent Jackass) is one of starving masses who lands himself a job at a soup kitchen then finds himself part of an underground chapter of bogus churches called The Dogs of Warren. While on a special mission for the gang, Frank is told of the government’s secret plan to sterilize all racially impure citizens through a top secret virus. Since the government couldn’t starve the poor to death they intend to breed them to extinction. The Dogs of Warren aim to stop this plan before it can be initiated.

The Dogs of Holly Warren is witty, ironic, and a little scary. The mere thought of any one political party running virtually unchecked is terrifying as it could easily lead to dire consequences. Moreover, the growing rates of poverty and our inability to check racism in our society could easily lead to such horrifying situations as described in this story.    

The Dogs of Holly Warren (Excerpt)


Although the following storyline is purely fiction, it holds enough purported truism, actual truism, possible truism, and probably impossible altruism to piss off just about half of the readers who ever, or more than likely, never read this political satire/action adventure/romantic comedy.

In The Dogs Of Holly Warren, the Republicans (who seem to have become kissing cousins of The Third Reich) are indeed the bad guys. But are they in reality? Well, if you were to ask the average hardcore Democrat (or just about anyone of dubious ethnicity who doesn’t live in a ’nice’ neighborhood) that question, the answer would most likely echo resoundingly in the affirmative. But were you to ask the average (get your grubby subhuman hand out of my wallet and get back to shuffling like a good financially indentured employee who doesn’t deserve the minimum wage I’m paying you for the manual labor no self-respecting Republican will ever have to do as long as I have you) big businessman, well, I suppose the answer would depend on whether or not they were under hypnosis.

Unfortunately, my story has no Democrats. They’ve all gone the way of the dodo, primarily as a result of actions taken by the bad guys, and secondarily, by actions never taken by the Democrats in the name of self-preservation, hence the dodo comparison. Nevertheless, as the not-quite-so-nonpartisan creator of this single-party world, set in a not so far away tomorrow, I assure you, Republicans do not wear the white hats.

My take on one possible extreme is nothing but the tongue-in-cheek absurdity it’s meant to be, and could just as easily have gone the other way, with wild-hair, bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, mamma’s-boy Liberals overpowering the very commercial foundations of what keeps America the towering giant of heroic financial security that many peons wouldn’t miss until it vanished…. Ummm, yeah, hang on. Give me a chance to stop laughing…. Sorry ’bout that. My literary preferences tend to lean toward sci-fi and fantasy, with the occasional side trip into an all-out, full-on flying fit of unfounded fancy. Or maybe I could just put the vodka back in the cabinet until I finish writing.

So, if you’re not a Democrat (and even if you are) and this novel rubs you the wrong way, (even though it’s just a work of fiction) then I will thank you to kindly pucker up and kiss my jackass!