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Conqueror’s Quest
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-366-2
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 223 Pages
Published: June 2006

From inside the flap

The Sapien people live on the dying planet of Venus. Their need to escape to a new world where they can continue to exist leads them to the third rock from the Sun, Earth.

It is not enough that the natives of Earth, primitive Neanderthals known as Crows are willing to share their resources. The technologically advanced Sapiens desire more than a place to call home, they desire a place to dominate.

It is up to two heroes, each a different species of human, to find a peaceful means of co-existing between the Crows and the Sapiens.

Conqueror’s Quest (Excerpt)


The dactalcon soared through the air of the eastern shores of Pangea flapping its wings fiercely against the winds bouncing off the ocean. The Neanderthal rider leaned into the reptilian bird’s scaly neck hoping to catch another glimpse of the alien ship that had burned in from the sky.

The beings who poured out of the vessel were similar in shape and form to his people, with a few exceptions. The intruders had small, flat foreheads and petite frames compared to the men of the Crow Republic Empire. These aliens had corresponding body parts, including two eyes with considerably less hair.

The rider drew the reins of his flying lizard hard to one side, forcing the animal to veer into the thick clouds that lined the coastline. It was imperative Emperor Pernius be alerted to his new guests.

The prophecies of the ancient shamans had been fulfilled. Many of the elder mages shared stories of a similar race living on stars beyond Earth. "One day? One day, they will come," they said.