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Nevada Gold
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-353-0
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 197 Pages
Published: May 2006

From inside the flap

Take two old prospectors who have turned into ghosts, one modern day writer/photographer, and one handsome, if somewhat absent-minded mine owner and mix them up with an explosion gone awry in the Nevada mining town of Peavine. Add to that a time difference of over 130 years, and the chances for romance, mishaps and mayhem are as abundant as Nevada Gold.

Zeke and Lucky, two prospectors, who have been floating around the ghost town of Peavine since they died in 1870, have been charged with finding a way to undo the accident that killed their friend, Jesse Cole. When they spy Ellie wandering around Peavine, they realize the time has come, because she looks exactly like Jesse’s girlfriend, Elizabeth. They manage to transport Ellie back in time to 1870 prior to the accident, but then find they must act as her guides and mentors to keep her from blurting out the truth.

Ellie, a thoroughly modern woman, has a hard time coping with the lack of a microwave, electricity, and other modern conveniences, and she really does not want to be in 1870. But then she meets Jesse, the man she’s supposed to save from an untimely death. His gallantry and handsomeness, not to mention the terrific way he kisses, soon has Ellie questioning her need to return to the twenty-first century.

NEVADA GOLD is a light-hearted romance as Zeke and Lucky attempt to keep Ellie in line while trying to discover what went wrong the first time in history so they can prevent it from happening again.

Reviews and Awards

If you have never read a Barb Baldwin book, you do not know what you are missing.  If you have, Nevada Gold, her latest is perhaps the best of Ms. Baldwin’s this reviewer has read. 
Cigarette smoking, tough as nails Ellie is a modern day writer, who is sent by her editor to Peavine, Nevada to do an article on ghost towns. Not her ideal kind of assignment and to add insult to injury, she ends up abandoned in Peavine with no phone, no car and no one to help her. After all, it is a ghost town. Well, actually she does find someone to talk to. Two someones?Lucky and Zeke?two miners who seem to appear out of nowhere. What Ellie doesn?t know is that Lucky and Zeke are ghosts who, because of a mistake made back in 1870, haven?t been able to move beyond the mine tunnel they died in. The problem is, it wasn?t just a mistake or an accident, only Lucky and Zeke aren?t exactly sure what happened. All they really know is that their employer, Jesse Cole, died on July 4, 1870 and it’s up to them to keep it from happening. 
At first Ellie is less than pleased to find herself in the Peavine of 1870. No pre-rolled cigarettes, no coffeemaker, no jeans, nothing to redeem the town until she meets Jesse Cole. What Zeke and Lucky noticed right off is that Ellie looks like Elizabeth, the woman Jesse has planned to marry. But Elizabeth is not the sweet lady she seems. She, along with her paramour Clayton Scott, have designs on Jesse’s mine and the only way to get that mine is for Jesse to cease to exist. In a race against time, finding herself falling in love with Jesse, Ellie begins to fear she will not be able to save Jesse and that the force that sent her back in time will snatch her away before she can tell him she loves him.
Twists, turns, memorable characters and a ?can?t put down? story are the trademarks that make Ms. Baldwin’s stories so wonderful. Each character is so well drawn you feel like you know them. What reader doesn?t know a self-centered, all about me woman like Elizabeth? Who doesn?t have at least one older uncle who’s a bit cantankerous and a tad forgetful, but so easy to love like Zeke or Lucky? And who doesn?t wonder if they could find a man like Jesse? Let us not forget the epitome of nasty ? Clayton Scott.  
From the first moment when this reviewer saw the cover of NEVADA GOLD I was drawn into the story. The cover epitomizes the shades of this most enjoyable read?from the colorful minor depicted in the foregoing giving way to the shades of gray in the background, so goes Nevada Gold. Elle’s life goes from what she thinks is exciting to the realization of it’s drab grayness?and while at first she finds Peavine of 1870 to be an uninteresting gray kind of place, she finds herself more alive than ever before. 
When Ms. Baldwin describes the every day conveniences Elle is forced to do without, she relates the struggle in a way we can all relate to. Waking without the morning coffee, craving that one thing that we turn to when we need to de-stress, adjusting to a new way of living. The reader can find him or herself as one of the characters in the story. Each time this reviewer thinks Ms. Baldwin has written her most outstanding story, she is pleasantly surprised when the newest is released. NEVADA GOLD  leaves this reviewer eagerly anticipating what will come next.
Readers will find NEVADA GOLD  to be a highpoint in their 2006 reading.
Gina, Love Romances & More
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Nevada Gold (Excerpt)


Peavine, Nevada Territory--July 4, 1870

"You must undo the disaster that happened." A gravelly voice scraped against the dark cave walls, echoing in the frigid air.

Zeke shook in his boots, searching the gloom to locate the body that should have accompanied the voice. He could feel shivers shoot up and down his spine. Glancing at Lucky, he could see him, but couldn?t really see him. His brother shimmered against the dark walls of the mine, his scruffy beard and wrinkled face casting a glow such as it never had in real life.

Real life. That was the stickler, they had recently found out. Zeke and his twin brother, Lucky, had spent sixty years on this earth. Now it ?peared they both run plum out of any kind of luck. Else ways, why would they be shimmering in the dark hole of a mine, speaking to a body they couldn?t see and having visions of the devil hisself rising up to take them to hell?

"Are we dead, Zeke?" Lucky always was slow on the uptake.

"Of course, we?re dead. You think you glow like that ?cuz you took a bath last Saturday night?" Zeke growled at his brother.

"It doesn?t appear to have sunk into your thick skulls just exactly what has happened." The voice came again, a blast of cold air against the old miners. Their worn flannel shirts did little to deflect the chill.

"We?re dead, so I guess something pretty bad happened." Zeke figured if he was dead, he couldn?t get no deader, so he might as well have his say.

"Your situation can be changed, if you decide to undo the disaster that occurred."

"What’s he talking about, Zeke?"

"Jesse Cole’s dead." Zeke didn?t know how Lucky could forget that.

"We didn?t mean for that to happen," Lucky said, tears springing to his eyes, for he had always been the emotional one. "It were an accident, pure and simple."

"I know," replied Zeke, "but we was his friends and we should?ve been watching his back." Nobody could feel worse about Jesse’s death than Zeke, but he didn?t see how nobody could change the facts.

"Jesse Cole is dead, and he shouldn?t be. It wasn?t his time, and plans had been made for him." The voice continued, gloomy as a hanging judge. "When something like this happens, it upsets the entire master plan, as well as the individual scheme of things. Numerous other incidents will occur that shouldn?t, and those in turn cause other accidents, which in turn? You see what I mean. So you will just have to go back and fix it."

The voice, hard and unrelenting, grated on Zeke’s nerves.

"How we going to do that?" Lucky questioned.

"Your current state of being allows you certain, shall we say knowledge, and you?ll know when and where."

"Oh, boy." Zeke didn?t liked the sound of that.

"There’s just one thing you must remember. You can?t tell anyone in Peavine what happened."

"How we going to manage that? Won?t Jesse know he ain?t dead no more?" Silence answered Lucky’s question.

Zeke looked madly around. While he tried to find the source of the voice, at the same time, he almost hoped he couldn?t.

"Hello?" Lucky’s voice quaked.

More silence. Zeke looked at Lucky, who stared back at him. Shrugging their shoulders, they turned and trudged toward daylight at the end of the tunnel.