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Back From The Bend
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-352-2
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 143 Pages
Published: May 2006

From inside the flap

This collection of short stories is a great way to introduce yourself to Fictionwise Author Of The Year Darrell Bain. The stories are annotated by the author and interspersed with excerpts from his popular newsletter as well as articles published elsewhere. Read about the little girl who can talk to animals, but no one believes her. About a young autistic boy who changes the world by playing with magnets. About an invasion by aliens who look like birds. Find out about the strange pets Neanderthals keep. Discover how a loser in the sex wars uses science to enhance his chances, with catastrophic results. Learn how the world ended?or did it? Laugh at the antics of authorities trying to corral a grade school supergenius who won?t be stymied in her quest for knowledge. These and other stories will give you hours of reading pleasure as you delve into the fiction and non-fiction writing of Darrell Bain.

Back From The Bend (Excerpt)


My first collection of Short Stories, Around The Bend, was also published by Double Dragon when it first came out in electronic editions, commonly called E-books. The difference between Around The Bend and Back From The Bend is that my first collection included all my short fiction written over a period of almost fifteen years, most of which had never been published. It wasn?t until I became somewhat of an icon in the world of electronic fiction that I was able to get most of it looked at.

This present volume consists of stories written and published in 2005 and 2006 with the exception of Threeís A Crowd. I pulled that little gem from a bunch of old unpublished material I was going through to see if any of it could be salvaged. Most of it was over twenty years old and suitable only for lining trash cans or as kindling to start fires with on cold winter mornings (and yes, we do get cold mornings in Houston. Besides, my office where I do all of my writing is converted from a garage and not well insulated. I need those fires some mornings to get my fingers working properly).

Threeís A Crowd had to be extensively re-written before it was publishable, but it did receive a good reaction from fans. (And yes, E-book authors receive fan mail just like print authors. I get lots of it these days, relatively speaking). Other than that one story, all the material here is relatively new, and hopefully shows signs of a more mature writer than the stories from my first collection. The fans have rated them pretty well, anyway, so thatís encouraging.

The stories here are listed in no particular order other than three which are grouped together. You?ll see the explanation for why that is when you come to them.

A few fans have asked, why so many short stories all of a sudden? The answer is easy. I had pretty well burned up my keyboard from late 2004 to mid 2005 writing novels, and decided I needed a break. I keep a little folder of ideas for prospective stories on hand. Several of the ideas weren?t the type I wanted to make a whole novel of, so I decided to try my hand at short stories again. Well, actually, I rewrote Threeís A Crowd first, but never mind. Anyway, there was this idea I had lurking in that folder, about a scientist using genetics to improve his personality so he could pick up more girls. I batted about 0.025 during my bachelor days so perhaps thatís the origin of the idea. Or maybe it came from my habit of overindulging quite frequently in my younger years. Whatever, that began the exodus from novels into short stories for a while.

I also started a newsletter in 2005 that has proved popular, and for this collection I?ve added excerpts from the newsletter which got the most reaction from readers. The complete newsletters are archived on my web site, for interested readers. Shucks, I found it kind of interesting to go back and look at them again!

This collection also includes a couple of articles published on the internet but probably not seen by my regular readers.

I?ll have a few more words to say in a prologue to each story that follows, but for now letís have me stop my ramblings and let you get on with reading some fiction, which I?m pretty sure is why you bought this book to begin with.

Darrell Bain

May, 2006

Shepherd, Texas