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Edge of Dreams
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-297-6
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 205 Pages
Published: September 2005

From inside the flap

Do you dream?
Can you remember your dreams?

Ricky could. And when he came face to face with the characters of his dreams, he realised that they were more than just night visions. Somehow he was seeing another world ? a world that was soon to seem more real than his own when he met the charismatic Calith and became involved in Calithís fight to prove his allegiances to his masters. And when Calith betrayed them all to the powers of darkness, Ricky found he could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the match. He was a player now ? a player with a unique talent that just might win them the game.

For Ricky didn?t just see other worlds in his dreams. He could create them...

Edge of Dreams (Excerpt)


Ricky was dreaming again. The same place and the same people night after night, like the next episode of a good soap opera. To start off with, it had been no more than snatches of conversation?whispered words he?d recall the following day and wonder if he?d overheard them somewhere?but the last few nights, there had been more detail. Sounds and atmosphere, tension in the air, as if he was really there.

This time, the dream unfolded slowly, the characters coming into focus like a replay of an old movie. A room, with a high ceiling and no windows; a central table surrounded by dozens of empty chairs?and people. Voices indistinct, their movements were sluggish for a moment until the speed of the film picked up and their words became understandable.

"Who is he?" The man sitting alone at the end of the long table tapped its highly polished surface lightly with short neat fingernails. "You have a name?"

"His name is Ricky." The roomís only other occupant was pacing the floor. His whole appearance suggested an extrovert character, from the long multi-coloured hair down to the scruffy boots?a direct contrast to the other manís formal attire. "Heís already strong, Vayan. Stronger than he realises."

"Then heís a danger, Calith. Will you accept that responsibility?"

Calith, younger by at least two decades, was silent for a moment. "If need be, yes," he said finally. "He has a feel for the power; a natural instinct. He?ll learn."

"You play with fire." The man sighed. "You?re sure?"

Calith nodded as he paused on the other side of the table. He bit his lip. "Let him stay in his own world. Let me talk to him."

"No," said Vayan firmly. "You may watch?but no more than that."

"Itís too late for watching! Itís time for action."

"Calith, I said no." Vayan stood up, nodding to the guard at the door. "Now for once in your life, do as you?re told!"

Calith didn?t answer as Vayan left the room, but he stood at the end of the table and kicked the manís chair as the door closed.

The dream altered subtly, blurring and reforming and Calith looked up sharply, frowning as if he sensed an intrusion. Suddenly, there was an indefinable aura hanging over the room, which grew in magnitude even as it focused on Calith, who was rigid now, staring at something unseen across the table.

Images flickered, changing rapidly, but now the pictures were memories. Scenes of a young boy crying for the parents he?d never see again; the same child, but older now, desperately trying to remember the past. Childish fun becoming terror and marking a turning point in his life.

Calith shook his head and the nightmares cleared. But even as these were his visions, so he was a part of another and as the scenes clouded over, he faded into the mists of sleep. Within seconds, the huge room was gone; just another one in the myriad of worlds that only exist on the edge of the night. In dreams.