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Dark Unicorn
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-273-9
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 143 Pages
Published: July 2005

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Chenille didn?t expect to see a horse, much less a unicorn by the stream that morning. But there it was! And even more surprising was its offer, yes offer! ...of a ride. It seemed this unicornís name was Thunder and they could communicate.

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Dark Unicorn
Dave Kuzminski
reviewed by Barry Hunter

Chenille happens to see a dark horse drinking from the stream behind her house and as she approaches for a better look, she discovers that it is a unicorn. When she touches his horn, something magical happens and she is able to understand his language and goes for a ride and ends in a different place and time to help him free the other unicorns that have been captured.

This is the first of several adventures that Chenille and Thunder share as she helps him save the unicorns and learn what she plans to do with her life. There are several close calls as she and Thunder are almost caught when he returns to her time to pick her up and return her.

There are some adventures in time as Chenille learns the skills she needs to survive in her travels. Chenille matures and learns with each adventure and is an interesting character that will, hopefully, have many more adventures.

One thing that is for sure when picking up a work by Dave Kuzminski is that it will have interesting characters and unusual settings and ideas. Don?t pass up anything of his, itís always a treat.

Dark Unicorn (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Chenille paused in her tracks, her eyes wide open, her mouth slowly opening to hang slack jawed at the unexpected sight before her. There was no mistaking, even from the back, the dark horse that stood before her drinking from the stream that meandered just behind her backyard. Certainly, he had to come from somewhere as she was positive that her folks hadn?t purchased a horse for her. Besides, where would she keep such an animal with only a half-acre lot? Still, there was no reason that she couldn?t at least observe the magnificent beast as it drank its fill from a stream that held little attraction, aside from the guppies that someone had dumped in it long ago. Most of the fish were no longer as colorful as in earlier years, having reverted to a wild state once more.

Then the beautiful creature lifted his head causing Chenille to gasp. Her angle hadn?t provided her with a view of his awesome horn that she now saw, dispelling any notions of ordinary equine heritage. He turned toward her and stared as Chenilleís mouth opened and closed without uttering a word while her eyes continued to feast upon his features. Somehow, though she?d later be hard-pressed to explain how, she managed to step closer to the beautiful creature whose head stood just a hand taller than herself. Chenille stretched out a hand and shuddered when her fingers came into contact with the rich coat of the unicornís neck without scaring him off. Her hand wandered up naturally to his head and only barely touched the horn to ascertain that it wouldn?t give itself away as fake by wobbling when touched.

For a moment, Chenille thought she was getting dizzy or ill. It took that moment for the sudden swirling images that invaded her mind to settle before she understood what had just happened to her. Then she knew, without further explanation, something magical had taken place upon touching him.

"You want a ride?"

"Oh my, I can understand you."

"That happens to those who are harmonious with my own vibrations of being. You?ve gained the gift of many tongues. If you do not, then I?ll be on my way."

"You?re actually offering me a ride?"

"You don?t believe me?"

"Well, sure, but you don?t have a saddle."

"You won?t need one. I won?t try to throw you. Be quick about it. I don?t want to remain here much longer. Itís not safe for me."

"Well, uh, yes. I?d like a ride. Can you bend down some so I can climb on?"

The unicorn kneeled just enough so Chenille could swing one blue-jeaned leg across while grabbing a handful of mane. She was just barely seated when the world disappeared.

"Where are..." she started to ask, only to have one of the swirling images she absorbed earlier come to the forefront of her mind showing her that she was traveling through time and space as only a dark unicorn could. "Never mind, I think I know now."

"You?re assimilating the knowledge you gained. That is good. Will you help me free the others?"

For a moment, Chenille struggled to grasp what Thunder? Yes, she suddenly realized his name was Thunder. For a brief moment, she sorted through the images he?d passed on to her when she touched his horn. Slowly, she understood that others of his kind, unable to travel through time as he could, were imprisoned. "Itís not easy, Thunder."

"If it was easy, I could do it myself."

"I meant, understanding the knowledge you gave me. Itís all so jumbled."

"Ah, well, you?ll understand more and more with experience. Itís been a long time since I?ve been with a human. Not many are capable of relating. Quite possibly, you?re not a perfect match. That could be why the knowledge is so jumbled as you call it. If so, I?ll try to keep that in mind before expecting you to always understand what I mean. But you?re still very young, so thereís time to learn."

"I?m seventeen, I?ll have you know!"

"And I?m well over forty in your system of counting years. Believe me, itís not easy for me to keep track since I can travel through time," Thunder replied.

"Are you trying to remind me to respect my elders?"

"Not at all, since not everyone who attains age is worth hearing. What I?m trying to point out is that you?re still in your peak for learning."

An image intruded momentarily upon Chenilleís vision. "You didn?t tell me those men are armed. I don?t know how to fight."

Daylight suddenly opened up as Thunder broke through into what was clearly another time. "Itís just now morning here. Not bad at all, if I might say so."

"Not bad for what?" Chenille asked.

"For a sudden stop and getting us here at this time of day instead of some other. Really, you wouldn?t like it if I happened to arrive during the night and struck something hard."

"Why not? Well, aside from the fact that you might get hurt, that is."

"If I get hurt, you could be stranded here. Plus, you could be hurt."

"Well, I?m glad you do care about that. However, you haven?t said anything about the fact that I can?t fight."

"You can learn. Fortunately, we have time for that. In fact, thatís why we?re here instead of in the time where my friends are being held. I would have kept going to their time if you hadn?t mentioned that you can?t fight. First, I?ll obtain some weapons for you. Then we?ll find an instructor. I feel certain that you?ll do fine."