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Letters to a Girl
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-252-6
Genre: Romance/Romance
eBook Length: 212 Pages
Published: June 2005

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Brought together inside an average summer night, she pulled him in without realizing what would eventually come. College was of little importance to him, as adulthood and its life draining steps would ultimately destroy his inner spirit. She was awaiting the white picket fence of the All-American suburb dream that would be hers someday. With one spontaneous action, the first time they kissed sparked a sense of commitment, visions of love beautiful and painful to feel, and ultimately a bond forged within midnight runs, binge drinking, friendship, choices, blood, broken minds, betrayal, and salvation.

The First Time We Kissed documents a fictional struggle inside the peculiar years after high school where a person is supposed to evolve into something more. We follow one manís story of the one who got away over and over again. It just wasn?t in them. Not marriage, not the miles, and not even a tragic accident could wash away what they had innocently built within each other over so many years. These letters tell a story appearing to glamorize a Northern Central states problem that is passed on from generation to generation, decade after decade to this day, which is excess. Get in the car, toss the driver a beer, and do a little tripping. Harmless, isn?t it?


Letter 1: Into This World We Are Thrown

This is crazy, and I?ll be the first to admit it, but I still love you, or at least the idea of you. Young, warm, and willing to try anything I did or asked you to do. We struck out on a journey that took us well beyond the boundaries of our not so innocent souls in search of life and love. Living for the moment inside of each individual party, we met. You were drinking. Strange as it may have seemed I was on the wagon for an entire weekend. My parents had gotten on my case about not concentrating on college or a future, and that the misguided path I was on would end in a broken down wreck of a life.

So there I was proving to myself that I didn?t need to drink in order to have a good time. My gift for being the only sober person at the Bienek house was you. Like most freshmen to the game you were emotionally high, as you made your way down the stairs into the living area next to the pool table. The room was packed with drinkers from various clicks throughout our small town that created a surge of power much larger than anyone expected.

I don?t remember how we began talking, but your spirit pulled me right in. Although it was difficult to concentrate on you because our conversation was continuously interrupted, you and I still managed to make a connection. It was electric when your warm brown eyes invited me in for a kiss. Without restraint or regard for tackiness, we continued to kiss periodically between words, while we remained enveloped in the uproar of our peers flailing away into the night. The noise rattling off the cinder walls of the basement was silenced in my mind by your smile, as we focused in on each other. It was you and I. It was spontaneous and beautiful.

Later on, when it was time to go, I walked you out to your ride. Before I knew it, you were pulled away from me by Mitch Anfinson. I took this as some kind of challenge. Stepping up into his face, I wanted to know what the deal was.

I?ll give it to your brotherís friend because he didn?t back down. But he did squirm out of the situation by telling me he was only looking out for his best friendís sister. The reputation that me and my friends were womanizers and excessive partiers drew attention, and sometimes admiration from anyone who knew about us. After Mitch played his good-Samaritan card well enough for me to be cool, and for you to be cautious, you put your arm around my waist and we walked away. Staring straight into the start of a night that seemed like it would never end you and I became each otherís future, present, and ultimately a part of each otherís history.