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A Dragonís Tail
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-234-8
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Medieval
eBook Length: 297 Pages
Published: March 2005

Total Readers: 11

From inside the flap

Look for three--
One old enemy,
One a stranger to her kin and kind.
And look for the One from the rising sun,
Who?ll know them both and seek and find.

From "The Song of Three"
As sung by Nabon d?Lyre

Centra, a foundling child grown to manhood, longs to learn his true identity. With no memory of his parents, no knowledge of his past, he is certain of only one thing -- he is not a wizard. Taught to fear and distrust wizards by his foster father, Centra knows heís not one of "those spineless cowards."

Heís wrong.

Driven by a compulsion placed on him in infancy, Centra embarks on a quest to discover who and what he really is. He finds many friends on his journey -- including a baby dragon, a cynical bard, and a lonely demon -- and makes one powerful enemy, the malevolent Lord Guardian of Umbra. Willing to destroy anything that threatens his plans for glory, the Guardian forces Centra into a terrible decision -- embrace the power he despises or lose all he holds dear.

Reviews and Awards

This was really a good story. Will there be a sequel? - Chere Gruver

"A fascinating story, full of unpredictable twists" ~Kathryn Sullivan, author of THE CRYSTAL THRONE

"A Dragon's Tale is a grand adventure that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. I only hope this is only the first of a series of adventures for Centra." Karen Woods, author The Reluctant Countess, Suitors and Scoundrels, Stalking the Phoenix, Maggie's Hunt, and The Only One.

"A DRAGON'S TAIL features a host of unexpected, compelling creatures, each with a purpose and a journey to make toward self-discovery and the defeat of the evil wizard Pestilence. Even as I knew the final page of the book was nearing, I wasn?t ready to see the last of Centra, his sweet dragon
Yucky, Nabon, and the demon Lilith. A DRAGON'S TAIL ends with the strange band of friends determining to pursue the villain and stop his evil quest. I know I won?t be the only reader clamoring for an ongoing series that begins with this exciting offering." ~Karen Wiesner, author of MIRROR MIRROR


Yet Another Book Review

Cute Young Adult fantasy written in the good-verses-evil sword & sorcery style...

The action and plotting in A DRAGON'S TAIL are good. The editing is excellent. The world-building is decent. But the characterization is rather flat, an inherent failing common in the good-verses-evil theme. This book is recommended for readers who have a preference for reading stories within an absolute value system.

KC Heath

 Review of A DRAGON'S TAIL


 Imagine a mother trying to protect her son from Umbran commandos and the only way to save him is through sorcery and sacrifice.

Then imagine a baby dragon, newly weaned from the nest, frightened by a young boy--a very young boy who smells of magic and wizards--whose first word to the dragon is "Yucky!" after he bites the dragon's tail!!!!

(I should say YUCKY! Shame on that boy!)

And finally, imagine that these two younglings unknowingly bond, their two souls intertwine, their thoughts and emotions now shared, but only the dragon recalls this bond.

Thus sets the stage for a wonderful new fantasy titled A DRAGON'S TAIL.

Tail? Tail, you ask? Don't you mean Tale?

Not this time.

A DRAGON'S TAIL is a worthy read. Carrie S. Masek and William B. Masek have come up with an interesting twist to the old dragon tales, (yes, tales, not tail ) creating an adventure that smoothly blends a dash of ancient lore, a smidgeon of science fiction and a large dollop of pure fantasy! Oh, and I forgot to mention, this tale is peppered with mystery.

(I must be hungry!)

To tell you too much would ruin the adventures and spoil the fun. Buy the book! You won't be disappointed! Within its pages, you'll discover along with the main character, Centra, his unknown past, his shadowy future and why a dragon and a powerful wizard seek him. Oh, and you will discover why this is called A DRAGON'S TAIL. I promise.

I give the tale five flames!!!

Reviewed by Talwyn, one of seven resident dragons at The Fractured Publisher


A Dragonís Tail (Excerpt)


They were doomed.

Huddled against sun-baked stone, Gaylen cradled her son Centra in a futile attempt to shelter him from the battle?from the clash of blades, the smell of blood, the screams. Wave after wave of men in black battle harness crashed against the thinning wall of their defenders. The Umbran commandos had ambushed their party at the mouth of the pass and driven them against the base of a cliff. They had no place left to run.

Centra stirred, but an improvised spell kept the toddler locked in slumber. She brushed the curls from his flushed forehead and kissed his brow. All she?d wanted was a little more time with him, a few more days until the wizards of the White Circle claimed him. Now, half a dayís journey to the top of the pass and safety, she might lose him forever.

Twin drops splashed Centraís cheek. Tears. Gaylen squeezed her eyes shut to stop the flow.They had one hope. Despite the consequences, she would have to use sorcery. Though her arms already ached with loss, she kissed Centra again and laid him on a patch of grass near her feet.

She straightened and thrust her hands over her head. From memories she?d hoped to leave forever untouched, she summoned the words she needed. Power surged through her chest and erupted from her fingertips in a crackling blue arc. It rose above her defenders and plummeted into the black ranks. The ground shook, bodies flew, and a gap appeared. More power, more gaps, and always, more soldiers to fill them. Her fingers began to tremble and the world began to blur.

A blade sliced the guard in front of her, collarbone to hip. Hot blood splattered her face and broke Gaylenís concentration. She grabbed the manís shoulders and screamed a healing spell, but it was too late. He was dead. All her men were dead and her choices dead with them. All but one.

Words hammered her grief and rage intoraw, barely restrained power. Wielding it like a scythe, she vaporized the men rushing toward her.

While her remaining foes hesitated, she crouched beside Centra. "My will to yours, so destiny chose; seek the Sisters of the Rose."

He whimpered in his sleep as if he understood the compulsion she?d placed upon him. Gaylen hugged him to her breast. "Forgive me, dear heart, and fare well."

The dizziness that always followed her sorcery washed over her, but she stood and hurled Centra into the air on a stream of words. The spell wrapped around him in a glittering shield and carried him over the top of the cliff to the shelter of the trees above.

Once he was safe, she lowered her gaze to the soldiers, who stood motionless, necks craned to watch her sonís flight. Sorrow washed over her, sorrow, grief and guilt. So many men, so many deaths. She lowered her arms and spread them, as if to embrace her one-time enemies. "Now," she sobbed and burst into a storm of flame that engulfed them all.

High above, Centra dropped onto the root of an ancient oak, woke and began to cry.