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The Bag Of Bones Mystery
Volume 7
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-226-7
Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Adventure
eBook Length: 82 Pages
Published: February 2005

From inside the flap

Meghan and Georgina live for riding and when the local doctor invites them to ride two of his prized horses their happiness has no limit. Both 10-year old girls are fierce competitors and their archrival Cassie challenges them in the district-jumping contest. But this is only the beginning of a challenge to both Georgina and to Meghan. Lives are at risk as Meghan finds, escaping her kidnappers in a ride that is worse than anything she has ever experienced and is more challenging than a jumping contest. Riding in darkness in a fierce thunderstorm is almost beyond her ability, but if she doesn?t find help people will be lost.

The Bag Of Bones Mystery (Excerpt)

The Bag Of Bones Mystery

"Well I don?t have any broken bones." Meghan said out loud. She got to her feet painfully and brushed off the dirt from her riding breeches. The sound of hoof beats took her attention away from her sore spots.

"Are you O.K.?" a concerned girl of ten asked.

"Oh, I guess I am, but thatís the worst fall I?ve had. Thanks for coming back for me. Spike is such a jumpy horse. A rabbit spooked him. One moment I was going like the wind, the next he was out of sight and I lay crumpled on the ground."

"Can you ride? Should I go for help?" Georgina asked.

"I think so," her sister replied, as she looked around for her delinquent horse.

Georgina gave a sharp whistle and then another. Off in the distance a horse whinnied and willingly approached at a gallop.

"Here, Meg, I?ll give you a boost up," Georgina said, as she jumped off her horse, Topper.

"Thatís better!" Meghan sighed. "I don?t think I?ll try the Pearl Gate jump. Letís head back to the school."

Georgina turned Topper in the direction of Hacettís Riding Academy and Spike followed.

"Back so soon?" questioned the riding instructor June Bishop. "Is anything wrong?"

"Meghan took a bad fall when Spike was frightened by a rabbit," Georgina informed her.

"Oh, let me see, Meg, I?ll lift you down. Are you hurting all over or somewhere in particular?"

"Oh, here and there, but I just need a break. I?m sure everything will be fine."

"Well, I?d better drive you girls home and then your Mother can decide. You should have a checkup just to be on the safe side. Come on, I don?t want to lose my prized riders to injury and early retirement."

Dorothy Small listened to June Bishopís advice. With a shake of her head she ignored the protest that Meghan began to raise.

"No, I think June is right. Itís better to be safe. Jump in the car and we?ll go to see Dr. Williams, our new doctor. June, thanks again, I?ll get back to you."

Dr. Williams practiced in their small agricultural community, called Spoonerville. Meghan resigned herself as her mother described her reason for coming to Ruth, Dr. Williams? nurse.

"Just take a seat, the doctor will be finished in a moment." A door opened and Mrs. Brown from the pharmacy came out. "Thank you very much Dr. Williams. Good day."

"Now, young lady, whatís this I hear about you falling off a horse?"

Meghan reddened. "I didn?t fall off the horse, I was thrown off," she replied in her defense.

"Come into my examination room." The nurse picked up a blank examination form and followed them.

Meghan was pleased by what she saw. On the walls of the small room were six pictures of horses. Two were photographs of a cup presentation.

"Now, can you tell me what happened?" Dr. Williams asked in a friendly voice.

"Spike was spooked by a rabbit and I ended up flying over his head when he swerved in a new direction."

"Is that Spike the one at Hacettís?" Dr. Williams questioned.

"Yes, heís a real jerk at times," Meghan replied.

Dr. Williams laughed and began his examination. He checked her chest, her arms and legs. He listened to her chest as she breathed in and out. He took her pulse. He made her do eye coordination exercises.

"Nothingís wrong. You?re going to have a couple of large bruises though. Spike has always been skittish. A trick I learned was to place blinkers on him," Dr. Williams commented.

"Do you ride very much?" Meghan asked, immediately interested.

"Yes I do. Those two photos are of Cleo and Chief. Cleo, my mare, has won first place ribbons at the Twin Forks jump-off. Chief is going to be a winner too. I?m riding them at the county trials in two weeks. Yes, I?m a horse person, heart and soul."

"Oh, I love riding, too. Spikeís not that bad really. I?m going to ride with my sister at the county trials. Maybe you can show us Chief and Cleo."

"Mrs. Small, Meghan is going to be all right. There is no significant damage. She?ll be sore for a little while, which is understandable. Your daughter and I have a common interest. I?m looking forward to seeing her ride. Feel free to drop in any time, Meghan."

"Dr. Williams seems to be a nice man," Dorothy commented.

"Yes...yes he is. Heís going to show Georgina and me his horses at the competition. Oh, I can hardly wait."