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The Rainbow Warrior
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-186-4
Genre: Young Adult/Mystery
eBook Length: 78 Pages
Published: October 2004

From inside the flap

A letter from an elderly aunt brings the Small family to Britain. There the children discover that Dame Hesselford, their motherís great aunt is being haunted. They decide to find out what is happening and why someone is trying to force the old lady from her home. Their search brings them into the mystery of the lost treasure of Queen Boadicea, a British queen who fought against the Romans. Their attempt at solving the mystery brings them into an underground passage and when their way to escape is blocked, it is up to the ingenuity of the children to find a way out.

The Rainbow Warrior (Excerpt)


Dorothy Small walked back from the end of her lane. She had tucked the stack of letters, fliers and bills under her arm because the headlines in their local paper, the Windslow Times, had caught her attention. A reporter named Harvey Lee described an article about a meteor sighting and its potential landing in their district. The incident had occurred last night when several farmers and some of the residents of their town Spoonerville had reported either hearing a sizzling sound, or seeing a flame incandescent stream across the sky. This was something her two six-year old girls, Meghan and Georgina, as well as Michael aged ten and Andrew thirteen, could get excited about. The girls were nearly identical cousins. Because Georginaís arrival in their family was rather complicated, Dorothy and her husband had found it easier to let people assume the girls were twins. None of her children objected to this arrangement.

The telephone rang as she walked back into the kitchen.

"Yes, can I help you?" she said as she answered the phone.

"This is the telegraph office at Twinforks. Thereís a telex for Dorothy Small at RR#3 Spoonerville. Can someone come and get it?" the caller asked.

"Why yes I suppose so. Where is it from?"

"Some place in England, I think. When can I expect you?"

"I?ll have to come tomorrow or maybe my husband can pick it up on his way home from work. Thank you for calling." Dorothy said as she replaced the receiver.

"I wonder who it could be from?" she mused out loud.

A clatter of falling books and childrenís shouts drew her attention.

"Mom, Mom, did you hear the news?" Meghan said as she burst in with Michael, and Georgina.

"What news? Where is Andrew?"

"His bus must be late. No, thatís not it, itís his music day. Heís taking the late bus home."

"Now whatís all the excitement about? Nothing bad I hope," Dorothy questioned.

"Late last night Jeb Cootís barn burned down," Michael blurted out.

Meghan turned and said, "Michael, I wanted to tell Mom, it was my turn."

"Thatís terrible."

Mr. Coot was an old friend whom Michael and Andrew had once helped while solving the mystery in Sapperís Bog.

"How did it happen? Does anyone know?" she asked.

"No, I don?t know what happened," Meghan replied, "Cindy told Jennifer and she told Georgina and me. I don?t know anything else."

The sound of a car driving up to the garage signaled the return of Jim Small from another business trip.

"Dadís home!" Georgina shouted as the three children scampered outside to greet their father.

Dorothy watched them go. She was glad that Georgina had adapted to her new family, accepting Jim and Dorothy as her new parents.

"Boy, am I ever glad to see you guys!" Jim said as he picked up each child in turn, and gave them a hug and kiss. "This traveling gets a fellow down. Homeís the best place to be."

"Don?t I get a kiss too?" demanded Dorothy as her husband took her in his arms and kissed her more forcefully than she was expecting.

"Jim, you beast, I?ll talk to you later."

"Well, whatís new?" he questioned.

"The Cootís barn burned down last night, Dad." Meghan said.

"Oh, thatís too bad. How did it happen?"

"I haven?t had time to find out," replied Dorothy. "The kids just told me about it. I?ll phone Bert, the fire chief, and see what he knows about it."

"How about yourself? No more trips I hope."

The look in Jimís face betrayed him.

"Out with it!" Dorothy demanded, "where to this time?"

"Well, for once itís good news. The president wants me to go to England and see about the Fargo account. I guess he feels that we can get the marketing rights. I convinced him that I should extend my stay for a while"

"Oh, Jim darling!" Dorothy exclaimed, jumping into his arms. "I?ve always wanted to go back to England. That will be the perfect place for our holidays."

"Dad, did you say we were going to England?" Michael asked.

"Yes, Mike, hereís your chance to see the Tower of London."

"Can we visit the Queen?" Georgina asked.

"And Buckingham Palace and the crown jewels?" Meghan added.

"Well, I don?t know about the crown jewels, but I?ll ask the Queen," their father laughingly replied.

Andrew walked into the noise and was greeted by Meghanís announcement.

"Andrew, Dad is going to Britain to see the Queen."