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The Sorceressís Pet
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-185-6
Genre: Young Adult/Mystery
eBook Length: 75 Pages
Published: October 2004

From inside the flap

A strange and unexpected call from a lawyer brings the Small family to the Bahamian islands where an ancestor lost his only daughter in a kidnapping 150 years ago. Michael, Andrew and Meghan have the keys to discover what happened to this young girl whose painting is almost identical to Meghan. But they have to deal with a zombie who under a blood oath taken so many years ago awakens to find where the young girl has been kept for 150 years when the Sorceress put a curse on him and left the girl, Georgina, under the care of her pet.

The Sorceressís Pet (Excerpt)


The black cat looked forlorn as it was dragged back to the brightly coloured bedroom. It knew what to expect and accepted its lot in life. Its youngest human owner was about to dress it in a redstriped dress trimmed at the throat and sleeves with rich Belgian lace. If cats in costume were considered attractive, Cupcake was the most refined of the breed.

Meghan looked at her companion. "Cupcake, your sapphire eyes must know all secrets in the universe. Where do you go at night when Mom or Dad lets you out?"

Cupcake looked at Meghan and licked his lips. He knew many things, the secrets of the mountains, but Meghan was still too young to know them yet.

When Meghan started to put a matching bonnet on Cupcake, he decided he?d enough, and eluding the grasp of the five year old girl, he bounced to the floor leaving a trail of discarded clothing as he went on his way.

"Cupcake! Cupcake, where are you? Please come back."

Mrs. Small turned to see her brown-haired daughter rushing down the stairs in tears.

"Meghan, whatís wrong? Why the long face?"

"Oh, Mom, itís Cupcake; heís the wickedest cat in the world. I was dressing him and now I can?t find him anywhere."

"Why don?t you go outside and play? Itís a fine day. Andrew and Michael are over in the orchard. If you ask them politely, they will give you a nice hard Northern Spy apple."

The last few days of Indian summer brought the crispness to the apples that the experts, the connoisseurís of the apple world, demanded. The orchard of Jim and Dorothy Small was a showcase. Their harvest, while limited, brought them the top price and this yearís crop was their best.

Michael and Andrew picked the last fifty bushels of apples. They were proud of their job and enjoyed the feeling of running a business, which, for the most part, was their responsibility. Their father and mother allowed them to do more and more as they grew up. The boys were more mature than the average ten and twelve year old but experiences in the past had helped develop their confidence.

"Michael, can you give me an apple please?" Meghan asked.

"Sure, hereís a beauty, Meg. What are you up to? We?ve finished with the harvest now and I?ve just about had it, too. I?ll be tired enough to go to bed early tonight."

The rumble of a car on the gravel road made all three children turn.

"Hey, itís Dad!" cried Andrew. "I didn?t think he was coming back until Monday."

The three children ran quickly up the sloping hill to the house that nestled in a sheltering grove of evergreen trees.

"Hi Meg, Mike, Andrew, I saw you from the road. You?ve done a fine job with the harvest. I?m proud of you guys. If this keeps up, that winter vacation you wanted in the Bahamas is nearly assured."

"Yeah! Right on, Dad!" said Michael jumping up and down "Thatís where the pirates roamed the Spanish Main."

The home of the Smalls was on the outskirts of a small agricultural community called Spoonerville, population seven hundred, with only a junior school. All the high school kids had to travel to Twinforks, halfway between Spoonerville and Basketville. Andrew had to commute thirty miles to grade nine each day.

Jim Small walked into his home and gave his wife a kiss.

"You know what, I received a call from a lawyerís office today. I didn?t get a chance to discover why he called. Maybe we?ve been found by a rich relative?"

"You?ve always had a vivid imagination, dear, but I don?t think any of our relatives have an extra dime. Itís probably about some law passed years ago that we?re in trouble about now," said Dorothy Small.

"The way the economy is going, I may have to go back to my job."

"Look, honey, we aren?t that badly off. With the nice nest egg from the orchard and some of the firmís new promotions, we are doing just great. Just now I mentioned to the kids that the vacation in the Bahamas we?ve been dreaming about looks like a possibility."

"Oh Jim, I thought you had something on your mind. Did you get the promotion after all?"

"Yes Ma?am, you are now looking at the Vice President of the research firm Magnatrox."

The news of their dadís promotion pushed along the plans for their winter vacation.

"I?m going to the library to find out everything I can on Black Beard, Captain Kid and the other pirates that terrorized the Caribbean," Michael told his brother Andrew.

Meghan asked Michael to bring home some books with pirate maps so they could find the buried treasures.