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Seeking Asylum
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-172-4
Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 304 Pages
Published: September 2004

Total Readers: 2

From inside the flap

Kevin Leary, flawless to the world but haunted by his grandfatherís murderous legacy, seeks refuge at a lakeside cottage that appears idyllic but overlooks the underwater ruins of an asylum for criminally insane children. Tormented by visions of the fire that killed the inmates decades earlier, Leary flees with his family in the dead of night. But the morning sun finds him in a rowboat with a bloody oar in his hand and his family mysteriously vanished. Leary must overcome the demons ? both above and below the surface ? that threaten to pull them all under.

Seeking Asylum (Excerpt)

Kingís Park Hospital

Inmate Clinical File
PERSONAL HISTORY: Resides in Toronto; approximately 25 years of age; early life and development unknown.  He claims that he attended school until about 15 years of age.  He most lately follows the occupation of Sanitary Engineer earning recently about $32.00 a week.  He denies alcoholic habits, and gives us no information of venereal diseases or previous illnesses.  Temperamentally his make up can not be ascertained but intellectually he is a borderline case.  In fact was never considered up to the normal mental standard.  There is one previous admission to this Hospital.
FIRST ADMISSION: He accused his sister of trying to poison him by putting roaches and various insects in his food and on account of this abused her and had to be committed.  He spoke about being attracted by a Nun whom he wanted to marry.  Two months before admission, he heard voices of people whispering to him wherever he went, telling him that this Nun was in love with him.  He kept mentioning the word "notary" without giving any explanation whatever.  His sexual performance was weakened and he believed this Nun was inducing people to poison his food in order to weaken his sexual development.  He was quiet, orderly.  Discharged as being improved.  Diagnosis, Dementia Praecox, Paranoid Form.
PRESENT ADMISSION: The symptoms apparently appear to be a continuation of his previous mental condition.  He is grandiose, distractible, expansive in his ideas; he thinks that he is the Creator; that he has a million and a half children and that God and Jesus are both his sons.  He also believes himself to be a millionaire and as a result does not have to work.  He expresses vague auditory and visual hallucinations based on his religious trends.  His replies are irrelevant, incoherent and absurd.  Emotionally he appears dull, simple, childish and deteriorated.

SINCE ADMISSION: He has shown no change whatsoever and is extremely deteriorated, expansive, and expresses numerous bizarre ideas.

TREATMENT: Custodial.

Sunday Vacation

Chapter 1

Stay-a-While Cottage
Kevin Leary tore scalp from skull.
The cry opened his eyes.
But the nightmare wouldn?t leave him. 
Kevin rose slowly from the bed, breathing heavily, his gaze on his tightly clenched fist.  He stood unsteadily.  He brought his hand closer to his face. 
Kevin knew he still held it - that bit of flesh.  Bloody.  Hairy.  Warm.
Sun flooded the expansive master bedroom.  Kevinís hand trembled as he loosened his grip.  The unfurling fingers revealed glistening moisture.
Kevin spun around. 
An eight year blond boy with wide blue eyes stood in front of the open bedroom door. 
"You were screaming, Daddy.  And crying."
Kevin dried his sweaty palm on his boxers.  He wiped away a tear with the back of his hand.  His wet hair, black as tar, was plastered flat against his pale forehead.
"Mikey.  Sorry.  I?m okay.  Just a dream."
He gave Kevin an uncertain nod, then said in a tiny voice, "Mommy says itís vacation day.  You have to get up."  He took a step back toward the door.
A look of sympathy replaced the fear in Kevinís eyes.  "Hey pal.  You can?t leave without giving me a wake up hug."
Michael rushed forward.  He wrapped his arms around Kevinís waist and squeezed hard.
Kevin kissed the top of his head. 
He stroked his fine blond hair.